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  1. Movies you've seen?
  2. Davis and White competing on Dancing With the Stars!
  3. Dancing With The Stars Lineup 2014!!
  4. 59th Eurovision Song Contest
  5. Football/Soccer Is The Greatest Game On Earth.
  6. Korean gymnast to be the next Star power after Yuna Kim ?
  7. Recommend A Book to a GS friend
  8. The 2014 Kentucky Derby
  9. The Everyday Life Stupid Answers Thread
  10. Happy Mother's Day
  11. I'm looking for some input for a story I'm trying to write.
  12. The Greatness of British Actors/Actresses.
  13. Vocaloid
  14. Bookstore on My Mind.
  15. Checking in
  16. First Car: Corolla or Fit
  17. Sytycd
  18. A future Meryl and Maks? Kids dance up a storm!
  19. Global Language of Inspiration
  20. Mrs. P survives another half-marathon.
  21. What food do you NOT like?
  22. Father's Day
  23. Your favorite foods?
  24. Olympic swimmer champ Amy Van Dyken severs spine in accident
  25. Elvie & Geeshie -The Most Interesting Thing I Have Read This Year
  26. Scariest Movies You've Ever Seen!
  27. Music Questionnaire
  28. Egyptian Judicial System attacks freedom of speech.
  29. Former Survivor contestant has died
  30. How cool is this?
  31. Can you solve this math problem?
  32. Russia gambles on Sochi 2014 legacy
  33. What were your best and worst subjects in high school?
  34. Malaysia Airlines Flight Crashes in Ukraine.
  35. Project Runway Season 13
  36. Anniversary of the moon landing
  37. Disney Princesses?
  38. GS Tweets of the Week
  39. Help needed from Chinese speakers
  40. Taiwan plane crash 'kills dozens'
  41. Flight AH5017: Missing Algeria plane with 110 people on board