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  1. 2012 election
  2. They just called Ohio for Obama!
  3. Programs that will still be talked about in 20+ years?
  4. Ilinykh and Katsalapov's FD
  5. Plushenko Interview (Translated)
  6. Thanksgiving
  7. Survivor Philippines
  8. Davis/White are Team USA Winter Bloggers -- for US Olympic Committee website
  9. Steven Spielberg's Lincoln
  10. Preparing for Disasters; How To
  11. Ashley Wagner receives Nike sponsorship
  12. Starr Andrews
  13. Last minute TV alert: Yamaguchi on "Marie"
  14. Cup of Russia coverage
  15. Alexa Scimeca & Chris Knierim gets NHK Trophy invite
  16. 2014 Olympics Question- Team Medal?
  17. Level of Ladies Skating (2004 to Now)
  18. Czisny Suffers Another Training Setback
  19. TV alert Sunday, Nov 11 - Grand Prix on NBC - Check Local Listings!
  20. Dream podiums for worlds?
  21. Kentucky Earthquake
  22. Choreography to Win
  23. Plushenko's 30th Birthday Show! Videos!
  24. Jeff Buttle on Working with Patrick Chan
  25. Veterans Day
  26. Can Chan beat Hanyu if both skate their best?
  27. Mirai Has been given the NHK spot!
  28. Need help from shoe shopping Experts!
  29. Johnny Weir - Thoughts after CoR?
  30. Johnny talks about Voting
  31. If you could change one thing about Figure Skating, what would it be?
  32. What is up with Nathan Chen?
  33. Lots & lots of interviews with skaters done during US Sectionals
  34. The "Say Something Nice About Your Least Favorite Skater" Thread
  35. calling New York City Dwellers
  36. Brian Boitano's New Cookbook
  37. Wishing Danielle Montalbano a speedy recovery!
  38. Joannie Rochette named athlete ambassador for 2013 figure skating worlds
  39. Denis Ten Update from Facebook
  40. Fan Proposal: The New 10.0 System
  41. Takahiko Kozuka (Japanese documentary)
  42. Charlie White article and video on NHL.com
  43. Interview with Marina Zueva at Cup of Russia
  44. Lack of flexibility to replace withdrawn skater in Grand Prix - Your thoughts?
  45. NHK has a free spot-can they use it?
  46. Men with SP scores of 75+ for 2012 GP series
  47. Trophée Eric Bompard coverage by Tanja
  48. TV alert-Grammy salutes Whitney
  49. Ladies with SP scores of 55+ for 2012 GP series
  50. ISU rules for GP Replacements
  51. Men with FS scores of 145+ for 2012 GP series
  52. Interesting 2010 Tim Goebel interview
  53. Families of skaters. Who skates or doesn't skate?
  54. US TV Alert - Sunday November 18 on NBC
  55. Playing through Major Injuries
  56. Gaonam Style!
  57. Patrick Ibens Interview - "People always find a way around the system."
  58. The Walking Dead TV Show
  59. One hit wonder coaches
  60. Documentary on Yuzuru Hanyu; translation in thread
  61. IceNetWork on TV?
  62. Ladies with FS scores of 110+ for 2012 GP series
  63. "Glee" shoot with Sinead and John Kerr
  64. Daisuke Takahashi - "I do not insist on the Quad jumps"
  65. Asada to use triple Axel later this season
  66. WME Sued By Ice Skating Great Oksana Baiul
  67. A partner for Omaha
  68. Lysacek has surgery for sports hernia
  69. What Would You Say To Your Favorite Skater (s)?
  70. PBS Nova, "Inside the superstorm"
  71. What's a Connection? Discussion inspired by NHK FD Thread.
  72. FSO ( Russian Language Fan Forum) Awards for 2012 for All Disciplines, Best Programs
  73. NHK Trophy coverage by Tanja
  74. Most favorite comps
  75. Translation of recent interivew with Julia Lipnitskaia
  76. Les Mis
  77. Smash Season 2
  78. Translated Interviews with Plushenko & Mishin. Is he going to NRW?
  79. Translation of Interviews with Yuzuru Hanyu at NHK
  80. Is the standard of Judging deteriorating?
  81. Can Ross Miner become the next National Champion?
  82. Was Suzuki twice a victim of underscoring and pageantry in PCS?
  83. TV Alert-Sunday Nov 25 NBC NHK Trophy and Disson show
  84. All I Want For Christmas, Figure Skating Edition
  85. Free Dance scores 85+ for GP Series
  86. Should the JSF be promoting Hanyu before Takahashi?
  87. The current 3Lz problem in Senior Ladies
  88. Mishin Slams Skating Judges
  89. Hugh Jackman comments on Yuna Kim's FS "Les Miserables" choice
  90. Sine qua non: Elements and Quality
  91. "Classroom Champions": Davis/White + Wagner
  92. Short Dance scores 55+
  93. Pairs SP scores 55+ on GP series
  94. Paris FS 110+ in GP Series
  95. Top scores roundup
  96. Ladies overall scores 165+ on the GP
  97. Men's overall scores on the GP 220+
  98. How Important is Connection vs Athleticism in Ice Dance
  99. Skaters at the NYC Christmas Tree Lighting 11/27
  100. USFSA announce cities for 2015 and 2016 nationals
  101. Hypothetical "6.0" competition
  102. Is Ashley a big Kwan fan?
  103. Weaver & Poje go back to drawing board
  104. Meryl and Charlie featured in Fitness Magazine blog
  105. GS Forum Awards
  106. Candle wax removal
  107. Tonight's the Night!!! - Holiday Festival on Ice (Langley)
  108. Paul McCartney Vancouver 2012 Tour
  109. Plush's 30th Anniversary Show
  110. William and Kate expecting first child
  111. JR & SR Grand Prix Final Preview
  112. Kim to compete at NRW Trophy for points
  113. Stem, flower, and toe pick skating Blog
  114. Kim Yuna's Interview before leaving for NRW Trophy
  115. Coughlin undergoes surgery
  116. Plushenko won't bother with figure skating Grand Prix season: by Rosie DiManno
  117. SkatingPassion.com - a different kind of skating blog
  118. Shnapir and Castelli having a breakout season
  119. Looking for programs on Youtube
  120. Is Christina Gao in the running for US Nationals?
  121. Russia requests two Olympic spots for Men regardless of Worlds outcome
  122. Things I Never Tire Of
  123. Dallas holiday skating: Yankowskas/Reagan on Sat Dec 8; Wagner on Sat Dec 22
  124. Golden Skate coverage of the Junior and Senior Grand Prix Final
  125. Johnny Weir out for rest of 2012-2013 season
  126. Volotranflation
  127. MIchelle Kwan: bureaucrat
  128. Wagner Withdraws from GPF Gala due to Injury
  129. Duane's officially signed up for the military!
  130. Skater Popularity-unpopularity-your musings please?
  131. CBC Documentary "Ice, Sweat & Tears"
  132. Takahashi Fears 'Dark Horse' Plushenko
  133. "Fantasy" partner for Volosozhar?
  134. TV Alert- Late but GPF NBC NOW (December 9)
  135. Country flags (where to buy, tips, etc)
  136. Chan Says Stage Fright Saps Joy of Skating
  137. The New judging system kills figure skating and loses the beauty of sport
  138. Discussion on the vid wars of skaters by fans.
  139. Pogorilaya scores new personal bests at JGPF
  140. Spin Positions - Favorites/Least Favorites
  141. Question on Ashley Wagner score at GPF
  142. What are Dube/Wolfe up to?
  143. Half time show: Thoughts from the season so far - MEN
  144. Alissa Czisny sightings?
  145. Wagner says she has "Hip Pointer"
  146. Farris: "Mental state is now a lot calmer"
  147. Work pays off for Stepanova and Bukin on SD
  148. Hannah Miller and the triple-triple
  149. Ryuju Hino on his bronze at the JGPF
  150. Suzuki's replaces 3Lz with 3F in SP
  151. Stepanova and Bukin outclass the competition in Sochi
  152. Aldridge and Eaton stay true to nickname
  153. Davis and White on the Yankee Polka
  154. Virtue and Moir "not enamored" with Yankee Polka
  155. Cappellini and Lanotte only team to get Level 4 on Polka patterns
  156. Hanyu a "bit" nervous in SP at GPF
  157. Duhamel and Radford on their SP at the GPF
  158. Volosozhar and Trankov's low levels in SP
  159. Bazarova and Larionov ecstatic with SP Score at GPF
  160. The tale of the step sequence
  161. Radionova "loves" the triples
  162. Russia looking strong in junior pairs
  163. Asada shows improvement
  164. Davis and White: FD not "effortless"
  165. Virtue and Moir's goal is a level 4 on Steps
  166. Pechalat and Bourzat hope to improve on Components
  167. A bittersweet victory for Volosozhar and Trankov in Sochi
  168. Sandhu hot on comeback trail at Skate Canada Challenge
  169. TV Alert TONIGHT: Jersey on Ice
  170. Who is she?
  171. What performances should I watch?
  172. The Shibutanis had a live chat. Full video.
  173. Ice conditions and jumps
  174. Kim Yuna’s candid talk about her decision to return to competitive skating
  175. Kurt Browning on cool moves
  176. Should the base value of jumps be different for men and ladies?
  177. Chan's "inspired" performance at GPF
  178. Concert for Relief for Sandy Victims?
  179. Takahashi meets with his Russian Fans in Sochi
  180. US Men: Nationals and Beyond
  181. Miki Ando and Joannie Rochette
  182. Skating & Gymnastics Spectacular show
  183. Kaetlyn Osmond 2013 World Champion?
  184. I hate onions
  185. Where is Min-Jeong Kwak ?
  186. Celebration on Ice Report-Patrick's new EX!
  187. Holiday Dreams on Ice
  188. Any Wii experts out there?
  189. Yuzuru Hanyu Artistic Skater
  190. Weaver injures ankle
  191. Kostner at Golden Spin of Zagreb (vids)
  192. Elena Radionova sets high goals
  193. Sleeping Beauty Ballet
  194. Galindo, Nichol Named to U.S. Figure Skating Hall of Fame
  195. Congratulations to Sale and Pelletier
  196. Takahashi and Tran Split
  197. Ottawa to host 2014 Canadian Nationals
  198. Michael Durham: Ice skating's double champ
  199. Smash season 2 spoilers
  200. Ugly Commute to Work
  201. Asada, Kim begin road to second Olympic showdown
  202. Patrick Chan's Coaching Choice, Is It Wise?
  203. Takahashi gears up for remainder of season
  204. Gold focuses on growing her skills
  205. Johnny Weir was just on the Today show
  206. What age are you? ...relative to a skater!
  207. Favorite Christmas/Holiday movies?
  208. Christmas Baking (Yum)
  209. The amazing class of 2006 at Jr Worlds in Ice Dance
  210. Highest scores ever recorded - Ladies
  211. Korean dramas!
  212. Skating references in TV and film
  213. Kindle Fire HD
  214. Wheel of Fortune THIS
  215. Heard From Grgranny!!!!
  216. Suzuki says next season will be her last
  217. Programs with the best Choreography?
  218. 3rd Japanese man who will go to Sochi Olympics
  219. Russian Nationals - Coverage by Anna Kondakova
  220. Favorite gift this year?
  221. US Ladies Who Might Retire After 2014?
  222. Bobrova and Soloviev continue to impress
  223. Trankov on improving short program
  224. Plushenko exceeds his expectations in Short Program
  225. Tuktamysheva breaks curse at Russian Nationals
  226. Plushenko wins tenth title at Russian Nationals
  227. Third gold for Bobrova and Soloviev at Russian Nationals
  228. Riazanova and Tkachenko consider "game plan"
  229. Anyone see Charlie Brown tonight? Story line was skating comp!
  230. Favorite Ladies LP this season
  231. Buttle busier than ever on the ice
  232. Ashley Wagner = Pandora "Style Ambassador"
  233. 20 minute clip on Nagasu's training
  234. Davis & White & Wagner Make 12 Top Winter Sports Moments of 2012
  235. first post
  236. Favourite performance(s) from 2012
  237. Oberstdorf Gala Reports
  238. Plushenko a dark horse for 2014 Olympics
  239. Happy New Year Everyone!!!!
  240. Best and Worst Skating Moments of 2012
  241. New Podcast: Jenny Kirk & Aunt Joyce interview Tai Bailonia
  242. Door wide open for Castelli and Shnapir
  243. Minimum Total Technical Scores to stay in place for 4CCs
  244. Special moments in Olympic-year world championships
  245. Second lady to represent US in Sochi?
  246. New Year's Greetings & Updates from Asada & Kozuka
  247. New Year Greetings by Tatiana and Maxim
  248. Renewed Czisny ready to return to ice in Omaha
  249. Question about Japan and their skaters
  250. Japan's Takahashi to quit after Sochi