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  2. Many skating events for 1 $ per DVD
  3. memoribilia
  4. Free FS DVD's
  5. 01 scott hamilton 12 days of christmas
  6. Collection of FS DVD's for sale
  7. DVD's from 2012-2013 season for sale
  8. Free VHS tapes of skating competitions
  9. Must part with skating dvd's from 80's to present. Big collection!
  10. DVD's collection for sale
  11. Unforgetable Holiday Moments
  12. Figure Skating DVD available
  13. Figure skating DVD's since 2000 for trade
  14. Wanted: Sochi FS events (all) will trade for!
  15. Wanted: All Sochi Figure Skating events on DVD
  16. Vhs 1996-2003
  17. vhs Blame It on the Blues Brian Orser & Elvis Stojko
  18. Wanted: Champions On Ice DVD's from early 2000's on up
  19. Wanted: DVD Compilation sets of Krylova/Ovsiannikov & Elena Sokolova
  20. Wanted Michelle Kwan Compilation DVD