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  1. Zamboni Catches Fire In Pennsylvania
  2. NRW Dance Competition
  3. NRW Singles and Pairs Trophy
  4. Irina and Michelle
  5. Gift Ideas
  6. Who Will You Miss in the GPFinal? (Spoiler?)
  7. World War III Averted
  8. Snow Day Today!!!
  9. Technique? (Lambiels' triple Axel)
  10. Most Improved, most impressive?
  11. Results?
  12. I've Been ELFED!
  13. News from Rosaleen
  14. East - Junior Dance
  15. East - Novice Dance
  16. East - Pre-Novice Men
  17. East - Junior Men
  18. West - Junior Men
  19. East - Pre-Novice Pairs
  20. East - Junior Ladies
  21. Brian Boitano Skating Spectacular with Barry Manilow
  22. NBC Schedule for US Nats
  23. Werner article on need for psychologists in Russian skating
  24. Detailed results from Wed now posted at Skate Canada
  25. Article: "What A Year For Wagner"
  26. New Zhulin Interview
  27. The Producers Tour
  28. Local publicity for Nationals in St. Paul (articles, video, photos)
  29. SOI TV Alert
  30. French Nats
  31. Questions about selection of judging panels
  32. Johnny Depp and the Demon Barber of Fleet Street
  33. a talented novice skater
  34. Can We Compare Total Points between Venues?
  35. Does Oprah Winfrey's endorsement make you more or less likely to vote for Obama?
  36. Senior men
  37. Article: Miki Ando says "heart and mind" not in unison anymore
  38. Which skaters seem to really enjoy skating?
  39. Senior Women
  40. Senior Pairs
  41. Canadian Stars on Ice
  42. Steven Carriere - Jerry Seinfeld
  43. When is a Pairs Lift Considered a Carry?
  44. Is Skating Declining?
  45. Junior Grand Prix Final Judging Scandal Under Investigation???
  46. Grand Prix Final Preview
  47. Finnish and Swiss Nationals
  48. Western Challenge
  49. Photos from the JGP Final
  50. Who is Going to nationals
  51. I Agree With Paul Wylie
  52. Does Kirra Korpi model?
  53. navka and Zhulin interview OK
  54. moskvina gets bank sponsor
  55. petrova at special olympics
  56. Indiana Jones IV spoilers
  57. Collusion Conspiracies?
  58. Hersh on COI -- Bad News
  59. How many message board readers does it take to change a lightbulb?
  60. Cinquanta faces reality - ready to slash TV rights fees...
  61. Which current skater is most outrageously overmarked in PCS?
  62. Story about Cohen in Toronto
  63. Austrian National Champinships
  64. LONG Petrova, Tikhonov Reflect on ALL programs
  65. Elf Yourself - fun for the Holidays
  66. Prokofiev's War and Peace Reviewed
  67. Italian National Championships 2007/2008
  68. Practice reports?
  69. Evan Lysacek Gushfest
  70. Hip Hop and Figure Skating
  71. Mao's Flip
  72. Women's Grand Prix Trivia
  73. Practice Passes Needed
  74. Johnny Weir's "Positive" Qualities
  75. Is Takahashi the Favorite for GPF Gold?
  76. Article: Yu-na Kim "The Elusive 200"
  77. Skaters and Jet Lag
  78. list of entrants?
  79. Anywhere besides ESPN360 to watch live?
  80. Johnny Weir's Foot Problems
  81. Original Dance
  82. Men's Short Program
  83. Update on Yuka - OY
  84. Ladies Short Program
  85. Pairs Short Program
  86. GPF Videos on Youtube
  87. Ladies SP scores question
  88. Promising skaters who never fulfilled expectations
  89. Shows in Moscow and St. Petersburg on the 19th
  90. Missing a Required Element in the Short Program (spoilers)
  91. Does Dick Button read this site?
  92. Espn360
  93. Free Dance
  94. Men FS
  95. Pairs Free Skate
  96. Ladies Free Skate
  97. College Classes - Need Some Insight
  98. an idea for a skating with celebrity show
  99. Still Waiting for the GPF to be on American TV?
  100. Mao and Nerves
  101. I feel sorry for Mao
  102. Man involved in Kerrigan attack passes away.
  103. Whats going on with Kimmie?!?!
  104. Evan back in drivers seat over Weir heading into U.S Nationals?
  105. Where would Caroline have been?
  106. Junior Skaters at Senior Nats
  107. Russian nats
  108. Russian Nationals, Jan. 4-7, 2008
  109. How can Mao and Yuna max their scores?
  110. Senior Ladies pre-event discussion
  111. How low or personal can a skater be attacked?
  112. Will you consider voting for Huckabee for president as a democrat or independent?
  113. Ladies LP scores question
  114. Will we have the first underaged champion?!?!
  115. Was Jenny Kirk's coaching change back in 03 a mistkake?!?!
  116. Skaters with ugly hairdos
  117. Kimmie Article from IFS
  118. Miki out of her teenage years today
  119. Lambiel's LP jump layout
  120. Euros Champs thread
  121. Comparing the Rivalries Only
  122. Kimmie by the 2010 Olympics
  123. Scandalous Official Re-elected President of French Federation
  124. Surprisingly consistent judging?
  125. Nat's Practice Issues
  126. Where are they now?
  127. GPF Commentary by Sonia Bianchetti
  128. What can Daisuke do to win?
  129. Did They Really Say That? Nagano Revisited.
  130. Cute Mao and Yu-na video, that the bashers need to see.
  131. Peter Carruthers
  132. Question for Chinese speakers (Yuan-yuan)
  133. Yuna's Straightline Step Sequence - bash free zone
  134. European Championships Zagreb, Croatia, January 21-27
  135. Longwood Gardens television show
  136. Estonian National 2008
  137. Russian Cutie Kawaguchi and Smrinov
  138. Santa Claus Cup
  139. Golden Lynx
  140. Japanese Nationals
  141. European Championships, Croatia, Skaters in Form
  142. Can the US Get 3 Ladies to the 2009 Worlds.
  143. Figure skater Meissner accepts criticism, but can her fans? (Hersh article)
  144. 2010 Games Vancouver & Events Schedule
  145. Merrywidow/dede
  146. Domnina & Shabalin to skip Russian Nats and Euros
  147. Interview about Stéphane Lambiel with his coach
  148. On Ice/ Off Ice Pics: Kawaguchi & Smirnov
  149. VCR Alerts Today, Tomorrow And Tuesday
  150. Missing college student found in laundry chute
  151. Thank you buzz
  152. Belbin and Agosto’s “Home for the Holidays” (review)
  153. If YOU Could be the Interviewer...
  154. Halverson's 'big adventure' continues at the U.S. Championships (Q&A)
  155. Stephane LAMBIEL and friends
  156. VCR Alert - Grand Prix Final
  157. Christmas card exchange-thank yous
  158. When is GP final no longer a spoiler?
  159. List of Entrants
  160. Who would coach you?
  161. Most overmarked performance at the GP final?
  162. Most undermarked performance at the GP final?
  163. CBC coverage
  164. Winnona Tribute on Ice
  165. Sarah Meier's PCS
  166. Happy Holidays.........
  167. Impressions from TV
  168. Jeff Buttle: This Season
  169. Arakawa succeeded 37 consecutive 2Ts in a row
  170. Two Clean Programs
  171. Nobu pulls out of Japanese Nationals, so no Worlds too
  172. Ban kids wearing those heelie shoes in stores!
  173. How would you have marked the top 4 in pairs and womens under COP
  174. Divergence at Worlds and International level
  175. Ottavio's 12 Days of Christmas
  176. Merry Christmas from meee :)
  177. Michelle posted at MKF
  178. Post Reporting
  179. What Mao needs in order to be competitive with Yuna
  180. Oscar Peterson - Jazz Great - Gone
  181. Is Yukari Nakano undermarked?
  182. "Skate Bored"
  183. A New Tonya Harding Article
  184. Have you seen Sweeny Todd yet?
  185. Cold war reassessment, or is my co-worker on crack?
  186. Tonya Harding
  187. What Is So Hard About The New Scoring System?
  188. Mathieu Michaud
  189. It's been a bad week for tigers in zoos
  190. Atonement
  191. Ann Patrice
  192. Sasha, Michelle, Irina
  193. My Grampy's Taken A "Turn for the Worse"
  194. Not So Early Predictions
  195. Mao's 2footing -- cure in pointing her toes?
  196. Japanese Nationals
  197. Mao vs Miki vs Yu-na
  198. Four Continents Championships 2008
  199. The End of Albena and Maxim
  200. A good year for Canadian figure skating
  201. Nationals excitement?
  202. Mao's SP music
  203. Nam/Leftheris/Oppegard news video from Tennessee
  204. Junior Worlds selection
  205. The Akiko Suzuki and Yukina Ota appreciation thread
  206. 10 men and a woman...
  207. How Much of the Whole Package is Included in CoP?
  208. stars on ice/ sasha's new programs
  209. Conflict of Interest
  210. Most regretable performance this season?
  211. Is This A Triple Axel, Or An Optical Illusion?
  212. Secrecy Surrounds Coach's Departure in Canada
  213. Happy New Year
  214. Lost my traveling companion for Nationals....
  215. Totally random question...about skating
  216. Canadian Junior and Senior World Team in 2004
  217. My Grampy's gone.
  218. Mao and Lee Barkell
  219. Time to switch singles to pairs?
  220. Kimmie's Wow factor
  221. Huckabee: I am practicing Nancy Kerrigan school of politics
  222. Juno-the film
  223. 08 US Nationals Tickets 4 Sale
  224. Mirai and Mao: the flow of the program
  225. "I Am Legend".........the movie
  226. Would It Help If It Snowed?
  227. The Seal Music Show
  228. For the readers of the Twilight Saga
  229. Aspen's Abbott Aspires to Worlds Podium
  230. Dance skaters - together or split
  231. Hungarian Nationals
  232. Pairs Event at Worlds
  233. Dance Event at Worlds
  234. Canada World Results 2008
  235. Airline Changes - Lithium Batteries
  236. German Nationals
  237. New Years On Ice
  238. Grgranny's hurt arm
  239. Has anyone ever skated to...
  240. Can Ashley go to Worlds?
  241. Dorothy Hamill Has Breast Cancer
  242. Sandhu pulled out of Nationals
  243. Where's Seanibu?
  244. Russian Nats article by Anna Kondakova
  245. Michelle Kwan
  246. Countdown to Nationals
  247. Nancy Kerrigan's pregnant
  248. Skating & Gymnastics Spectacular on Sunday
  249. What Are the Age Restrictions and Do They Make Sense?
  250. Need A way to pass time after surgery