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  1. Challenges in developing successful Pair teams: programs & proposed solutions?
  2. Uncertainty over who will be on Russian ladies team for Worlds
  3. Walking Dead
  4. Who did what first?
  5. All things Russian
  6. Ways to watch a program
  7. Figure skaters lend presence to North Korean event
  8. Plushenko's health issues spring 2012
  9. Kristi celebrates 20th anniversary of Albertville & family updates
  10. Anyone hear from Joesitz?
  11. I've been offered a job
  12. Park So Youn
  13. Aldridge and Eaton hope to challenge in Belarus
  14. Max Base Value?
  15. Fun Skating License Plates
  16. Biggest Loser
  17. Boys dying to be thin: the new face of anorexia
  18. Well-Balanced Choreography
  19. Just a few snapshots of Nationals
  20. Amelie Lacoste: Canada's best figure skater looks forward to Sochi
  21. World Figure Skating Hall of Fame nominees
  22. Lysacek optimistic his issues with U.S. skating close to resolution
  23. Cain and Reagan End Partnership
  24. Alaska's Last Great Race
  25. You Be the Judge
  26. Oscar predictions?
  27. Professional Skaters' Association announced the EDI awards!
  28. What do most skaters eat?
  29. Worlds most famous (infamous?) skater
  30. Interesting Article on Frances Dafoe and Norris Bowden (twice World Pairs Champions)
  31. 4CC Videos With Scoring
  32. Tessa Virtue backflip?
  33. Only in Alaska
  34. Any News on Laura Lepisto?
  35. Skaters/Judging experts on GS - Question
  36. Any practice reports?
  37. Shooting costumes again
  38. American Idol - - Anyone Watching?????
  39. Pay as you go cell phones in Canada
  40. Biellmann Mania
  41. Tornado Outbreak in Mid West - PLEASE STAY SAFE AND CHECK IN!
  42. Julia Lipnitskaia: One of the rising queens of Skating!
  43. Moves you miss seeing since CoP
  44. Jason Brown's Future Prospects
  45. Will Adelina ever get her confidence back ?
  46. Should Skate Canada send Osmond to Worlds instead of Lacoste ?
  47. Who should Russsia send to senior Worlds: Ksenia Makarova or Polina Shelepen?
  48. Happy Pulaski Day to Everyone at Golden Skate
  49. Who Is The Best Male Skater In Japan Now?
  50. Best Hair and/or Costumes in Men
  51. Makarova gets remaining spot on Russian World's team
  52. Has the standard set in junior ladies now overtaken that of the senior ladies?
  53. Nan Song
  54. You Can Play Project
  55. Xiaoyu Yu and Yang Jin on the rise
  56. How often does ISU update skater's bio?
  57. Survivor 3/7/12
  58. Phantom of the Opera
  59. What does it mean to be an "all-around skater" or have the "complete package"
  60. What Goes Up Usually Comes Down - Skaters on the decline
  61. Why is China not a power in all disciplines
  62. Costume Hall of fame-you choose the nominees
  63. Marketing Ms. Davis & Mr. White
  64. Cait Yankowskas and Josh Reagan Try Out!!
  65. Do you guys think the Shibutanis will be in the final flight at worlds for the FD?
  66. Should Gracie or Caroline or Agnes or Mirai replace Alissa for Worlds?
  67. Wagner, Zhang, and Gold Olympic team in 2014
  68. Joshua Farris: The Rising Prince of US Skating
  69. Small ISU events
  70. How does success at Jr Worlds translate to senior medals?
  71. Should a World Champion Need a Triple Lutz?
  72. Mura gains consistency
  73. Kevin VDP & Jenna Mccorkell Fan Fest
  74. Elizaveta Tuktamysheva prepares for next season
  75. Dick Button challenges credibility of World F.S. Hall of Fame
  76. Ladies Skating Costumes Through History
  77. 2012 Challenge Cup
  78. Victoria Volchkova gives birth to son
  79. Korobeynikova makes fast progress
  80. Tea With Kurt
  81. Pechalat & Bourzat news
  82. Valkama charged with DWI
  83. Kwan Sole Inductee to the World Figure Skating Hall of Fame
  84. Gold at worlds: Virtue/Moir or Davis/White?
  85. High School and Collegiate Team Skating Competitions
  86. Tarasova to have spinal surgery on 3/19
  87. Is Natasha Purich looking for a partner?
  88. Kiira Korpi withdraws from Worlds
  89. Computer problems- help?
  90. Happy St. Patrick's Day Skating Show From Golden Skate!
  91. Gold lives up to the hype
  92. Ladies 2nd Spot
  93. Dancing with the Stars
  94. Nagasu
  95. The Murder Case of Travyon Martin
  96. TEAM FRANCE rooters' seats, "Let's cheer for team France!"
  97. Cats like fish, but dolphins like cats? LOLz for the day ;)
  98. Simpson and Blackmer encouraged by early success
  99. Iliushechkina and Maisuradze Split
  100. Wagner skating on a mission, for self and country
  101. Yankowskas and Reagan team up
  102. Which Olympic Champion had the best Long Program?
  103. Oksana Baiul on the Rosie show
  104. Radio interview with Alexander Lakernik, posted on FSU
  105. Reference Section in the Lutz Corner
  106. Taylor Toth and Kiri Baga team up
  107. Ice chips Boston Skating show?
  108. Laura Lepistö ends competitive career
  109. Interview with Katarina Witt
  110. LP Scores of Men contending at Worlds 2012
  111. Prayer request-next door neighbor missing-foul play
  112. Opinion: Sato and Asada partnership is not working!
  113. Educating the public
  114. mm
  115. Who is your favorite ladies skater from Canada this season ?
  116. Virtue & Moir Article
  117. The Hunger Games
  118. Kate Winslet on Titanic 3-D: It's like a home movie
  119. Have Virtue & Moir moved decisively back ahead of Davis & White?
  120. GOE Calibration on Quads
  121. The state of U.S. Figure Skating
  122. YouTube videos being taken down
  123. Mao Asada Grabs Top Place for the TV Celebrity Image Survey
  124. Can Volosozhar/Trankov push Savchenko/Szolkowy from the top pair position?
  125. Misha Ge- Music
  126. Three spots for Russian ladies,2013 worlds
  127. Ashley Wagner proves herself as a VERY good skater
  128. Carolina Kostner finally reaches the top
  129. Who's retiring after Worlds?
  130. Evan Lysacek's return?
  131. Michelle Kwan is making a comeback
  132. Alissa consolation thread
  133. Who will challenge Carolina Kostner in London, Canada?
  134. Are US pair Teams on the Rise?
  135. Adam Rippon Needs Gracie Gold's Coach
  136. Medal contenders for Sochi?
  137. Eurosport coverage of Europeans and worlds - getting worse
  138. Did Kaitlyn Weaver cut her knee?
  139. Lift positions
  140. Mirai is not done / Splits from Frank Carroll
  141. Kevin van der Perren calls it a career
  142. Fontana and Zimmerman announce birth of baby girl
  143. What Now for Mao?
  144. Dallas - Forth Worth Members please check in
  145. Men's PCS at Worlds.
  146. Any interest in a GS training thread re scoring?
  147. DiManno: Figure skating audiences alienated by esoteric judging system
  148. Mao Asada – The fight must go on
  149. Is Akiko Suzuki the most musical ladies skater since Michelle Kwan?
  150. A happy holy week to all, Happy Easter with blessings in Abundance Easter 2012
  151. Ice Dance: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
  152. America Revealed hosted by Yul Kwon of Survivor
  153. Brian Joubert: Reloaded
  154. TV Alert NBC Figureskating at 3pm Eastern time
  155. Missing old Easter time movies
  156. TV Alert ..... Cinderella on Ice .. on Now
  157. Your State Dept. your money.
  158. What We Talk About When We Talk About Pairs (Y/T/T)
  159. Brezina to be coached by Viktor Petrenko
  160. The Best Exhibition Programs
  161. Amanda Evora & Mark Ladwig end their 10-year pair partnership (she will retire)
  162. Alissa Czisny plans to compete next season
  163. Youtube help, please.
  164. Hip Hop a choice for Junior Short Dance next season
  165. Half my photos on my Verizon LG are missing as of this morning
  166. Friend can't afford her rheumatoid arthritis medicine and she is suffering
  167. Why Do People Insist on Arguing?!
  168. Rule of downgraded jumps?
  169. At what age do female skaters peak?
  170. Johnny Weir Quad [April 2012] Training
  171. Courtney Hicks announces coaching change
  172. 2012-13 Grand Prix Speculation
  173. Which Skaters are Great Dancers (all disciplines)?
  174. Various Sports Halls of Fame Controversies
  175. Any Titanic buffs on here?
  176. Ekaterina Bobrova & Dmitri Soloviev switch to Zhulin
  177. Bobak and Beharry look forward to sophomore season
  178. Skater, Zahra Lari, makes history
  179. Favourite programs of 2011-2012 men
  180. Patrick Chan Parts Ways With Christy Krall
  181. Isabelle Brasseur in Depends commercial
  182. "Tatiana Tarasova outraged at refereeing of the World Championship of Figure Skating"
  183. Why no junior 4cc's or Europeans?
  184. Dick Clark has passed away at age 82
  185. What is your favorite Team at Team trophy 2012 ?
  186. Gracie Gold will go senior in 2012-2013
  187. Ashley Wagner shows her muscle
  188. Is it fair having technical panel and judges from the same country?
  189. Battle of the Blades Felled by Budget Cuts
  190. Gary Beacom - A Skating Genius
  191. Has MK managed to stay fit?
  192. Toller Cranston's Birthday Today!
  193. 2011/12 - That was the season that was
  194. Will Olympic Gold skaters pull out of retirement?
  195. Question about world team trophy
  196. what music should Patrick Chan skate to next year??
  197. The most handsome skaters
  198. Narumi Takahashi & Mervin Tran Fan Fest
  199. Songs I Like
  200. Best and Worst Programs of 2011-2012
  201. Best and Worst Outfits of the past season
  202. Once Upon a Time - Anyone else watching? Contains spoilers
  203. The Haydenettes are starting a collegiate team!
  204. Japanese World Team: 2013 Outlook
  205. Cynthia Phaneuf Fan Fest
  206. The Stalking of Korean Hip Hop Superstar Daniel Lee
  207. Akiko's next programs?
  208. Yuzuru Hanyu changes coach to Brian Orser
  209. World Ice Dance Heats up !
  210. Can Agnes Zawadzki break through next season?
  211. Takahashi gets a confidence boost
  212. New camera in the works
  213. Figure skating key to fulfilling Russia's Sochi promises
  214. New Michelle Kwan article
  215. Jenny Kirk is blogging again!
  216. Todd Eldredge has hip replacement surgery -- Updated with baby news!
  217. All That Skate Spring 2012 (May 4-6)
  218. David Wilson will work with Gachinski and Tuktamysheva
  219. Should Ashley Wagner Keep Her Swan Lake LP Another Year?
  220. Lichtman and Copely split
  221. Ando could be back on the ice next season
  222. How Would You Pick Your Olympic Team Event Lineup?
  223. Italy’s Berton and Hotarek gain ground
  224. Keiffer Hubbell teams up with Anastasia Olson
  225. Shibutanis to attend state dinner in Washington for Prime Minister of Japan
  226. Chinese pair Zhang & Zhang to split?
  227. ISU has updated World Standings
  228. The Most Mentally Tough Skater
  229. Ana Cecilia Cantu
  230. Yu Na is she competing in the 2012-2013 Season?
  231. Badly aged tanning addict
  232. Inspiration
  233. The Kentucky Derby is this Saturday
  234. ISU Scale of Values, Levels of Difficulty and Guidelines for GOEs for 2012-13
  235. Rochette pondering return to Olys
  236. Gymnast Alicia Sacramone going for Gold in London
  237. Mark Ladwig has paired up with Lindsay Davis in Florida
  238. 2012 Skate America to be held in Kent, Washington (Oct. 19-21)
  239. Gas leak causes lung problems for skater Karen Magnussen
  240. Fassi, Champion make coaches Hall of Fame
  241. Zhang Hao has a new partner
  242. Takahashi and Tran prepare for next season with new confidence
  243. Girl banned from attending the prom because she has no date
  244. Rachael Flatt: Complete Profile
  245. Woman fired for shop lifting incident 40 years ago
  246. Are Yagudin and Goebel still friends?
  247. Min Jeong Kwak
  248. The World and Walmart
  249. Scott Hamilton: An amazing skater and person
  250. Figuring out the GP slots (Ladies)