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  1. Coaching Changes Going Into 2015-16 Season
  2. Retirements Going Into 2015-16 Season
  3. Higuchi shows promise for Japanese ladies
  4. Favorite Warhorse programs
  5. Pairs in figure and ice dance where the woman is older
  6. Figure Skating in Harlem to start pilot program in Detroit
  7. Interesting article re: Skaters who are dancers too :)
  8. Interview with Castelli and Tran
  9. Ashley Article in Rolling Stone
  10. COP SOS - Crackz, Hackz, Patch job Vers. 2015
  11. Plushenko intends to restart career
  12. Hittin' the boards...
  13. 2015 Figures Championship in Lake Placid
  14. State of Russian Men's Figure Skating 2015-2016
  15. Yuzu's Quad Loop...again.
  16. Delmaestro and Lum prep for seniors
  17. improved video coverage this season
  18. Cathy and Chris Reed split
  19. How Do Judges Become Judges?
  20. Fantasy (Un)retirement
  21. Couple Glue
  22. Cool TV theme songs that would be cool for skating programs
  23. Coach Alex Ouriashev Commentary on TSL
  24. NPR article on Tonya and Nancy museum in Brooklyn, NY
  25. All time & current favorite skaters
  26. Skaters walking the Red Carpet
  27. NPR's Here & Now Profile of 75 Year Old Adult National Competitor
  28. If you could thank any skaters, who and what would you say?
  29. Exhibitions you'd love to see
  30. Creating the program: series re Castelli/Tran creative process 2015
  31. Chasity recaps Adult Nationals
  32. IceNetwork "Best of the Season" Twitter promo
  33. Looking Back on our Predictions...did you get it right?
  34. Figure Skaters Recall Odd Gifts from Fans
  35. Denney and Frazier regroup with Steuer
  36. Frankenstein's Skater
  37. Paul Wylie
  38. 2015 Summer Fan Fest Fete!
  39. 2015 U.S. champions discuss off-ice training and athleticism
  40. The State of U.S. Men's Figure Skating 2015-2016
  41. Chan set to resume training
  42. Share your Skating Competition Stories
  43. Milwaukee? Really?
  44. IOC announces Olympic TV channel to promote Olympic sports
  45. 2015 Ballet on Ice Nations Cup
  46. Congratulations to Tanith Belbin & Charlie White!
  47. Denney and Coughlin, Courtney Hicks in benefit for Wounded Warriors
  48. Ice dance - the top 5 greatest teams of all time