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  1. Programs for 2013-2014 season
  2. Youtube Videos w Real Time Scoring-Singles
  3. Scoring System for Singles
  4. Have you been to any good ice shows lately?
  5. Advice on Axel jumps
  6. 2012 - 2013 Russian skaters, rules, and events
  7. Rocker vs Counter?
  8. Stretches for Biellmann?
  9. Back to skating: My loop
  10. Back to Skating: My flip
  11. Back to skating: My sit spin
  12. Advice on closed hips (limited turn out)
  13. Advice on test strategies
  14. newby to the system need help
  15. Christmas Shows
  16. Help on Brackets
  17. Advice on skates - is anyone familiar with the GAM Podium skates?
  18. Relearning jumps; halves before wholes
  19. How to do more than one rotation off-ice?
  20. Injuries & Ills: 2013-14
  21. Anyone knows any professional ice skating shops in California?
  22. 2013 Nestle Nesquik Torun Cup Jan 9-12, Synchro Jan 12 to 13
  23. Figure Skating 'basics' on hockey skates?
  24. Problems with Klingbeil order
  25. 2013 Skate Canada Synchronized Skating Championships
  26. 2013 Regional Synchronized Skating Championships
  27. 2013 Mid-America Synchronized Skating Championships
  28. 2013 Midwestern/Pacific Coast Sectional Championships
  29. 2013 Eastern Synchronized Skating Sectional Championships
  30. Connecticut Synchronized Skating Classic 2013
  31. 2013 Tri-State Synchronized Skating Championships
  32. 2013 U.S. Synchronized Skating Championships
  33. 2013 Wallace Spring Synchronized Classic
  34. 2013 Neuchatel Trophy
  35. 2013 Cup of Berlin
  36. 2013 Leon Lurje Trophy
  37. 2013 French Cup
  38. 18th Spring Cup
  39. 2013 Jegvirag Cup
  40. 2013 Zagreb Snowflakes Trophy
  41. 2013 Trophy D’Ecosse
  42. 2013 Mountain Regional Synchro Championships
  43. Awful coach
  44. Switch from ISI FS to USFS adult levels?
  45. Falling on split jumps
  46. Antique ice skates
  47. Coach/Rink Suggestions in the LA area?
  48. Anyone have tendon and heel surgery?
  49. Here's the Finnstep
  50. Widen toe box of boot?
  51. New skates-poor performance
  52. Synchro team qualifies for nationals for first time
  53. 2013 Eastern synchronized sectionals
  54. St-Leo’s synchronized skating team headed to championships
  55. Skate Science Double Plus Blade?
  56. Male Clothing Options for Testing?
  57. Providence To Host 2015 U.S. Synchronized Skating Championships
  58. UNH's synchronized skating team send off - Bone Marrow Drive
  59. Synchronized skating championships in Calgary
  60. Bremner hopes to spark Adrian College at nationals
  61. Mirror Images takes gold at Eastern Sectionals
  62. RedHawks travel to the U.S. National Championships
  63. Bay Area synchronized skating team to compete in nationals
  64. Haydenettes win US Nationals Short Program
  65. Haydenettes Win US Seniors
  66. Miami collegiate synchronized skating team wins ninth straight national title
  67. Is it worth it to register in a seminar with Christy Krall ?
  68. Y Spiral Help!
  69. Harness - helps jumps or not worth it?
  70. Throwback Tuesday: A time when your favorite skaters were cuter ...
  71. Final of Russian Cup
  72. Possible alternative nationalities in singles skating
  73. Need help with camel spin
  74. US Adult National Championships - Elite Skater Sightings (Coaching)
  75. Speculation: who will get the remaining Olympic spots?
  76. State of American Ladies: 2013-14 Season
  77. Help with cannonball spin
  78. New guideline for the SOV, LOD and GOE ! 2012-2014
  79. Beginner: Question on finding balance and toe pick hitting ice
  80. All That Skate 2013 Casts
  81. Help needed with instructions for scribe use
  82. Prince Harry
  83. MIF: Standard or Adult Track?
  84. Eurosport Commentary Team
  85. Kim Yu-na Ranked Most Marketable Korean Athlete
  86. Looking for a coach - Switzerland
  87. Senior B scheduled for August in Australia!
  88. 2013 - 2014 Russian skaters, rules, and events
  89. Why can't I seem to do connected outside 3 turns?
  90. Max Aaron: "I'm shooting for Olympic gold" (per IN, May 21)
  91. Sytycd
  92. Blade discrepancy (different blade edge heights)
  93. Stop or go on.
  94. News from German figure skating
  95. Plushenko plans to compete in team & individual events in Sochi
  96. Siblings who share the skating "gene"
  97. A new option for step sequences
  98. Which music would you love to see skated to (& by who)?
  99. Congratulations to Class of 2013 graduates! (high school, college, etc.)
  100. ISU council
  101. Advice on the "flat-footed" Axel
  102. Skaters' commercial endorsements for the Sochi Olympics
  103. What are Yuna Kim's strongest points as a skater?
  104. How to increase ankle strength?
  105. Okay guys... how about that spiral???
  106. Are the Shibs underrated?
  107. The Return of Marina Anissina to Ice Dance
  108. Quick question about power pulls
  109. The rest of the top 12 ladies and the Olympics....
  110. Skating in College ASU
  111. Any news about Alexandra Najarro and Yretha Silete ??
  112. Which past US girls to send to Sochi?
  113. Ashley Wagner to train part-time with Rafael Arutyunyan
  114. "How scientists are making ice skating safer" (CNN, Sat Jun 29)
  115. Makaraova's career if she had medalled at the 2011 Worlds
  116. Who had the best SP last season?
  117. Zakrajsek sharing training regimen via social media starting July 1
  118. The Quadruple Jump for the Ladies in Sochi
  119. Vera Wang profile on CBS Sunday Morning (Jun 30)
  120. What marks an "artistic" skater?
  121. Back camel spin
  122. Rule changes you would like to see
  123. Miki Ando is now mother of a baby girl!
  124. Czisny preparing for one last run at Olympic glory
  125. New ShibSibs video: "Skates to Plates"
  126. Polina Edmunds: Can she compete at Seniors next season
  127. Mary Beth Marley updates
  128. Spill your real hopes
  129. Adam Rippon praises Yuna in interview
  130. Katarina Witt espnW documentary coming Tue Aug 6
  131. Olympic comebacks
  132. Akiko Suzuki: Happy Skating!
  133. Andy Murray - Wimbledon Champion
  134. Kim and Brent on America's Got Talent !
  135. Who Should Inherit the legacies of Asada and Kim after they retire?
  136. 2013 Sun Valley On Ice: July - Oct
  137. Skating legend Barbara Ann Scott remembered
  138. Trayvon Martin case
  139. 2013 Worlds generate $42.6 million in economic activity (per Skate Canada)
  140. O'Brien and Merriman Ready For A Successful Olympic Season
  141. Rink Wrapping
  142. Sassiest Figure Skating Programs
  143. Disson Skating is focus of Int'l Figure Skating article (Aug 2013)
  144. Cory Monteith
  145. Max Aaron doing AMA (ask me anything) on Reddit RIGHT NOW!
  146. Sochi Games boycott by U.S. possible? (Snowden)
  147. Project Runway - Season 12 Begins 7-18-13!!!
  148. Great rivalries in last 25 years
  149. Blackfish--a new documentary film about orcas in captivity
  150. Another passing, my calico daphne, aged 20.
  151. The decision that boiled your blood
  152. Happy Birthday, Rachael Flatt!
  153. Interesting tidbit about Cynthia Phaneuf...
  154. How many champ/elite skaters were only kids?
  155. Piper Gilles' Citizenship Drive in Time for Sochi
  156. Virtue and Moir News
  157. Ashley Wagner on The Skating Lesson
  158. USFS Announces SLC Senior B Sept. 14-15
  159. Kim and Asada should headline a tour together
  160. Putin's anti-gay laws and Sochi Olympics
  161. Kerrigan/Harding ESPN documentary premieres Nov 5, 2013
  162. Verner will “Tango” this season
  163. Kostner begins summer training
  164. Zhiganshina and Gazsi looking to entertain again
  165. Gachinski gears up for Olympic season with new mindset
  166. Plushenko reveals new short program for 2014
  167. How do Elite Skaters pay their bills?
  168. Paula Deen
  169. Paola Mezzardi interview
  170. Lindy Boggs
  171. What does Suzuki lack?
  172. Best coaches in the world in each discipline?
  173. Why do so many skaters seem to have «Fake personalities» on the ice ?
  174. Out of This World: Sochi Champions to Get Meteorite Medals
  175. Stomach bug illness Cyclospora spreading
  176. Iced coffees. Yay or nay?
  177. -Worried about bad shoulder pain
  178. The making of "The Skating Lesson"
  179. The Worst coaches in the world in each discipline ?
  180. Figure skaters on trading cards featuring U.S. hopefuls for Sochi Olympics
  181. Osmond fine tunes new programs for upcoming season
  182. Glacier Falls 2013
  183. Japanese figure skating team to train in Armenia for 2014 Winter Olympics
  184. Which country will lead in medals at Sochi?
  185. Gold vs. Kim
  186. "I feel like Sarah Hughes," says Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer
  187. Is there an ideal "figure" in figure skating?
  188. #ShibSibs video w/ The Ice cast (published Aug 3)
  189. 2013-2014: Japanese Skaters Edition
  190. finance
  191. 2016 U.S. Nationals
  192. Is there a scenario where Yuna might change her mind for 2018?
  193. Worried About My Mom
  194. Michelle Kwan to cover Sochi Olympics for Fox Sports
  195. The Main Reason That Has Made Designers Make Different Types of Swimwear
  196. Any more information of Polina Edmunds?
  197. Jumping performance - Ladies at 2012/2013 Season
  198. Senior Ladies FS 2013-2014 Base Value
  199. Spectacular ladies triple Lutz
  200. Search the name of this music
  201. The Legalese of Waivers
  202. Can Carolina Kostner win the 2014 Olympic title?
  203. That dang Axel!
  204. Sochi 2014:Athletes to Watch(NBC)
  205. Is it normal to have a hip so closed that one can barely do an inside spread eagle?
  206. Is it safe to skate with Meniscus tear?
  207. Yagudin to help Amodio
  208. What are programs that have (pleasantly) surprised you?
  209. Mr. Sulu wants to move Sochi Olympics to Vancouver
  210. Idea: Probability poll?
  211. The next Yuna Kim?
  212. Weir Willing to be Arrested in Sochi for Gay Rights
  213. Caroline Zhang and Mira Leung - which cut of La bayadere they use ???
  214. Figure Skating Music Cuts(SP/LP/EX)
  215. Sasha Cohen's AMA on Reddit
  216. Sandhu to hit the ice again at B.C. Summer
  217. Inside 3 turns
  218. Cesario, Rippon, and Zhang/Bartholomay Receive SkAm Spots
  219. Sasha Cohen on Gay Rights in Russia and the Olympics
  220. Zoo in China tries passing off dog as lion
  221. Hochstein moves into 2014 with a quad-triple
  222. Volosozhar and Trankov present Olympic programs
  223. Makarov family become US citizens
  224. Workout
  225. Skills
  226. U.S. gymnastics championships
  227. Sibling skaters - is the younger one more successful?
  228. Super early predictions on ladies Grand Prix
  229. Alexandra Najarro - Her comeback :)
  230. Images of Anissina & Peizerat and the Duchesnays
  231. Makeup
  232. Yuna's Les Mis - Netherlands Euro - Help!
  233. Single Skate America All Event Ticket for Sale
  234. 2013-4 Program Previews
  235. What Drew You to Online Skating Forums?
  236. Things Non-Fans Say About Figure Skating
  237. Self-Spoiling During Competitions
  238. Experiences with MK Gold Star blades?
  239. Skate Down Under Update
  240. Survivor Blood Vs Water
  241. Lysacek's road to Sochi starts to get serious
  242. Haiti to have figure skating show
  243. Withdrawal Blues -anticipation already 2014!
  244. Charlène Guignard obtains Italian citizenship
  245. Figure Skating Dream
  246. Just checking in...
  247. Countries that will be impacted the most by retirements?
  248. Kentucky Derby winner Orb
  249. IceNetwork season pass
  250. Hateful letter stirs local support for an Autistic Boy