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  1. Project Runway All Stars - October 24, 2013
  2. More for Mathman
  3. We could start seeing folks getting calls while in the air!
  4. IS Global warming reversible? Are these the "end of times."
  5. 60 Years In An Iron Lung: Polio Returning
  6. 71 Mushers signed up for Iditarod 42
  7. Ultimate Survival Alaska back for second season!
  8. NBC's The Sound of Music
  9. Help For A Figure Skating Novel
  10. Figure Skating Feud In Southern Sweden Gets Extreme
  11. Golden Globe Nominations
  12. Traveling with my kindle
  13. the Food Network
  14. Newtown One year-is it possible?
  15. What are you reading?
  16. Peter O'Toole has died
  17. Skating's main rival for best awful "frozen in time" faces?
  18. Holiday Party experiment: you may be drunker than you think (Today Show)
  19. Thief's plan to hide necklaces by swallowing them goes about as well as expected
  20. "You Are Beautiful" - short film created by two middle school girls
  21. Today Show's Christmas Movie Face-Off
  22. Target [Stores] investigating Data Breach!
  23. Highest number of posts
  24. Kindle security/virus protection
  25. Do You Remember The Time-Your Skating Memories
  26. Happy Holidays Everyone!!!
  27. I am new here
  28. Do you have friends who fall asleep too easily? Sleep Apnea?
  29. Movies you've seen?
  30. Embarrassing question
  31. Happy new year 2014!!!!
  32. Why you should delete SnapChat
  33. What was your biggest highlight/achievement in 2013?
  34. SoCal peeps - need advice on transportation
  35. Favorite Youtube Videos?
  36. Iditarod signs deal with Sportsman Channel
  37. Fugitive turns himself in to escape 'polar vortex'
  38. Under The Gunn - Anyone Watching??
  39. NFC Championship 2013 Seattle Seahawks vs. San Francisco 49ers
  40. HGTV Brian Boitano Project
  41. NBC's next Live musical will be
  42. Has anyone see "The Jersey Boys"?
  43. What's wrong with this picture?
  44. SNL has figure skating skit on now
  45. Are football fans subject to hysteria or just rich?
  46. Figure Skating Viewing Party: Los Angeles
  47. VW ad what happens at 100000 miles?
  48. Q&A with 2-time Iditarod Champion Mitch Seavey
  49. The passing of two great actors
  50. Super Bowl 48 -- Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl Champions!
  51. America's coolest outdoor rinks
  52. Is Facebook down?
  53. Iditarod ReStart to Remain in Willow
  54. Finns and Russians
  55. Emergency Crews attempt rescue of Olympic Skater who fell through ice
  56. Computer Programmer to create a figure skating game
  57. The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon!
  58. Iditarod 42 (starts March 1)
  59. There's gold in California!
  60. Dancing With The Stars Lineup 2014!!
  61. Malaysia Airlines MH370
  62. 59th Eurovision Song Contest
  63. Dream World Tour
  64. "10 Insane Alaskan Facts (But all true!)"
  65. I feel disturbed
  66. How are your March Madness brackets doing?
  67. Unique Lunar Eclipse To Occur On April 14-15
  68. Football/Soccer Is The Greatest Game On Earth.
  69. Korean gymnast to be the next Star power after Yuna Kim ?
  70. I Gotta Crow, Yay Connecticut NCAA Basketball
  71. LSU Gymnast Keeps scoring 10's
  72. Heartbleed - A Headache for Internet Users
  73. Peter Burrows
  74. Oh lord. Korean Ferry Capsizes
  75. Happy Easter!