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  1. 2010-2011 Programs by Discipline
  2. How old is too old?
  3. Most popular boots/blades
  4. Jr. Age Requirements for 2014/15
  5. Pre-Rotation Questions
  6. What do you think about the new Riedell line of skates?
  7. Pain in the ball of the foot
  8. Advice on 'moving up' 8-year-old skater
  9. Help on Sit Change Sit/Back Sit Spin
  10. Ice Skates are too big, what to do until I get new ones?
  11. How to know if my blades need to be sharpened?
  12. Figure skating and swimming - why do they not mix?
  13. Advice on Moves/Dance
  14. MK Phantom question
  15. The Precarious case of the sickled foot
  16. Anatomy of a Figure Skating Injury Book
  17. Question about buying Figure Skates for different sized feet?
  18. Problem with my skates?
  19. New Skates! Super excited.
  20. Butterfly twist spin
  21. Getting Back Into Skating
  22. Finding You Love Skating too Late
  23. Advice for a Possible Beginning Adult Skater?
  24. Custom Boots
  25. Toe pick help?
  26. Best knee pads, but least expensive?
  27. Question on TES score (Junior/Senior)
  28. Figure skating lesson costs
  29. Coach Recommendation North Shore of Chicago
  30. Sit Spin Help
  31. Camel Spin help?
  32. Inline or quad skates?
  33. Labral tear in hip
  34. Spin help
  35. Spread Eagles
  36. New skating Mom seeks advice
  37. Buying new figure skates
  38. Going down a level in blades
  39. Lunges extremely difficult
  40. Double Axels - pulling in on wrong side
  41. Ice Dance Blades vs Singles Blades
  42. Damaged Toe Picks...Thoughts???
  43. Skates rubbing ankle skin a lot?
  44. Bad posture when skating
  45. Preventing dizziness when spinning
  46. Help With Skates
  47. Help With Landing A Single Axel
  48. Will I need to upgrade my skates?
  49. Help: Stretching and working out makes me less flexible?!
  50. Straight arms
  51. Jackson Ultima Marquis or Jackson Ultima Freestyle?
  52. Help landing jumps
  53. Beginner skate recommendations
  54. Risport Rf Light vs Risport Rf 4
  55. Help to find a new skates
  56. Getting back on the ice
  57. What is your favorite jump/spin/MIF element to do?
  58. Basic spin help needed
  59. Off ice spinner - product recommendation?
  60. Blades
  61. Axel help please forward flat foot landed
  62. Dance Partner Dilemma
  63. How much do dull blades affect your jumps and spins?
  64. New Skates
  65. Edea Overture
  66. Ice dancing in Milwaukee?
  67. Beginner skates + fear
  68. Skating with Plantar Fasciitis
  69. Backspin Trouble
  70. Stage Fright Advice?
  71. Skating with a broken wrist?
  72. Is a reinforcement in the heels of the skates legal?
  73. Edeas
  74. Blade Advice
  75. Has China ever had a women's singles gold medalist at the olympics?
  76. Skating on a full or empty stomach?
  77. What kind/brand of skates should I be looking at?
  78. Tips for a Yuna Camel?
  79. Exercises to take care of back/hips?
  80. Figure Skater Exercise Routines (Off ice)
  81. Stretching into Biellmann Position
  82. Singles female skaters wearing skirts for practice?
  83. Running: Does it keep your leg muscles longer?
  84. Doing Choreography
  85. Sit spin problems
  86. Balancing a Schedule
  87. Annie's Edges & Circle Cycle
  88. Fighting Anemia: Tiredness
  89. Help: Toe Loops and Salchows
  90. Controlling Motion/Dizziness
  91. Costume advice?
  92. Weak ankles
  93. Romeo and Juliet music : do you know the title ?
  94. Advice for returning skater?
  95. Is it legal for a coach to charge a student for future lessons?
  96. Skate help?
  97. How Often do You Skate?
  98. Is it too Late to start Ice Dancing?
  99. Insoles for figure skates
  100. Can someone please explain the difference between a flutz and a lip.
  101. Coach with a Coach?
  102. Help with type of wheel in line skates
  103. Breaking in skates
  104. Waterproofing
  105. Kent, Wash.: Where can I skate?
  106. Split Falling Leaf Question
  107. Extra Navicular Bone
  108. Kent Washington Area Practice Partner wanted
  109. Fighting Rust
  110. Junior choctaws
  111. Burning CDs?
  112. Good Figure Skating Club in Denver area?
  113. Stupid Question on Backward Crosscuts
  114. Synchronized skating trouble?
  115. Costume Advice?
  116. How to improve my figure skating edges?
  117. Program Elements -who submits this information?
  118. Edea vs Jackson
  119. Advice on doing better spirals, please?
  120. Pattern 99 profile same as SuperDance 99?
  121. Selling Edea Ice flys size 245. fits a 6.5 foot
  122. Figure skating in Boston over summer?
  123. Axel Help
  124. Ice shows!?
  125. Vacation without Skating
  126. How to do a good Spread Eagle?
  127. USFA Test dresscode
  128. Edea Piano Boot
  129. Jumps and Spins competition
  130. Camel Spin Help
  131. What's the difference between Juvenile and Juvenile Open?
  132. Breaking in Edeas
  133. Skating 6am?
  134. Jumping higher?
  135. Can i jump counterclockwise but spin clockwise ?
  136. Off-ice spinners?
  137. Endurance Help?
  138. How to have deep edges/overall good skating skills?
  139. Plantar fasciitis and boot soles
  140. Boot question
  141. Looking to buy some Edea Ice Fly skates, questions, please help.
  142. How much are rental skates holding me back?
  143. Wide Figure Skating Boots
  144. Weak forward right outside edge?
  145. Donating old figure skates?
  146. High level skating class
  147. Damaged blades?
  148. Learning Axel=Protection pads
  149. Recognition of a coaching certificate
  150. Qualifications of a coach for private lessons?
  151. Help about what blades would fit Jackson Elite 4200
  152. coaches in Chicagoland
  153. Legacy blades or matrix legacy blades?
  154. Ultima Legacy blades?
  155. Jackson boots New elites and old model elites What's the difference?
  156. Giving myself the best figure skating resources possible
  157. help me! 2axlproblems and tricks
  158. Changing Coaches
  159. Programs for a 16-17 year old skater
  160. Help with forward crossovers.
  161. Ice Skates and Levels?
  162. Coaching fees paid to rink managment
  163. Getting over a bad practice
  164. Spots on my Blades?
  165. Do you change or increase your training 2 weeks before a competition?
  166. Helping a skater choreograph a program when she's more advanced?
  167. What's going on with the soles of my skates?
  168. Skating in san francisco
  169. Zuca Bags
  170. Has anyone tried Eclipse Aurora blades?
  171. Jacksons to Risport
  172. Harlick Boot question
  173. Hating the Ice fly.. Looking for advice
  174. ISU Communication No. 1961 Update: 10/8/15
  175. Why do my blades cut so deeply into the ice?
  176. What size blades should I buy for my boots?
  177. John Wilson Product Range
  178. Should we stay on edge during a spin ?
  179. Power pull tracings = sine wave?
  180. Rules about content of footwork
  181. Testing screw-up
  182. Total beginner needs some skateboard help
  183. Buying used blades- help please!
  184. Skating Apparel
  185. Figure Skating costume problems
  186. Jubilee Blade?
  187. Boot/Blade Combo for 6 year old boy
  188. New Moves-In-The_Field book by Peter Dalby
  189. Boot materials: leather vs non-leather
  190. New skates
  191. Buying New Skates- Heel Height Question!
  192. Fit of a Skating Dress
  193. Am I overbooting? EDEA Preludio or Overture
  194. Under rotation problems
  195. Metal in Wilson Revolution series blades
  196. Difficulty with RBO edge during crossovers?
  197. Buying skates online
  198. 3-Turn control
  199. Help with skating prop?
  200. Risport royal boots?
  201. Edea boot: loose heel?
  202. Advice on arch pain?
  203. Starting skating classes
  204. Powerslide skates
  205. Blades for Returning Adult Skater
  206. Help choosing new blades
  207. Saving the dress
  208. Agonizing shin pain after skating
  209. Uneven blades after sharpening...?
  210. Sharpening first pair of figure skates.
  211. Viennese Waltz: Any tips for solo dance?
  212. Etiquette for MIF competition?
  213. Just a little curious...
  214. Bunga Pads Ankle Sleeves: Worth the money?
  215. Protective pads / shorts
  216. Eagle Landing
  217. Landing Axel help?
  218. Makeup for young skaters?
  219. Spin entry edge not diminishing
  220. National Showcase comp?
  221. Questions About Jump Names
  222. Adult or Standard Track
  223. Zayak rule doesn't apply to 2A+3T?
  224. What is the max base value of a ladies FS?
  225. Kiss and Cry totes?
  226. Blade advice
  227. Loop as a second Jump - any tips?
  228. How to stop rotation when holding edges
  229. Time for new boots? Help!
  230. Help for awful arch pain
  231. Advice about skates
  232. Improv choreography?
  233. Why don't people do a turning Lutz entry?
  234. Softening the leather inside skates
  235. Lower calf pain
  236. bunga pads in washing machine?
  237. Edea Skate Fitting Discussion
  238. Off-ice practice of air position?
  239. Ultracrash pads vs Waxel pads
  240. Need help to identify a song
  241. Skates for Kids
  242. Help coaching change
  243. Test coming up and blunt blades
  244. Freestyle vs. Dance Blades
  245. Loose shoe lace
  246. Skating daughter always places last
  247. A Question?
  248. PIC skates?
  249. Figure Skating Practice Wear for a Boy
  250. Skating Club/Private Coach Advice (Canada)