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  12. how do I get a cool avatar...i'm not good at computer stuff do we have some here?
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  16. Why was the Mirai next step thread closed?
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  30. Can someone tell me where we can look up ny name skaters current programs and music u
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  35. GS server upgrade: are "lost" posts recoverable? (Feb 19, 2013)
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  39. Edit button missing in action? (Mar 31, 2013)
  40. How to do photos?
  41. Automatic log-off is happening ridiculously quickly (within mere seconds)
  42. Why aren't any of the threads for 2012-2013 competitions displaying in the archives?
  43. Why Does the Human Rights Thread Keep Getting Moved AKA Hidden?
  44. TSL thread closed?
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  59. Is Anyone Else Having Problems With The Board Besides Me????
  60. Subforum for other sports in Olympic forum?
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  62. Peak board usage due to Olympics
  63. Tapatalk not working anymore?
  64. Multi-post spammer in the Olympics Figure Skating forum
  65. Goldenskate being mass-spammed
  66. Pairs Thread closed?
  67. Winter Olympics naming feedback
  68. How embarrassed are you for Goldenskate forums not working during the most important time
  69. Video Area?
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  71. GS forum is another ISU wannabee?
  72. How many members of The Edge actually skate?
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  76. R.I.P. Ziggy
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  81. R.I.P. Olympia
  82. "Library" added to forum in honor of Olympia
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