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  1. Which would you choose: OSM or WGM?
  2. Spiral Sequence VS Choreographic Sequence
  3. The Biellmann Spin
  4. Updated Single/Pair SOV + Levels per ISU Communication 1885 (Jul 24)
  5. Michelle stars in political ad for husband
  6. Edwards and Pang emerge with new confidence
  7. Brian Joubert, Nathalie Pechalat on French "Dancing With The Stars"
  8. Gretchen Donlan and Nate Bartholomay to team up?
  9. Cappellini/Lanotte move to train with Zoueva
  10. Kim Yu-na takes part in coaching workshop
  11. Jordan Moeller aims for strong senior season
  12. The Death Spiral
  13. Artistry On Ice 2014 - China
  14. Shotaro Omori's new YouTube channel!
  15. Status of Christina Gao
  16. Exhibition programs...Clean or Challenging which do you prefer?
  17. Chasity apologizes to coach