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  1. Czisny's Comeback
  2. Patrick Chan feeling unappreciated in Canada
  3. Mao Asada's Mother Condolences Thread
  4. Hypothetical Evan L. question
  5. Patrick Chan Celebrated as Sportsnet’s 2011 Canadian Athlete of the Year
  6. Ladies' programs with two triple-triples
  7. Technical Breakdown of the Senior GPF SD
  8. GPF attendance
  9. Can someone help me to find the title of this music ?
  10. What would you say to Alissa?
  11. Caitlin Yankowskas is prepared but unpaired
  12. Volosozhar/Trankov or Savchenko/Szolkovy? Whom do you prefer and why?
  13. Anyone Interested in KPop?
  14. Scott Moir says its a piss off
  15. Ksenia MONKO Kirill KHALIAVIN
  16. Comments from Judges?
  17. Averbukh remains pro-government
  18. Men of ice dance
  19. Favorite Christmas/Holiday Movie?
  20. Article:"Rewarding Failure Diminishes Sport"
  21. Why the Short Program?
  22. Programs crossing disciplines
  23. Patrick Chan wins Lou Marsh Award as Canada’s top athlete
  24. 2010 Oly Mens long judges.....
  25. PJ's Latest List-Top 10 Ladies Performances
  26. The underdogs
  27. That Canadian Lady
  28. Who can hold technical callers accountable?
  29. Mao was blessed with a mother who gave it her all
  30. Savchenko and Szolkowy push the limits
  31. SOI presented by Samsung
  32. Who are the best television commenters?
  33. Sonia Bianchetti Review on the GPF
  34. Let's all Wrestle with Ice Dancing PCS Rules
  35. Lucinda Ruh
  36. Canadian ladies vs. other disciplines
  37. Carolina kostner - will the Lutz be back?
  38. The Increase of 'Questionable' Judging Trends
  39. The truth behind Patrick Chan's China crisis
  40. Other parts of Swan Lake in FS
  41. Ladies' triple-triple combinations - 2007-2008 VIDEO
  42. TV Alert: Dec 18 - Brian Boitano's Skating Spectacular
  43. Sinitsina and Zhiganshin look to Sochi and beyond
  44. Who are your all-time favorite ice dancers?
  45. Article about Chafik Besseghier
  46. Kim Jong Il is dead
  47. Name where/when this performance took place
  48. North Korea's Kim Jong Il and figure skating
  49. Torn Ligament
  50. Savchenko/Szolkowy auction off Rostelecom Trophy for Japan
  51. Favourite Figure Skating documentary ?
  52. Canada's best?
  53. Great Edges
  54. Popularity of Figure Skating
  55. Merry Xmas from Team USA
  56. Figure Skating Pet Peeves
  57. Junior Nationals- Ashley Shin
  58. What's your favorite figure skating discipline 2011?
  59. Mirai Nagasu picked as one of the funnest sports figures..
  60. Asada to compete at Japanese Figure Skating Championships after mother's death
  61. Chinese skaters' ages
  62. Who Will Be The Next Olympic Ladies Champion?
  63. Who are the legendary coaches?
  64. Favorite Christmas/Holiday Songs?
  65. Olympic skater's Cape home damaged by fire
  66. PJ's Top Ten Men's Performances
  67. Nike Air jordens
  68. Hidden indoor dangers of of ice rinks
  69. High heeled ice skates
  70. Where can I watch figure skating from now on?
  71. Who thinks that Sotnikova's come-back in R/Nats is for sure for her?
  72. Spanish Skaters - news & thoughts
  73. Wii Games?
  74. algebra problem
  75. Wish list for 2012
  76. 2011 GS Skater of the Year
  77. ISU judging error for dance results GPF
  78. world/europeans medals: why are they so small?
  79. Another Volcano
  80. Plushenko and Europeans
  81. Jenny Kirk
  82. Wagner and Mahbanoozadeh- Rising to the Occasion?
  83. Kurt Browning has no equal to date
  84. Cats
  85. Ksenia Makarova
  86. sinus infection that won't go away
  87. Happy, Healthy New Year to all GS members!
  88. Adrian Schultheiss
  89. Feminism and Figure Skating
  90. Weir ties the knot
  91. TV Alert: Caesars Tribute II: A Salute to the Ladies of Ice On Now!!!!
  92. Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: maybe spoilers
  93. Favorite and least favorite coaches?
  94. Skaters who smoke....
  95. Jason Dungjen: how he works with his athletes
  96. Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir
  97. Zhangs haunted by injuries ahead of Chinese National Winter Games
  98. Michal Březina interview
  99. National Skating Month
  100. Kim wins suit against former agency
  101. So excited *bounces*
  102. Who Has Twitter?
  103. Wedding Gowns and Strapless
  104. Strollers allowed at your ice rink?
  105. anyone here also a reef geek?
  106. Japan Super Challenge 2012
  107. Unique skating moves
  108. Project Runway All Stars - Did Anyone Watch????
  109. Your favorite surprise
  110. Who did the music piece justice?
  111. Back Crossovers
  112. Streaming video through Wii
  113. Nobu's smiley jump face
  114. No silencing this Lam
  115. Skating & Gymnastics Spectacular
  116. Jin Boyang
  117. other kinds of female artistry
  118. USFSA Hall of Fame.
  119. Phaneuf hopes coaching change sparks revival
  120. Freedom of Religion
  121. choreography spirals?
  122. Movies you want to see?
  123. Entertaining Miscellaneous Topics
  124. 3 Axel on Roller Skates!
  125. Torvil & Dean 1984 Pro World Magic
  126. Kavaguti and Smirnov to miss Euros
  127. Pandora, Moments of Love on Ice, 1/26/12, Showare Center, 7PM PST
  128. Original Dance or Short Dance what is your preference?
  129. Karen Magnussen Still Hurting from Gas Leak
  130. Becoming domesticated
  131. has anyone here used inline Pic skates?
  132. Forty-niners 36, Saints 32
  133. Savchenko has serious fall?!
  134. Caroline Zhang
  135. Anyone watch Improv Ice on NBC this afternoon?
  136. Comical or shocking skating moments
  137. Any Scrapbookers?
  138. DSC Champions Revue - Alissa Czisny
  139. Nam Nguyen a small wonder
  140. Woman loses 100 LBS to become figure skater
  141. Happy 90th Birthday Betty White
  142. Laura Lepisto status
  143. Toller Cranston's new project with the Edmonton Symphony
  144. Flatt looking to shake off poor Grand Prix season
  145. Johnny Weir announces return; eyes on Sochi
  146. Omaha...Mercy sakes....
  147. Handsome Skaters?
  148. Twizzled Out?
  149. The most beautiful ice princess of all
  150. 2000 Goodwill Games
  151. Article: Demanding schedule taking a toll on figure skaters
  152. links to the Canadian Nats?
  153. Savchenko and Szolkowy withdraw from Euros
  154. Plushenko out of worlds
  155. Takahashi's SP vs. Chan's
  156. Can Ashley Wagner be U.S. figure skating's next star?
  157. Phil Hersh: Kwan on Kwan
  158. Short Dance for season 2012-13 is...
  159. Sochi: Men's Prediction
  160. T200 this weekend!
  161. The Pollina Korobeynikova Thread
  162. What Do You All Think About CoP Now?
  163. Glacier Falls FSC Bids for ISU Senior B
  164. Who Is The Most IMPROVED Skater/Team This Year?
  165. Triple Lutz and flip jumps in the Ladies SP
  166. Canada the only country to win Olympic Gold in all 4 disciplines
  167. Dornbush Hair
  168. Johnny IceDesk Comments before Men's SP
  169. New ISU Members
  170. Michelle
  171. Dance Moms
  172. The award for the least sequins goes too......
  173. 2011-2012 Score Tally - Men
  174. USFSA Four Continents Assignments
  175. Hot Men
  176. Pandora Unforgettable Moments of Love on Ice
  177. Hot Ladies
  178. Flatt's current status
  179. Rachael Flatt finishes strong
  180. Nina Jiang
  181. Ways to support skaters
  182. Caroline Zhang - Can She Regain Her Spot Among The Top US Ladies?
  183. "Live Skaters" vs. "TV Skaters"
  184. Plush and his protege
  185. 2010 Olympic men impossible to find
  186. European Ladies
  187. Gracie Gold: Can she medal at JW (and beyond)?
  188. mon blanc trophy 2012
  189. Cinquanta attempts to pull a fast one on ISU members
  190. Should Alissa use last year's long for Worlds
  191. Fumie Suguri
  192. Effective use of edges
  193. How Would Kwan fare in Code of points with this program
  194. Tales from the front
  195. Plushenko sets surgery date for Feb 23
  196. US Pair Teams of the Past: Where are they?
  197. Dornbush to replace Abbott at 4CC's
  198. Czisny question
  199. Went to MK hall of fame induction party -- does anyone want commemorative medal?
  200. Adelina Sotnikova
  201. TV Alert: Pandora Unforgettable Moments of Love on Ice - Ovation TV
  202. Anyone watch the Gala skate?
  203. Lysacek and show skating?
  204. Superbowl time
  205. Program Components
  206. Imai embraces change
  207. Seguin & Evans
  208. Are Russians putting too much pressure on their wonderbabies?
  209. Madison Hubbell 'Look Alike'?
  210. Which pair was America's best?
  211. Patrick Chan Interview with Maclean's
  212. Modern Skating is Ugly – European Champions
  213. Promising Jr Men: 2014 and beyond
  214. Rick Santorum says birth control harms women
  215. Canadians next season
  216. Tips for first-time figure skating spectators
  217. What's Next For Mirai II
  218. Ice Moms--in development for Lifetime network
  219. New Ashley Wagner Article
  220. Christopher Caluza: The Super artist from the Philippines
  221. Whitney Houston is dead?!
  222. Globe and Mail: Figure skating judging system still has flaws
  223. Duhamel credits vegan diet for good health
  224. Who should Canada send to compete at Worlds for the ladies
  225. Wohoo American ladies!
  226. Are we witnessing the rebirth of American ladies figure skating?
  227. Sale&Pelletier article in the Globe and Mail
  228. How well will Polina Korobeynikova do at this years World Championships?
  229. Which 2 pairs will China send to Worlds
  230. Anyone surprised Ashley beat Mao?
  231. The men's podium in Nice
  232. Anyone have difficulty seeing youtube videos?
  233. Was Czisny's Omission From The U.S. Team for The 4CC's A Snub?
  234. Can Takahashi Close The Gap On Patrick Chan?
  235. Back alive (almost)
  236. Mao Asada Fan Fest
  237. Melissa Bulanhagui 4cc
  238. If you are going to London On.
  239. Martiusheva and Rogonov: Will they be given another chance?
  240. China's Kexin Zhang surprises at Four Continents
  241. Downton Abbey
  242. Survivor One WOrld 2/15/12
  243. Rank the programs of the top 6 Ladies contenders going to Worlds this year
  244. NBA Overnight Super Star - Jeremy Lin
  245. Mira Leung - News
  246. What happened to these promising US Skaters?
  247. Just a few pics....
  248. Ashley Wagner Thread
  249. NBC's SMASH
  250. Caluza puts the Philippines on the map