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  1. Point Totals so far (Ladies)
  2. Who Will Be At The GPF?
  3. GP best scores
  4. GP Final Analysis and Predictions
  5. Anyone going to Quebec City for the GPF?
  6. Does anyone know when the GPF comes on TV?
  7. Practice reports, articles, photos, tweets, etc.....
  8. Asada Withdraws From GPF
  9. Grand Prix Articles (Tanja Flade)
  10. Sr. Ladies SP at 1:00 EST
  11. Senior Ice Dance SD at 2:00 EST
  12. GPF 2011 Senior Pairs SP
  13. GPF Men SP! :)
  14. Does anyone know if the Grand Prix Final is going to be on TV today?
  16. GPF Men FP, Sat. 12/10 at 4:55 pm EST
  17. Link for youtube GP Finals?/TV alert
  18. Pairs FS
  19. TV info
  20. GPF Free Dance, Sun. 12/11 at 1:50 pm EST
  21. GPF Exhibition Gala (Seniors & Juniors)
  22. It was a sad sort of event.
  23. TV question