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  1. Movies you've seen?
  2. Davis and White competing on Dancing With the Stars!
  3. Football/Soccer Is The Greatest Game On Earth.
  4. Recommend A Book to a GS friend
  5. I'm looking for some input for a story I'm trying to write.
  6. The Greatness of British Actors/Actresses.
  7. Bookstore on My Mind.
  8. Sytycd
  9. A future Meryl and Maks? Kids dance up a storm!
  10. Global Language of Inspiration
  11. Scariest Movies You've Ever Seen!
  12. Music Questionnaire
  13. How cool is this?
  14. Can you solve this math problem?
  15. Russia gambles on Sochi 2014 legacy
  16. What were your best and worst subjects in high school?
  17. Malaysia Airlines Flight Crashes in Ukraine.
  18. Project Runway Season 13
  19. Anniversary of the moon landing
  20. Disney Princesses?
  21. GS Tweets of the Week
  22. Help needed from Chinese speakers
  23. Taiwan plane crash 'kills dozens'
  24. Flight AH5017: Missing Algeria plane with 110 people on board
  25. "Green Winick" Law Firm Scam
  26. James Shigeta
  27. NBC's Peter Pan cast
  28. Music To Heal your Soul.
  29. Amazing Race Australia vs. New Zealand
  30. Your favorite animated films
  31. Robin Williams Dies At 63 (apparent suicide)
  32. Woman mathematician wins mathematics' highest prize, first time ever
  33. Hollywood Greats Lauren Bacall and James Garner Passed Away
  34. New Look for Golden Skate?
  35. Davis & White and motorsports
  36. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and Skaters Who Took It
  37. Italian Food/Cuisine
  38. Everyone survive the summer?
  39. "Skater dress" as fashion trend for street clothes
  40. UEFA Euro 2016 qualifying
  41. Joan Rivers Dead at 81
  42. Nfl '14-15
  43. Ever Miss School Because of a Strike?
  44. Mid autumn festival
  45. Bob Suter, member of 1980 "miracle on ice" hockey team, has died
  46. Oscar Pistorius NOT guilty of Premeditated Murder
  47. Carolina Kostner's ex boyfriend has dragged her into his scandal
  48. Share Your Pet Stories/Pics
  49. Dancing with the Stars
  50. Scottish Independence Referendum
  51. Johnny Weir Legal and Marital Troubles
  52. Problems Playing Videos Uploaded To Facebook
  53. My Skating Debut Starts Tomorrow
  54. Is anyone watching the Artistic Gymnastics World Championships?
  55. Old timer's disease
  56. World Roller Figure Skating Championships
  57. baby flexes muscles
  58. Cat avatar club!
  59. What new shows are you watching?
  60. We miss you!
  61. This is so sad...Ebola
  62. Editing a skater's program - Making Montages