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  1. No "tantrums" for Davis and White
  2. Flowers and ice a perilous combination
  3. Japan's Junior Worlds
  4. "Contest for Sochi skating medals begins at worlds" (Mar 9, AP)
  5. Any Picks For The New Pope??
  6. PSA Announces the Edi Awards for 2013
  7. One of My Favorite Free Dance Programs of All Time
  8. Wagner looks to end U.S. women's figure skating spiral
  9. Yuna Kim - 2013 version
  10. O'Brien and Merriman Find Silver Lining
  11. "Skate Canada still searching for its lost mojo" (Mar 11, National Post)
  12. Tickets to 2 Worlds Events Left
  13. Kevin Reynolds survives scare
  14. Kostner relaxed coming into figure skating worlds
  15. MILTON: Glory days are gone for Canadian figure skating
  16. Orser still a power in figure skating world
  17. Osmond living in, loving figure skating worlds spotlight
  18. Piper Gilles eyes Canadian citizenship
  19. Iditarod news
  20. Joannie Rochette tight-lipped on future
  21. For Ross Miner, there's a world outside the rink
  22. Canadian ice dance champs hope third time's a charm in rivalry with US duo
  23. Russian skaters won't be left out in the cold in Sochi
  24. Scott Moir’s uncle Paul skates to rescue of bladeless Belarussians (Mar 14, London Freep)
  25. Top Ten Best Things About Figure Skating
  26. Canada the only country to win Olympic Gold in all 4 disciplines
  27. Time to finally replace COP/IJS?
  28. What do the Shibs need?
  29. Should Gorshkov be fired?
  30. 2013 World Figure Skating Media Coverage Gold Medal Goes To...
  31. Is It Time To Deemphasize the Quad?
  32. Sochi favourites
  33. Tran and Purich hope for third spot next season
  34. Akiko Suzuki and Sochi
  35. Should/will Ashley Wagner Retire after the Olympics?
  36. Olympic Season Grand Prix Assigments
  37. Base Value and GOE: Double Rewards or Penalties?
  38. Is Zijun Li ready to skate with the big girls?
  39. Ladies Grand Prix Speculation
  40. Figure skating is dying, and judges can't prop it up
  41. It's Time For 6.0 To Return
  42. Dancing With The Stars-GO Dorothy!
  43. Article about Kaetlyn Osmond Photo from the Globe & Mail
  44. Olympic dream team
  45. I'm "Carmened" Out
  46. Do Pang and Tong Always Use a Spanish Theme?
  47. Would You Train With Your Rivals?
  48. Interesting comments by locals about London...
  49. Yankowskas on IPS!
  50. Kim serves notice she is still force to be reckoned with
  51. Bad layback = good jumps?
  52. Kaetlyn, Gracie, Zijun, Liza, Adelina
  53. Plushenko Interview Translation March 19th
  54. Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov: post-Worlds interview
  55. Figure skating fraternity loses a devoted trailblazer: Yang Jiasheng
  56. Plushenko: Chan Does Not Deserve World Title
  57. Which THREE U.S. Ladies do you want to see at the Olympics next year?
  58. Chan: I truly believe I deserved to win
  59. Documentary on Daisuke's 2012-13 season and beyond (ENG SUB)
  60. Gracie Gold Skates in Awe of YuNa Kim
  61. If the IJS had been used in the past, what would be different?
  62. March Madness!
  63. New Stars born this season - names?
  64. GP Speculation-2013-2014: THE LADIES
  65. Gp speculation 2013-2014 pairs
  66. GP Speculation 2013-2014 Ice Dance
  67. Double standard? (Men's FS vs. Women's SP/Pairs FS)
  68. Why doesn't anyone like pairs skating any more?
  69. Polina Shelepen to compete for Israel
  70. PERFECTION on ICE: The 10.0 system
  71. What was NBC thinking??!!
  72. Urgent prayer
  73. Favorite programs this season
  74. Worlds Exhibition on TV?
  75. Pasquale Camerlengo said Patrick Chan skates more like a dancer
  76. World Hall Fame -Sjoukje Dijkstra
  77. What do Ashley or Gracie need to do to Medal in Sochi
  78. The Curse of Patrick Chan *wink*
  79. Unleveled & "Reduced Level" elements?
  80. 2013 Skate America to be held in Detroit
  81. Interview with the Shibutanis
  82. Benoit Lavoie steps down as Skate Canada president
  83. What programs do you find consoling?
  84. Sad news about Katie Allan (1996 British Jr Ladies Champion)
  85. Yu-Na Kim says blood on ice was good luck
  86. 2013 locations/calendar for Junior Grand Prix + Grand Prix
  87. The Ice (Japanese Show) Cast Announced
  88. Who is this guy?
  89. Boxing fills the void for former figure skater
  90. Stars Next JGP Season ?
  91. It has been over a year since I had a soft drink!
  92. Sasha Cohen speaking at Explorers Club in NYC on Apr 5
  93. "I wish I'd been there when..."
  94. Walking Dead
  95. Is Alena Leonova finished?
  96. What do skaters do when they're career is over at 26?
  97. A few pics and trip report
  98. Do you think figure skating is a campy sport?
  99. Yuna Kim to skate to "The Terminator" for her SP
  100. Andrey Deputat - leg injury
  101. Mao Asada's triple-triple combinations
  102. I will never forget seeing . . . .
  103. What are the most glaring examples of cheating using the CoP within the last 5 years?
  104. UR jumps GOEs
  105. Andrea Joyce is Sports Emmy nominee
  106. Miki Ando
  107. Rise 1961
  108. Favorite Costumes of THIS Quad (2010-11 season to present)
  109. Supposed cheating scandals even before IJS
  110. "The Shib Sibs' Sillier Side" (USOC featured story, Apr 3)
  111. Ice Dance Requirements for Technical Rules for 2013-2014-2015
  112. New ice dance pair: Yura Min and Tim Koleto
  113. Coaching & choreographer changes you would like to see
  114. Who can rival Kim in Sochi: Asada or Kostner?
  115. Fun Stuff !
  116. Which out of Team Canada, Kim, or V&T are biggest gold lock for Sochi
  117. Some Cinderellas
  118. Il Volo - Italian Trio Singers
  119. Jackson freestyle boots for sale
  120. Should Wagner return to Black Swan for OLY?
  121. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... It’s figure skating, but not as we know it!
  122. Kanako to retire after Sochi?
  123. Volosozhar and Trankov's 3T+3T
  124. Frank Carroll interview
  125. Lysacek expects to compete in Sochi
  126. Programs to attract new fans
  127. Can Evgeni Plushenko win the 2014 Olympic title?
  128. 2013-14 GP Season: Brown, Farris, Kovtun, & Han
  129. Will Tuktamysheva lose a spot for the Olympics Team?
  130. Has Sotnikova finally learned how to control her nerves?
  131. Zawadzki profiled by Sports Illustrated (Apr 10)
  132. Could this music be skated to?
  133. Remembering Johnny Esaw
  134. How will Kwan and/or Kim be viewed in the future?
  135. Trankov: "Maybe I'm pregnant?"
  136. Wagner's Olympic Strategy: Play It Safe?
  137. Mao Asada plans to retire after Sochi
  138. Akiko Suzuki: WTT redemption
  139. Jumps with creative (uncommon) entrances and/or exits
  140. My wish thread
  141. **Skating and Gymnastics Spectacular - On NOW!!
  142. Checking up on folks
  143. USFSA bids for 2016 Worlds in Boston
  144. just heard boston marathon bombed?
  145. Is Abbott finished?
  146. Hello Golden Skate Peeps!!! It's Been Too Long...
  147. "Skating world shocked, affected by Boston bombs" (Apr 17 IN report)
  148. Baby joy for star pair
  149. No more Axels, no more Lutzes?
  150. Greensboro2015
  151. Shibutanis + Corky Ballas = "ShiBCork Productions" fun music video (Apr 10)
  152. Fixed base scores for elements
  153. Worrying times ahead for Japan’s international team
  154. Volosozhar, Trankov prove peerless in 2012-13
  155. Sandra Bezic Interview ( by TSL, Jenny and Dave)
  156. Gracie Gold: "I Perform My Best When I Stay Fully In Each Moment"
  157. Chan thinks it's time figure skaters got unionized
  158. Lots of seats to fill at 2013 Skate America
  159. Happy 25th Birthday April 25 to Laura Lepisto
  160. Top 20 skaters of all time per discipline
  161. Which Two Canadians Ladies do you want to see at the Olympics next year?
  162. Cinnamon challenge
  163. Matthew Young sustains a concussion
  164. Dream year not done for Duhamel
  165. Help for Finnish translation
  166. Mao certain to face massive pressure if she tries to retire
  167. Brasseur & Eisler question
  168. Takahito Mura got married, expected to be father in May!
  169. Denis Ten's Ice Show!
  170. Smash
  171. Last minute comebacks for the Olympics
  172. Skaters who have performed to Les Miserables
  173. How popular is figure skating in comparison to other Olympic winter sports?
  174. Spin positions we love and hate?
  175. Best Ladies performances after 2009-2010
  176. Mr. Nicks retiring?
  177. Ashley Wagner Statement Regarding Coaching Situation
  178. In Olympic year, half the battle is keeping fit
  179. Single/Pair scale of values, levels, and GOEs: ISU Communication 1790 (Apr 26)
  180. What are your favourite 'moves in the field'?
  181. Should the short dance and original dance alternate each year?
  182. Highest Scores Ever Recorded - Dance
  183. Prince Hotels Ice Show (Japan)
  184. Need Your Advice, Please!!!
  185. Cancer battle ice star tells her kids: I've lost the fight
  186. Michelle Kwan blogs on minority health and fitnerss
  187. Yu-Na Kim to donate winnings
  188. New pair: Becky Bereswill and Joshua Reagan
  189. Maurizio Margaglio: "I think we are losing part of ability in ice dance".
  190. Chan's 2013 Worlds LP (CBC Version)
  191. Upcoming Ice Shows in Japan
  192. Ivan Bariev to Skate for Italy
  193. Nicole Bobek Performance at Lake Worth, FL
  194. "On artistry and athleticism": Poirier blog (May 2)
  195. Roller figure skating!
  196. Katie Scarbrough (née Allan), 04 March 1981 – 02 May 2013
  197. Phil Hersh is interviewed in this podcast
  198. 2011 Four Continents videos?
  199. Figure skating needs CPR
  200. Figure skating blogs from the AOC website.
  201. Training like a champion
  202. Favorite Figure Skating Snapshots!
  203. Six Sleeps Until Stars On Ice
  204. Alissa Czisny Update!
  205. Jessica Dubé and Bryce Davison's "The Blower's Daughter" by Damien Rice‏
  206. Paul/Islam interview with Pj Kwong (May 5 video and blog)
  207. Colorado Springs' Max Aaron's hockey background shines with athletic figure skating
  208. John Wilson Gold Seal Figure skating blades NEW!
  209. TV Alert - Brian Boitano
  210. 2014 Olympics skating/ice dance entries/participation: ISU Communication No. 1791 (May 6)
  211. Int'l Skating/Ice Dance/Synchro Competitions 2013/14: ISU Communication No. 1792 (May 6)
  212. Could someone explain/write out the various elements relating to a skater's performance?
  213. CoP question: what level is this spin?
  214. Disney Fairies
  215. Ice dance team finally joins the twitter verse
  216. Time to speculate: Russia in a tight squeeze!
  217. Bereswill and Reagan form partnership
  218. An Amazing Night of Skating
  219. Do You Purchase the Ice Show Souvenir Programs?
  220. Snow White inline artistic frame 2 months old for sale
  221. Silly question time!
  222. Which 2 Russian Ladies will make the Olympic Team?
  223. Who should comment on skating?
  224. Guilty Pleasures
  225. Interview with Kaitlyn Weaver/Andrew Poje
  226. Sad News From Toni!!
  227. Takahashi: Japan's golden boy on the importance of being 'gorgeous'
  228. Shin Ji Hoon returns to figure skating
  229. Search is on for next Torvill and Dean
  230. Angela Wang sets course for 2018 Winter Games
  231. Tiffany Chin Interview ( by TSL, Jenny and Dave)
  232. Jason Brown relocates to CO Springs
  233. Telling others about figure skating
  234. Ultimate Survival Alaska - Season 2
  235. Help Finding 3 Pieces From Elvis Stojko Programs
  236. The Preakness Stakes
  237. Wii game to feature pairs figure skating
  238. Piece on Ashley Wagner
  239. Which skaters do you want to come back for the Olympic season ?
  240. Video clip with Stepanova/Bukin
  241. Video interview with Adelina Sotnikova
  242. Skater-specific documentaries (2011-2012 and 2012-2013 seasons)
  243. A. Savchenko/R. Szolkowy celebrate 10 years of partnership
  244. Pechalat/Bourzat switch to Shpilband (May 20)
  245. Happy Birthday Caroline Zhang!
  246. Denney and Coughlin ready to challenge for 2014 Sochi gold
  247. Narumi Takahashi & Ryuichi Kihara Debut in The Ice
  248. Pushing the artistic boundaries of skating
  249. Michelle Kwan spoke at Global Diaspora Forum
  250. Battle of the Blades Returns!