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  1. Who were the favorites for OGMs four years ago?
  2. Should it have been a choice between Nagasu & Edmunds for final spot on U.S Olympic team?
  3. Gracie, Charlie and Ashley speak out on terror warnings
  4. 4CC vs Euros
  5. Time for Mirai to prove that she is serious.
  6. Why were so many skaters having emotional breakdowns at US Nationals?
  7. Best Performance This Season (Pre-Olympics)
  8. Russia chooses Plushenko for Sochi Olympics
  9. Confirmed: Ashley changes free skate for the Olympics to Samson and Delilah
  10. Natural talent vs Work Ethic
  11. Gold goes for the Gold
  12. Russian Olympic Team
  13. Alexei Rogonov Married!
  14. Olympic Judges
  15. Anyone know Agnes Z's Plans?
  16. Worried that Kim Yuna will win based on her reputation alone in Sochi
  17. Best reactions when skaters have just finished their performances or scores are up
  18. What will it take for Yuna Not to Win OGM in Sochi
  19. Can Kanako win bronze in Sochi?
  20. Who should or will retire after Sochi or 2014 World`s
  21. Skaters with a shot at gold and a medal in each event
  22. 4 Legends of the Ice Chat About Their Best Olympic Memories
  23. Plushenko declines being Flag Bearer for Russia
  24. Taiwan to get Four Continents again in 2016!
  25. The Real Problem with Ashley and Mirai (A cranky rant)
  26. THIS is how figure skating commentary should look!
  27. The Stats Corner: A 5-Year Look at Sochi Medal Favorites, Ladies
  28. Fantasy COP: How much would you deduct for a fall?
  29. Bloomburg Businessweek article: "Figure Skating FALL"
  30. If Mao Asada fails to win Gold in Sochi, should she carry on for another quad?
  31. Thoughts on Saturday Night Live sketch?
  32. Michelle Kwan's Husband running for RI Governor
  33. If Mao skated clean in 2010
  34. Kim to be skating in the fourth group
  35. Murakami surging toward Sochi with style, confidence
  36. Four U.S. skating legends featured in Parade Magazine pre-Sochi
  37. How to become a figure skating coach
  38. Which skater's performance at Sochi 2014 is most likely to boost the sports popularity?
  39. Social media/media roundup thread!
  40. Gracie Gold on the cover of Sports Illustrated
  41. Miki Ando
  42. Ashley Wagner makes money with British Petroleum
  43. 2010 Olympics Ladies FS group 4
  44. Interview with Patrice Lauzon
  45. Mirai posts her thoughts on Nationals
  46. Olympic Skating Preview: 10 Men to Watch
  47. Olympic Standings If Everyone Skates Their Very Best?
  48. Grand Prix Finals 2014
  49. Surprising Careers That Olympic Figure Skaters Chose
  50. Ever been an Olympic champion/medalist who hadn't yet been to Worlds?
  51. Newsweek article: 'The Frozen Closet'
  52. BuzzFeed article: Why Is The World's Gayest Sport Stuck In The Closet?
  53. Elena Radionova to miss Junior Worlds
  54. "I'm black. I'm a guy. And I'm obsessed with figure skating" (Washington Post column)
  55. The New York Times: In Russia, Skating Booms Again
  56. Who have been the most successful Olympic figure skating alternates in history?
  57. Kim vs Asada, Virtue/Moir vs Davis/White
  59. Skaters who IMPROVED after puberty
  60. Interview with Dick Button!
  61. Yuna Kim documentary
  62. P&G/Walmart Legends of the Ice Special
  63. Is kanako a podium threat at Sochi
  64. How to Watch the Olympics without a Cable Bill
  65. Brian Boitano's Mother Passes Away
  66. AKIKO SUZUKI : What do you love about her?
  67. PyeongChang 2018 emblem
  68. Regarding the Czech Team
  69. Barbara Ann Scott Postage Stamp
  70. According to USAToday: Ashley for short, Gracie for free
  71. Wagner says support from Nagasu "Has Meant Everything"
  72. Ryan Seacrest's interview with Yuna Kim
  73. Grand Finale with No Regret
  74. Request re Olympic scedule on main board
  75. Beverley Smith wrote a profile of Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir
  76. Pang/Tong training not going well
  77. Is Plushenko Jumping in Over His Head?
  78. Billie Jean King Unable to Attend Olympics
  79. NYTimes Pre-Olympic Article on CoP for Figure Skating
  80. Bizarre Scandal behind the Composer of Daisuke's SP Program's Music
  81. Cynthia Phaneuf is now a mom!
  82. Suzuki happy to skate for Japan once again
  83. Mao maintains confidence ahead of second Olympic appearance
  84. Russian coach: The US will help us win team gold and pairs
  85. Age requirement question
  86. Is Plushenko the best male skater who ever lived?
  87. Separated at Birth
  88. Favorite figure skating programs
  89. Davis and White Attracts the Attention of Marketers in Sochi (Article)
  90. Does anyone miss the 6.0 scoring system?
  91. Is the General Public more interested in the Team Event than the Individuals
  92. If you were a skater would you rather win a team gold or individual bronze?
  93. Greatest artists
  94. Russian Audiences
  95. Will Mao throw or drop the triple axel?
  96. Is Lipnitskaya unbeatable?
  97. Help For a Noob Skater Fan?
  98. Predictions Ladies event
  99. The arrival of Yuna Kim
  100. Two technical questions (scoring & under-rotated jumps)
  101. Four More Years for Wagner
  102. Who will be more remembered in the eyes of history?
  103. No crashing - THANK YOU MODS!
  104. Jeff Buttle got married?
  105. Are Savchenko & Szolkowy the 2nd most held up skater(s) of the last decade, after Chan?
  106. Pang/Tong tweet their thanks
  107. Davis and White and Beyoncé
  108. For Skater Jason Brown, a Disciplined Approach Yields Joy on Ice
  109. Reinstate 6.0 Judging system?
  110. Why did Yu-Na Kim arrive late in Sochi?
  111. Yulia Lipnitskaya: Olympic Thread
  112. Reports of cheering from crowd when Szolkowy fell in LP
  113. Savchenko wants to continue...
  114. Plushenko withdraws/retires - at least 1/4 crowd retreats
  115. NBC Live Stream & Videos
  116. Jump Progression from 2010 Olympics to 2014 Olympics
  117. How far is skating willing to go?
  118. Yuna Kim's 1st offical practice on Sochi ice
  119. Lessons Learned from the Olympics so far
  120. The New Judging System is much fairer than the Old 6.0 System
  121. Lipnitskaya, Asada, and Kim: Who is most likely to get the gold?
  122. Who pays the rent for the practice rink?
  123. Random Question about Julia Lipnitskaia's LP music
  124. Push Dick's Button
  125. Quality of Ice of the Figure Skating Rink
  126. Russian opposition politician says 'Invalid' Plushenko brings 'shame' to Russia
  127. Best Olympics Men's Competitions
  128. Joannie Rochette calls out Patrick Chan
  129. Will Korea try to get Denis Ten for 2018?
  130. Future of the top 10 finishers from the 2014 Olympics by discipline
  131. Winter Olympians & Celebrity Look alikes on E!
  132. Any chance Yu-Na Kim competes in Pyeongchang 2018?
  133. Avengers Assemble! Or build your own best team skate members ever!
  134. Men's Medal Ceremony Video
  135. Recaps for Olympics competitions
  136. Skater blasts media for talk of choking
  137. Rate Lipinski/Weir
  138. 2014 Worlds: Which Skaters are not going?
  139. Will the USFSA revamp the system for International assignments next year?
  140. Who will retire after this season?
  141. Men's Competition Was Awful
  142. Your life depends on one skater to skate well and deliver. Who do you choose?
  143. What exactly is the definition of a jump??? (re Jason Brown)
  144. What music should Jason choose next year?
  145. An End of An Era- Post Olympics Withdrawal Syndrome
  146. The Sassiest Figure Skater You Probably Won't See on Primetime
  147. A Great Canadian Coach - Brian Orser
  148. Best silver medal Olympic skates
  149. Old Champions at Sochi Olympics
  150. The Next Great Ladies Champion from Russia
  151. After the Team Event, should it have been Individual Ice Dance before Mens/Pairs/Ladies?
  152. Ashley Wagner talks about viral facial expression
  153. 1/2 Loop - Salchow combinations and how they are credited
  154. Four years later...
  155. Olympics Ladies scenarios
  156. Lipnitskaya's Ears
  157. the Ice Dance "Fix" is in
  158. Forbes Magazine Claims Lipnitskaya Could Earn Over A Ja'Billion Dollars!!
  159. Hanyu Cancelled Scheduled Practicing Trip to Armenia due to Exhaustion
  160. Davis and White would be foolish to retire now
  161. Faces Of Olympic Figure Skating
  162. Yuna's Jump Layout
  163. None of the Men Skated Medal Worthy Free Skates
  164. Sarah Hughes
  165. NBC Primetime American Coverage
  166. Highs, lows, favorite moments at the Olympics
  167. What is "skating emotionally"?
  168. How do I Overcome my Misstep? (with inspiration from Jeremy Abbott)
  169. Tara and Johnny and Michelle and Olympic Coverage
  170. Asada Mao's "Successful" Triple Axel
  171. winning silver or bronze vs losing gold or silver
  172. What are they wearing???
  173. Congratulations Davis/White!
  174. llinykh & Katsalapov to dominate next 4 years or will it be more Open
  175. Petri Kokko: "Davis & White well deserved Olympic gold medal. Simply breahtaking"
  176. Who is more disappointed?: W/P, C/L, B/S, P/B or V/M?
  177. Let's Nominate Tessa and Scott for The Order of Canada Medal
  178. The start list for ladies short program.
  179. Years when the ladies OGM is older than the mens
  180. Winning OGM Ice Dance (2010 vs. 2014)
  181. Post Mortem on the Team Event
  182. Scott Moir on the difficulties of sharing a coach with their chief rivals
  183. 2018--No US medals?
  184. Davis/White future
  185. Kim primed for shot at second gold
  186. Please remove Ice Dance from the Olympics! It's not a sport.
  187. Skaters who are not "your cup of tea"?
  188. Skaters and Plastic Surgery
  189. "Rigged " Ice Dancing on the News
  190. Cinquanta support Kim 's gold
  191. Skaters who are "all that and a bag of chips"?
  192. A Suggestion: TSS = TES x PCS
  193. CBC News ticker: Plushenko may not retire after all
  194. Judging Davis and White
  195. Canada's hopes for 2018?
  196. Ice Kingdom: The 10 Richest Figure Skaters
  197. Michelle Interviews Meryl & Charlie after the Medal Ceremony
  198. Difference in why Voloszhar & Trankov so much better than Mukhortova & Trankov
  199. Tonya and Nancy: The Opera (yeah - a real opera!)
  200. Yu-Na Kim: Olympic Thread
  201. Go Yuna, Adelina, and Caro!
  202. Carolina Kostner: Olympic Thread
  203. Did the judges overscore Kostner and Sotnikova?
  204. Mao Asada: Olympic Thread
  205. PCS cheat sheet
  206. Reaction to Mao's SP
  207. Step Sequence Levels on Kim, Sotnikova & Kostner
  208. Level of Ladies SP by Country @ Sochi 2014
  209. Should Yuzuru Hanyu Go for the 4A?
  210. A Sarah Hughes repeat in 2014
  211. Who else would look good in Yuzuru's costumes?
  212. Interview with DWTS Costume Designer re Designing for Skating
  213. Virtue and Moir's FD Music
  214. Skating music you never want to hear again?
  215. Gold, Lipnitskaya, Sotnikova and the future
  216. The Hypocrisy/Irony from 2010 Vancouver Men's FS result
  217. Reactions and criticism of judging by Network commentators - NBC, CBC, BBC, etc
  218. Adelina Sotnikova: Olympic Thread
  219. 2014 Sochi Worst Figure Skating Olympics Ever?
  220. Figure Skating became a jumping contest in Sochi
  221. Carolina Kostner the Cinderella Story
  222. Famous US skaters' reaction to ladies event 2014 Sochi.
  223. Former US ice dance competitor to compete in Rupaul's Drag Race
  224. The solution to "home cooking"
  225. Did skating the team event ruin Lipnitskaia's chance at Individual gold?
  226. How can more medals be brought to the sport of figure skating?
  227. Kim and Asada: Greatest Rivalry Of All Time
  228. Post Olympics and Post Worlds splits
  229. Things to celebrate in the Ladies' Competition
  230. Biggest loser of the Ladies Single FS
  231. Does the team event make someone eligible for the gala?
  232. Carly Gold?
  233. How to hold judges accountable?
  234. Would Nagasu have made the podium?
  235. My Open letter To Competitive Figure Skaters......
  236. How Japanese people received Mao's skating at Sochi
  237. The art, the flow, the grace is gone
  238. Modifying the International Judging System
  239. Petition to investigate judging gets record signings, makes Wall Street Journal headline
  240. Olympic Ladies: Masterpieces
  241. Sochi Iceberg Skating Palace: Size and Quality
  242. Recall the president of the ISU for the judging fraud in Sochi
  243. Lipnitskaya's score
  244. Yuna Kim's foot injury was severe and is still severe
  245. Ladies' PCS in GPF
  246. Best thing about this result- Michelle Kwan's lack of Olympic Gold now means nothing
  247. Any chance Kim will skate in 2018 olympics?
  248. Official says judges slanted toward Adelina Sotnikova
  249. Wagner's terminology
  250. Yuna Kim skated all season with broken foot