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  1. GP series and Seasons Best Scores
  2. The early 70s ladies group- the figures specialists vs the free skaters
  3. How About Those Canucks!!!
  4. Mira Leung - Pink Panther Routine
  5. Kerrigan's Brother Acquitted of Manslaughter
  6. Is any one of Joannie, Johnny or Evan coming back?
  7. Skate Canada broadcast rights change over to CTV
  8. Pang/Tong resume throw quad training!
  9. Vise and Baldwin look into the mirror for success
  10. Joey Russell announces retirement
  11. Has anyone read the new regulations for the Junior Grand Priz?
  12. MIKI ANDO Official Thread
  13. Final Proceeds of Asada Mao Book for Charity
  14. USA Team Envelope came out today
  15. Crone & Poirier announce split and future plans ...
  16. Zawadzki changes coaches
  17. Christy Krall
  18. "Ms Kwan Goes to Washington", from Hersh
  19. Status of Canadian Senior and Junior Dance teams for next season?
  20. Kudos to Wing and Lowe
  21. Canadian Championships go to Moncton
  22. Firus attributes success to balance
  23. What will the 2011/2012 season bring us in ladies?
  24. Chock and Zuerlein announce end of partnership
  25. Florent Amodio to Tom Zakrajsek and Ashley Wagner to John Nicks ?
  26. USOC Announces NBC/Universal Wins Olympic TV Rights
  27. New Patrick Chan Videos
  28. CBC lands 5-year deal to broadcast skating
  29. Hockey Fans - Not For Me!
  30. 'ICE' ISU Open Pro-Am series planned for 2012 (Scott Hamilton's brainchild)
  31. Help identifying a Midori Ito vid
  32. Volosozhar and Trankov: A perfect match
  33. Camel spins - what makes them good?
  34. Help with identifying the recording...
  35. Movie Inception - Has Anyone Seen It???
  36. 1992 Olympics- LADIES
  37. Art on Ice Shanghai 6/18-6/19, feat. Pianist Lang Lang
  38. Javier Fernandez no longer with Morosov
  39. Ashley Wagner changes coaches to John Nicks
  40. Alena Leonova's blog in English
  41. Shawn Swayer and three others retire from national teams
  42. Adam Rippon will be going to Dungjen and Detroit
  43. Combination jumps (ladies)
  44. Berezhnaya family photos
  45. Funding envelopes and Grand Prix eligibility for new pairs teams
  46. Kriengkrairut and Giulietti-Schmitt are ready for the spotlight
  47. Pang and Tong: Proposal On Ice
  48. Our grandson Cam
  49. The Broadmoor Open
  50. What We Know About the New Olympic Team Event
  51. Emily Samuelson and Evan Bates split up
  52. Spivak's Physics for Mathematicians
  53. skater ID again - from Skate for Hope 2011
  54. Adult Skating =)
  55. Assignment surprise...?
  56. Ando to sit out Grand Prix season
  57. Golden Skate Salutes Gay Pride Month
  58. Evan Lysacek is back?
  59. Chock & Bates to team up
  60. The Kostner/Lepisto.Czisny match-ups