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  1. Maria Petrova and Alexei Tikhonov said good bye to eligible sport
  2. 2007-08 U.S. team envelopes announced
  3. Michelle&Sasha 2007-2008
  4. Warning, Painful To Watch!
  5. NBC Coverage of Skate America and Ice Network
  6. New rule on hand-assisted spirals
  7. Anyone know what Orscher/Lucash are up too?
  8. Are you doing anything special for Mother's Day?
  9. new Mao commercial
  10. Spins: difficult variations.
  11. Elene Gedevanishvili
  12. Eurovision 2007
  13. Favorite spiral positions
  14. This Wednesday is "D" Day - DENTIST!!!
  15. Anything on Dubreuil and Lauzon ???
  16. Welcome back Yukina Ota
  17. Who has the best spiral?
  18. World Team
  19. Junior Grand Prix Announcement
  20. Step Sequences of Top Ladies at Worlds 2007 @Youtube
  21. Value of the Double Axel increased to 3.5 - what about the rest of the doubles?
  22. Mao's Press Conference (w/ an English interpreter)
  23. Who will have the best new system spiral?
  24. Fatone and Kwan to host show 'Dream Makers' on new Disney Cable Channel
  25. Which Couple Do You Like Best on Dancing with the Stars?
  26. Favorite Choreographer
  27. Video Thread 5: HDTV Edition
  28. Lysacek Visited His Preschool
  29. Johnny Weir's New Journal Entry
  30. Funny/Interesting facts
  31. Tomorrow is my first day!
  32. Mirai Nagasu
  33. Additional Ice Network Coverage
  34. Copyrighted material
  35. Cyber Bullying
  36. A need for new rules to qualify skaters for Worlds
  37. Skating as an acrobatic/contorionist event
  38. Do "Looks" matter in scores / points?
  39. How deep can an edge be?
  40. Kwan will be a judge in the Miss Universe pageant
  41. Jennifer Kirk finds new life in broadcasting (Article)
  42. The Lone Triple Loop Jump
  43. 2008 U.S. Championships attracting sponsors
  44. Figure Skating... ...Record!
  45. IceNetwork free Videos
  46. Does Kimmie need the triple Axel?
  47. COI - San Jose
  48. Music Editing
  49. ESPN packaging of figure skating: better or worse?
  50. Tomas Verner Interview
  51. Vise and Trent Plan Quad Throw Next Season
  52. Russia wants to Bring Back Its Oly Winners
  53. Are you doing anything special for Memorial Day?
  54. US and Eurosport commentators disagree on Mao and Yu-Na
  55. Gay flamingoes' parenting skills recognized
  56. Youtube thread
  57. Kinda random but...(music question)
  58. Kim Yu-na - Article
  59. Finally a New Sasha Journal
  60. Comparisons of performances during 2006-7 season (ice dancing & ladies)
  61. Which Super Villian are you???
  62. Paula & Simon's Strange Behavior....
  63. Miki's improvement in artistry
  64. The Summer Has Me Thinking....
  65. The economy is in a slump because.....
  66. COI Denver review
  67. Evgeny Plushenko's divorce ???
  68. Grid Lock, Frustration and the Commute from....You Know Where!!!!
  69. Kiira Korpi the most wanted "Pentecost sweetheart" in Finland!
  70. Spring Snow Fall In Alberta
  71. Tooth Ordeal Update
  72. New Peter T. interview
  73. Dancing (or not) in the Real World
  74. Actress on Ice: Juliana Cannarozzo
  75. Curious about moving.
  76. The Kwan Factor: NBC - IceNetwork.com - 2008 U.S. Nationals
  77. Being an Ice Princess Doesn't Pay Off?
  78. Great Tanith Belbin Interview on SBR
  79. Craig Buntin and Meagan Duhamel - Your thoughts?
  80. Ice Skating Channel
  81. Gp next season
  82. Miss Universe on NOW on NBC!
  83. Photo ID, again
  84. The Levels of Individual Elements
  85. ISU Publishes 2007 - 2008 Season Schedule
  86. Czech Figure Skating Montages
  87. Shen and Zhao are married
  88. Uno Shoma
  89. The Pearl spin invented by a Korean?
  90. High Court Not interested in Bias Employment
  91. New Assignment For US Coach Kathy Casey
  92. The Police - Awesome!!!!
  93. ISU Dance rules for 2007-08: Jumps & Spins w/Lifts
  94. Kimmie Graduates - 5/31/07
  95. Family discovers ice skating ....
  96. The Ice (skating show In Japan)
  97. Totmianina & Marin won't come back
  98. What do you like/not like about the ISU judging system?
  99. Hidden Palms
  100. Which skating star has the best personality off the ice?
  101. Pondering Choreography
  102. What is the next letter in this sequence?
  103. Survey!
  104. Interview with Rena Inoue and Shizuka Arakawa
  105. Who Needs American Or Canadian Idol For That Matter?
  106. Most Peaceful Country Is...
  107. Rattling Cabinet Doors -- Any Advice?
  108. Ice dance judging: Any improvement?
  109. Fascination with a quad
  110. Purchased Car Insurance Today - OUCH!!!!
  111. American Idol Rewind????
  112. Okay - Do You Love Or Hate Your Job?
  113. Promising Pair: Pflumm and Pottenger
  114. Who would benefit from figure skating?
  115. This one just doesn't get 'gee' and 'haw'
  116. Funny moments from this season
  117. 2009 Worlds has US TV coverage after all (or not)?
  118. Karl Schafer Memorial?
  119. NY Tony Awards
  120. Lol
  121. COI Everett, WA
  122. GP Meeting
  123. New sasha journal!!
  124. New Russian-French pair skating team
  125. Itunes & Other Site Help
  126. European ladies
  127. Hoisting the Cup in Anaheim
  128. Prognosis on Tooth - Good!
  129. Canadian Idol
  130. Paris Hilton Imprisoned in Her Own Home
  131. has anyone heard of this song?
  132. USA gymnastics nationals qualifier
  133. 7 Wonders of Canada
  134. Official List Of Gp Participants!!
  135. The Men's GP Assignments
  136. 'Senior B' international competitions
  137. PAIRS GP Assignments
  138. SA Schedule and What We Will See on TV
  139. Plushy not going to the GP?
  140. Megan Oster...
  141. Campbell's Cup.. scheduled when and where?
  142. What to expect from Caroline?
  143. Another baby...Maurizio Margaglio becomes father!!
  144. ISU Publishes future competition allotments...
  145. In just over 24 hours....
  146. A Request...for anyone with a DVD recorder and access to cable
  147. Envoy Kwan heading to Russia
  148. Peter T to do Russian 'skating with stars'
  149. Who gets 3rd spot for U.S Men to Worlds this season?
  150. Custom title
  151. Wow, I didn't know Sasha was such a Hockey fan! (Journal Entry)
  152. The Dance GP Assignments
  153. Another U.S man makes coaching change
  154. Employee Evaluation Time....EEKS!!!!!
  155. The 4400 returns this Sunday
  156. Who will break out of the pack this year?
  157. SeaniBu, where is my pool party?? LOL
  158. "When I'm 64..." Yikes!!!
  159. Plushenko, Piseev, & 2007-08 Season
  160. Tamara Moskvina: "Yuko Kawaguchi and Alexander Smirnov have set high goals"
  161. Russian skaters will get back to the practice of general training camps
  162. Ilya Klimkin signs contract with RTR
  163. Piseev on new team Vorobieva/ Blanchard
  164. Golden Skate Pool Party!!!!!!
  165. Fascination with a quad...part 2
  166. For a Mere $18 million.....
  167. But is it really a sport?
  168. Are spectators allowed at Liberty Summer Competition?
  169. Kristy Swanson in the news...
  170. Earth to Piel?
  171. Send Baba Wawa to Scottish Brogue School!
  172. It must be hard for them to move on...
  173. Book Reccomendation For Reality Show Fans
  174. Mao Asada - Summer Training
  175. Evgeny Plushenko: It's not true that I am getting back with my wife!
  176. Indicators and Factors for Predicting Worlds.
  177. Bridal Shower for our Lovely Piel
  178. What music do you not want to hear this season?
  179. Juniors: Mirai Nagasu vs. Rachael Flatt
  180. International Fans
  181. MK on ESPN the Pulse
  182. ***Piel's Bridal Shower Party-Everyone Invited!!!
  183. Caren Kadavy Wins PSA Award
  184. India's Ami Parekh Brings Bollywood to Ice
  185. 1997 Novice Men's Champion Daniel Lee trades skates for school books, clubs (Article)
  186. News about my baby
  187. Most Eligible Bachelorettes
  188. There are debatables and non-debatables
  189. New party
  190. The Kween is jumping again!!!
  191. Which jump can we expect to see?
  192. Katia & Ilia article
  193. Champs Camp
  194. Don and Hunt?
  195. Mikhailova and Maximishin, new partnership
  196. Canadian Idol - this Season
  197. Senior B international assignments
  198. July 1st is CANADA DAY!