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  1. Narumi Takahashi & Ryuichi Kihara Debut in The Ice
  2. Pushing the artistic boundaries of skating
  3. Michelle Kwan spoke at Global Diaspora Forum
  4. Battle of the Blades Returns!
  5. Who is/are Your Favorite Choreographers?
  6. New video of Midori Ito
  7. An Ice Dance development seminar to be held in August.
  8. Cheltzie Lee won't give up on Olympic Dream
  9. Frank Carroll returns to the Toyota Sports Center
  10. Zhao to coach Chinese national team pair skaters
  11. Prosecutor throws out Plushenko slander complaint
  12. Looking For Specific Figure Skating Book (Pre 1988)
  13. Help needed for translation from non-English to English
  14. NEWS!! Team GB ice skaters given 2014 Winter Olympics boost
  15. Very early top 10 predictions per discipline for Sochi
  16. Video interview with Tomas Verner
  17. Siudeks' son on youtube : )
  18. "Dancing On Ice" to finish in 2014
  19. 2010 Skate America Question
  20. wishes and dream for podium/top six
  21. Skaters who can dominate both in IJS and 6.0.
  22. Peggy Fleming said (Is MK the best?)
  23. Belbin & Agosto Return to Pro Skating!
  24. Sochi 2014 Olympic Medals unveiled!
  25. Kawaguchi/Smirnov & 2 more video clips
  26. Karla Quinn (2008 British Jr Ladies Champion) is getting married tomorrow (1st June 2013)
  27. Yuna Kim is the 8th most controversial entry in the Japanese Wikipedia
  28. U.S. Team Envelopes up/in progress
  29. Beautiful or exciting blast from the past
  30. GP assigments 2013/2014
  31. M/M 1976 Olympics FD video?
  32. Mahbanoozadeh: "I will not be competing this coming season or for the foreseeable future"
  33. JGP assignments 2013
  34. My Weaver & Poje 2013-2014 season predictions
  35. Why no progress on GP prize money?
  36. Petition protesting the men's result at the 2013 WC sent to officials
  37. Belmont Stakes on Saturday.
  38. Two new exotic planets discovered
  39. Children's portraits--the "Defying Gravity Project"
  40. All Summer Competitions 2013
  41. Who wins Olympic team event?
  42. Web Comic Project!
  43. What *should* the US female skaters skate to next year in their SPs and LPs?
  44. What humans will look like in 100,000 years
  45. Kim promises no regrets as Koreans gear up for Sochi
  46. Johnny’s World: The Impossible Dream
  47. Skate Canada hires Dan Thompson as CEO
  48. Analyze a competitive program you admire
  49. Worlds 2016: ISU gives Boston provisional allotment
  50. Is this a flutz?
  51. Lysacek likely to enter U.S. Int'l in Salt Lake City, per Hersh (Jun 12)
  52. Cheryl Peake (1986-1992 British Pairs Champion with Andrew Naylor) has died
  53. Anyone on here had filler on undereye areas to de-bag eyes?
  54. Searching For Music From Existing Programs
  55. Will Davis and white and virtue and moir both do team?
  56. Space time capsule
  57. Music - Over/Under Used
  58. A clean LP from Marchei: Amazing! Give you thoughts.
  59. How to do an Axel jump, by Strauss
  60. What would podium in Sochi be if Kostner, Asada, and Kim all go clean
  61. No U.S. ice dancers assigned to TEB?
  62. ISU announces minimum tech scores for Championships & Olympic Games
  63. Toyota Sports Centre happenings (from The Skating Lesson)
  64. Which Russian lady has most difficult programs?
  65. JSF announces criteria on selections for 2013-14 season
  66. 'Yuna Kids' aim to continue Korean star's legacy
  67. The JSF, Japan and their media has mishandled Mao's talent
  68. Who picks the music?
  69. a delightful TV commercial
  70. Magic formula for computing PCS
  71. Message for GS Calgary Members - Flood Victims
  72. 87-Year-Old Ice Skater Proves Age Is Just a Number
  73. Figure skating in the United Arab Emirates