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  1. Pattern 99 Skate Blades for Sale 9 inches
  2. How can I help my 9 yo dd get over this communication block
  3. New blade advice
  4. 2 us nationals ladies final tickets wanted asap!!!!
  5. WANTED: 2 Olympic Mens FS Final Tickets on 2/18/10
  6. Program for sale
  7. Japanese World Figure skating Magazines
  8. Request for help with the name of a couple of skating techniques...
  9. Seeking Music Advice - Adult Program
  10. All-event worlds ticket for sale
  11. Men's SP Vancouver Category B 2 tickets for sale
  12. phobia after breaking bones - how to get over it???
  13. Who misses figures? (any older skaters?)
  14. How many "older" skaters here?
  15. 11 Blades on Ice & International F.S. magazines for FREE
  16. Front Row Ticket of Art on Ice show in Zurich March 7th for sale
  17. Common chronic injuries from recreational figure skating?
  18. About spincombos GOEs
  19. 2 Tickets World Figure Skating Championship Torino 2010
  20. Starting Up Again
  21. tickets for world figure skating championships from 24 to 27 with hotel reservation
  22. IJS Level Clarifications
  23. Ina Bauer into a 2A
  24. World Synchros Coverage?
  25. Risport boots RF3 size 275 white for sale
  26. Risport boots RF3 295 black for sale
  27. Looking for Coronation ACE or Professional Blades size 10
  28. Looking for Gold Star blades size 10 3/4
  29. Deodorant Question
  30. Connecting elements for starters
  31. Ekaterina Gordeeva & Sergie Grinkov 45 DVD Set For Sale
  32. Wanted: ISU Figure Skating Elements CDs
  33. Hit Head During Practice
  34. Where should the weight be on the blade while doing a twizzle?
  35. best pair of figure skate boots
  36. Looking for figure skating pins!
  37. Canadian Gold Freeskate Requirements
  38. choreo step sequence and choreo spirals
  39. Do you know any figure skating coaches who are now in the Netherlands for a while?
  40. Has anyone heard more detail on the level features for spins this year?
  41. The sweet spot (spinning)
  42. For sale: MK Gold Star blades, size 9-1/2, excellent condition
  43. Some questions about being a femaile Pairs skater
  44. DVD's for trade!
  45. Looking for a recording of the 2010 Torino Worlds to buy or swap
  46. Advice for cool-down stretches? Especially for potential lower back pain?
  47. Would this maybe work? Am I too tall?
  48. What things did you learn from ballet?
  49. ISA (aus) skating system(:
  50. Mao Asada news
  51. My girls first skates and skating aclimation ...?
  52. Tips on buying used skates?
  53. New Skates?? Who is the best at fitting them...my child has a hard foot to fit...
  54. Riedell Skates for Doubles & Axels?? Which ones?
  55. matrix blades? anyone used them?
  56. Old skating articles
  57. Who is your favorite choreograher?
  58. 2010 Skate Canada Men's SP + OD single ticket for sale
  59. Skate America All Event Gold Ticjket Including Gala For sale
  60. Discounted Skate America Gold package including Gala and Practice session
  61. For Sale: Wilson Pattern 99 Blades- 9 1/4", Excellent Condition
  62. New dance skates, right size?
  63. Anyone skate in SP Teri KT 2 or KT 3?
  64. 2011 U S Nationals Tickets
  65. 2011 Greensboro ticket package for sale
  66. Evan Lysacek's blade- paramount blades?
  67. Boot and sole separating!
  68. Dream Duffel
  69. What Moves and Jumps to Spice Up Your Interpretive can you do?
  70. Video Resources
  71. flip is trippin
  72. Jackson Freestyle blade length
  73. ProFlex boot
  74. Coming back to skating....what kind of boots and blades?
  75. Japanese Earthquake, Tsunami, and Nuclear Reactors
  76. adult skater - question about forward inside 3s
  77. American Skating World old issues
  78. CSOI Hamilton Tickets for Sale
  79. Patches on skating boots
  80. Edea Skates
  81. Help Skating Friends?
  82. Tickets to the 29 April!!
  83. Late 80s & Early 90s World Team Posters/Books
  84. 2011-2012 Program Stuff
  85. Has anyone used Riedell LS 2010 boots?
  86. Royal Wedding - Anyone Going To Watch????
  87. Ladies Retirement
  88. I need to know this in one week?
  89. Mirai Nagasu
  90. Choosing skates
  91. What will the 2011/2012 season bring us in ice dance?
  92. What will the 2011/2012 season bring us in pairs?
  93. What will the 2011/2012 season bring us in the men?
  94. Did Jeremy Ten really break his ankle?
  95. Correcting pronation and 'duck feet' using a leather wedge on the skate boot soles
  96. BEST and WORST LADIES Outfits.
  98. Plushenko to Resume His Eligibility to skate ISU Competitions
  99. U.S. Figure Skating reprimands, fines Rachael Flatt
  100. A look back at Compulsory Figures
  101. Katarina Witt
  102. Skating Outdoors - "The Wind at Your Face"
  103. Michelle in Athens/Special Olympics
  104. "The Cutting Edge" & some questions....
  105. Judging the "Old-Fashioned" Way
  106. Kwanford Wife!!!
  107. Kim optimistic about PyeongChang's chances
  108. Patrick Chan in a Jumping Competition
  109. A glance at who is skating where in the GPs
  110. Kim to skip Grand Prix Series again
  111. Yuna Kim on CNN Talk Asia
  112. 2011 Skate America Pre-Sale
  113. Thornhill Senior B Status Cancelled
  114. Interesting Article/Interview with N. Morozov
  115. Why do I get so upset?
  116. NBC's bungling of Wimbledon coverage "not a good omen" for Sochi Olympics
  117. News on Jason Brown's upcoming programs and his triple axel
  118. Dmitriev, Jr. prepares to make a name for himself
  119. Olympic scheme an ice-capade (Families Giving Back in trouble)
  120. Betty Calloway passes away
  121. Biggest Skating Busts of the 2000s
  122. New US generation of ladies every four years
  123. Apolitical South Korea to Host 2018 Winter Olympic Games
  124. What will it take to host a Sr B international competition in North America?
  125. Nathan Chen
  126. Happy Birthday Michelle Kwan!
  127. So You Think You Can Dance - Anyone Watching???
  128. Caroline Zhang
  129. Ashley Wagner new vlog
  130. Jason Brown: Cut or Keep ponytail?
  131. South Korea to Host 2018 Winter Olympic Games
  132. Brown is ready for anything – except a haircut
  133. Adam Rippon is having fun
  134. Patrick Chan has a new quad, ready to defend title
  135. Oberstdorf ice rink webcam
  136. What is wrong with Google?
  137. Casey Anthony case
  138. Zuzanna Szwed, Mayda Navarro, and Krisztina Czako ?
  139. Artistry On Ice
  140. Retrospective Looking Back -- World Professional Championships --
  141. What will we not see on TV this season
  142. Bryce Davison Retires-sort of
  143. Nice Article About Elizabeth Manley
  144. ** Happy Birthday, Kristi Yamaguchi **
  145. Canadian Silver Medalist Myriane Samson
  146. Shawn Sawyer - Artiste!
  147. ** Happy Birthday, Dorothy Hamill **
  148. NEEDED - 8 Black high-neck, long-sleeve women's leotards
  149. Brian Boitano Skating on Alaskian Glacier
  150. Summer oh Summer Where Art Thou?
  151. NBC TV Broadcast Schedule for 2011-12 Season (U.S.)
  152. Improvement!!! (Video)
  153. Johnny Weir's Chinese Interviews
  154. Ice Skating Rinks -- Demolition Time
  155. Happy Birthday, Peggy Fleming
  156. Virtual FS Games
  157. Riazanova and Tkachenko get into starting position for Sochi
  158. What happened to ISU.org?
  159. Paul Poirier to skate with...
  160. Michelle Kwan - National Dance Day in DC 7/30/11
  161. Project Runway - Anyone Watching???
  162. Instrumental Versus Vocal Music
  163. Participants: Why do you like to skate?
  164. Should US Figure Skating have training camps like they do in US Gymnastics ?
  165. Han Yan looking to become China’s next skating star
  166. Happy Birthday Agnes Zawadzki !
  167. 2011-2012 Programs by Discipline
  168. Fluffs and Image in the 21st Century
  169. Plane Crash that took the lives of the 1961 US World Team
  170. Alissa Czisny: The Ice 2011
  171. Music Question - Pang/Tong 2010 LP
  172. Early Sasha Cohen videos.
  173. Short Program to "Chariots of Fire"
  174. Question about finding a coach for beginner skater
  175. New Ashley Wagner Video.
  176. olympic gold medalist
  177. 3A-3A sequence
  178. ISU Championship 'small' medals (Worlds, Jr. Worlds, 4CC, Europeans)
  179. One Artistic, One Tecnical Program = Championship
  180. Joannie Rochette thread
  181. Elvis vs Ilia 1998
  182. Sending a "Telegraph" for your jumps
  183. All That Skate Summer 2011, Aug. 13~15th
  184. Leg wraps during jump rotations
  185. Intrigue abounds after Mao sits out JSF training camp
  186. Kimmie Meissner's triple-triples video
  187. Oksana Baiul
  188. Lillehammer 1994 - Ladies' Free Skate
  189. ** 1998 Olympc Figure Skating Competition **
  190. Takahashi banks on French flair to win
  191. Back from injury, Ten sets sights on perfection
  192. Fedor Andreev awaiting surgery
  193. Zhiganshina and Gazsi turn disappointment into strength
  194. Mao and Taka, they make me smile...
  195. The future of Korean skating has arrived
  196. Lee targets British title
  197. Christine Zukowski
  198. ** Sasha Cohen's Spins **
  199. Flatt announces new coaches for 2011-12 season
  200. Flawless Cohen Long Programs
  201. Marina Klimova & Sergei Ponomarenko
  202. Glossary of Figure Skating Terms
  203. Sasha Cohen's Moonlight Sonata
  204. Who deserved the 2002 Worlds Ladies title?
  205. 1988 Olympic Games Men and Ladies
  206. Denney and Coughlin plan impressive debut season
  207. Naming Figure Skating Moves after their "Inventor"
  208. The greatest free skates in ladies' figure skating
  209. Michelle Kwan Euphoria
  210. New ice dance team: Emily Samuelson / Todd Gilles
  211. Kim's compassion enhances her legendary stature
  212. Miki Ando's quad salchow attempts new video
  213. Musicality: Natural vs Learned, Simple vs Complex
  214. Cheltzie Lee has retired
  215. Midori Ito -- First Woman to Land a Triple Axel
  216. 12,000 Posts & Still Going Strong!!!
  217. Greatest short programs in ladies' figure skating
  218. Akiko Suzuki thread: a beautiful and brilliant performer!
  219. Was Mirai Nagasu underscored at the 2010 Olympics?
  220. Champs' Camp in Colorado Springs
  221. Hurricane Irene
  222. Newcomer Jin takes gold at Asian Trophy
  223. Is this move possible to do?
  224. Jeannette and Bonheur: Two Unheralded Figure Skaters
  225. Unsung Skaters
  226. "Dorothy Hamill in Sneakers"
  227. "Skating" on the Slopes
  228. Synchronized Skating - an Olympic Sport?
  229. Annet Potzsch, 1980 Olympic Champion
  230. "An Evening with Champions"
  231. Tanaka aims for top junior podiums
  232. deep video interview of Patrick Chan (from Phoenix Satellite TV)
  233. Pre-Season Chatter
  234. NHLer from Battle of the Blades Dies
  235. What if US Figure Skating used International judges for Nationals?
  236. Miki Ando nominated for the 2011 Sportswoman of the Year!
  237. ISU posts JGP performances on YouTube
  238. 7.1 Earthquake Strikes Alaska
  239. Hicks aims for the top
  240. International Figure Skating magazines
  241. Inline "figure" skates?
  242. ** Norbert Schramm **
  243. -- Skating with the Stars --
  244. Potential Sochi contenders: Ladies
  245. Friends on Ice 2011 Aug 26-Aug 28
  246. Korean figure skating team signs first foreign coach
  247. The nuts and bolts of skating: What does it really cost to skate?
  248. Olympic gymnastics medalist Paul Hamm arrested
  249. Plane carrying entire Russian-based KHL league team crashed 09/07/11
  250. "The Waitress and the Truck Driver"