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  1. Stupid Questions Thread
  2. Mirai Nagasu's future prospects
  3. State of US Ladies in skating III: 2014-15 Season
  4. Keegan Messing to skate for Canada - New Info Feb 2015 Just posted
  5. Meet Chasity Brinn
  6. Lyrics in programs: Yay or Nay? Now the Season is Over
  7. Edwards and Pang emerge with new confidence
  8. 2014-15 NBC TV schedule: GPs/GPF; Nats; Euros; 4 Continents; Worlds
  9. Julia Antipova seriously ill
  10. Weir/Lipinski take spot as top figure skating commentators at NBC
  11. Stars on Ice 2015
  12. What happened to Christopher Caluza (PHI)?
  13. Injuries and Ills: 2014-15
  14. State of the U.S. Men's Figure Skating for 2014-15
  15. Kevin Reynolds continues to struggle with skate problems
  16. ISU Council decisions (Oct 2014 - JGP 2015 locations/dates)
  17. State of Russian ice dance
  18. State of Japanese Skaters 2014-2015
  19. State of Russian Ladies in skating: 2014-15 Season
  20. Figure Skating governed like tennis: would that work?
  21. Doping ban requested for skater Carolina Kostner
  22. Sinitsina/Katsalapov future prospects
  23. Favorite Smiley Moments
  24. Kirsten Moore-Towers vs Dylan Moscovitch: 2015 Skate Canada Challenge
  25. Mao Asada's Best Performances
  26. Pang and Tong Making a Comeback?!?
  27. Duhamel and Radford 'let go' of pressure
  28. Surya Bonaly
  29. What is happening with Natalia Linichuk and Gennadi Karponosov?
  30. Hanyu diagnosed with urachal remnant problem; needs month treatment
  31. Greatest/Favorite Rivalries
  32. Review of "Encore, An Ice Spectacular" Cruise Ship Show
  33. Figure Skating Gifs
  34. Sui/ Han's Throw Quad! GOE+2
  35. Chan returning in 2015! aims for the Olympics
  36. Pogorilaya readies for European debut
  37. Ice Dance Popularity in the US in 2015
  38. Skaters from US doing Lip Sync - Hilarious
  39. Yuna's 2013 Worlds LP Score
  40. France's Papadakis and Cizeron reach for the stars
  41. Medics Prep For Ice Skating Injuries At U.S. Championships
  42. America's Scimeca & Knierim to do Quad Twist in their Free Skate
  43. The Cost Of Figure Skating
  44. Remarkable Demonstrations of Mental Strength
  45. Pitkeev looking for strong debut at Europeans
  46. Documentary: Ellen Burka
  47. The Greatest Jazz or Symphonic Jazz Prgrams
  48. Interesting Story about Debbie Wilkes
  49. Quick Kristi Update on Oprah
  50. Daily Kos article on figure skating
  51. I wish they skated to .... at the Olympics
  52. Best Footwork
  53. Kavaguti and Smirnov back in battle mode
  54. Is The Idea Of American Figure Skating's 'Ice Princess' Dead?
  55. Should the Zayak rule be modified?
  56. Watching Skating Competitions Via New Technology
  57. My idea of international skaters skating to "We are the World"
  58. The State of Competitiveness in U.S. Figure skaters
  59. Is American Jordan Bauth Still Skating?
  60. Nagasu now wearing past figure skating scars with pride
  61. Dimanno - figure skating duos motivated for nationals
  62. Amodio readies for fifth Europeans
  63. New record set for fastest spinner
  64. Toller Cranston, RIP
  65. Keegan Messing skating for Canada?
  66. New Blade in the Works for Figure Skaters
  67. 2015 ladies Jr worlds team
  68. Does Kaitlin Hawayek and Jean-Luc Baker's height difference matter?
  69. Stars On Ice Japan videos
  70. Which US ladies get to skate in the senior GP
  71. Wagner still hungry to learn and improve
  72. Moves in the Field and other special moments 2014-15
  73. Let's jump the gun! What improvements would you like to see next year
  74. Scimeca and Knierim ‘get it done’
  75. Best way to give World Championships spots?
  76. Chock and Bates push forward
  77. Jason Brown: ‘It paid off’
  78. Russian Article: Top skaters moment in 2014
  79. How do you see the future for the quad?
  80. The Ultimate Skate Battle, new improv competition @ Challenge Cup '15
  81. Flashback to 2006: Matt Savoie and transitions
  82. FS, diversity and Rohene Ward
  83. Adelina Sotnikova to compete on Russian "Dancing With the Stars"
  84. Stepanova & Bukin or Ilinykh & Zhiganshin?
  85. Not a lot of pairs teams this season...
  86. Aldridge, Eaton announce split after six years
  87. Skate Niagara ice show
  88. Zhiganshina/Gazsi to Retire After Worlds
  89. What was up with Paliakova & Bochkov
  90. You cant make this stuff up....
  91. The Showmen and The Artists of Men's Figure Skating
  92. Duhamel enjoying world-class season
  93. Artist, Performer, or Jumper? Ladies Edition
  94. Brian Orser: I wouldn't have become a coach if I had won the Olympics
  95. Figure skating Competition supporter manner
  96. Fan interest in synchro?
  97. Definitive POTOs in Each Discipline
  98. Thoughts on USFSA's U.S. Nationals wrapup video?
  99. ISU Challenger Series modifications for 2015/16
  100. Predictions on Worlds in each discipline
  101. A Tribute To Toller
  102. Cappellini and Lanotte set sights on world podium
  103. 2014 Sochi Olympics: A Year After
  104. College hockey players perform Mulan number w/ figure skaters (video)
  105. Volosozhar and Trankov engaged on New Year's Eve
  106. Angelina Kuchvalska:"My dream is to go to the Olympic Games."
  107. Name this skater....
  108. Mikhail Kolyada resumed full practice after injury
  109. Meryl Davis & Charlie White: What’s Next for the Olympians
  110. 5 Year Anniversary: the Vancouver 2010 Olympics
  111. Directing Figure Skating TV coverage
  112. Weaver and Poje not ‘placeholders’
  113. Tatiana Tarasova's birthday
  114. Abbott in for another season?
  115. Favorite Positions: Singles Discipline
  116. Polina Edmunds World Championship prospects post 4CC.
  117. Pick the music for your favorites
  118. Illyushechkina/Moscovitch vs. Moore-Towers/Marinaro
  119. The Second Kiss and Cry: What do you think?
  120. German Pair Vartmann/Van Cleeve to Split After Worlds
  121. Elizabeth "Lisa" Kwon and Jenni Tew
  122. Best music for a skater's/couple's 'Swan Song'
  123. Gracie Gold post-4CC thoughts
  124. Paul Martini
  125. The Talented Few Who Never Won a World or an Individual Olympic Medal
  126. Throwback Thursday! Tai and Randy 1974
  127. Scandal! The Sppports Edition Art Show
  128. Best Performances of the Season (so far), by Discipline
  129. Ashley, Johnny, and Caydee & John in Bryant Park Feb 24 at 6p.m.
  130. Stolbova/Klimov out of Worlds
  131. Will Someone Ever Invent A New Jump?
  132. Shall We Dance On Ice
  133. Worlds' on TV in Sweden Question
  134. Elizaveta's triple A
  135. Who is the better coach, Orser or Carroll?
  136. Yulia Lipnitskaia posts on Forgiveness Sunday
  137. ISU launches “Wait...What!!!” “What’s in my bag?” and “A moment with”
  138. Slow Motion Jump Editing (AKA: Sam's Jump-a-ma-tron)
  139. Figure Skating Successors
  140. Max Aaron quad Axel attempt
  141. Gracie Gold's 3A
  142. Mariah Bell's 3A
  143. 2015 FrenchieSkate
  144. Have any of you created programs in your head?
  145. Tribute Show for Former World Champ Karen Magnussen
  146. Throwback Thursday! Protopopovs
  147. Evening Edition Throwback Thursday-Karen Magnussen
  148. New IDTC Member
  149. What happened to Adrian Schultheiss?
  150. Which skater in the last 20 years would've been best at comp figures?
  151. Alexei Urmanov and Ilia Kulik
  152. The Current Depth of Skating by Nation
  153. Daleman confident as Worlds loom closer
  154. Russian figure skating preview (2015-2016)
  155. Short Dance 2015-16: What do people want to see?
  156. Your Current Figure Skating Program "Jams"
  157. Vegetarianism and Performing at a top level of dance, skating
  158. Elladj Balde's emotional journey to Africa
  159. Same gender pairs/ice dance in your dreams
  160. Possibilities for same gender teams in pair/ice dance for competition
  161. Joshua Farris articles re 2015 Worlds
  162. Karen Chen article re 2015 Junior Worlds
  163. Caroline Zhang and hip surgery
  164. Davis and White on Jeopardy!
  165. Skaters in commercial videos
  166. Throwback Thursday! Toller Cranston Olympic SP 1976
  167. Alternative countries for skaters, pt. 2
  168. Pang/ Tong changed SP
  169. Best Ice shows touring now?
  170. Summer/Fall International Skating Competitions
  171. How things work: figure skating - sport, living intrigue and deceit
  172. 2A/half loop/3F for women?
  173. What's Your Favorite Jump Combination?
  174. 2015 EDI Awards from PSA
  175. Breakout Stars since Sochi
  176. Adelina Sotnikova Flip-loop combination
  177. Breakup Stars Since Sochi
  178. 2016 Europeans Bratislava
  179. WhatsUpWorldTeam. US World Team Hangouts
  180. Pang and Tong: 'For the love of the sport'
  181. Skaters/Coaches Superstitions
  182. Davis and White at WORLDS - Opening Ceremony
  183. New Ice Dance Team - Danielle Thomas and Daniel Eaton
  184. Blog - US - Figure Skating Fan Zone
  185. Can I Watch Worlds on the ISU Channel?
  186. 2015-16 Ice Dance and 2016-17 SD Requirements released
  187. Penny Coomes and Nicholas Buckland withdrawing from Worlds
  188. Interview with Han Yan Before Worlds -- Boy Generation
  189. Jason Brown does not plan quad for Worlds
  190. Rippon says top five finish at Worlds is possible
  191. Rika Hongo, where would you place her at Worlds?
  192. Melissa Bulanhagui's latest blog post
  193. 2015 2016 Russian junior team? Who will be present?
  194. Two quads in the SP?
  195. Johnny's Stuff For Sale On Ebay
  196. Pre-Worlds Coverage on NPR
  197. Ten aims high for Shanghai
  198. Performance by country World Championships 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015.
  199. Breakthrough - Liza Tuks joins the echelons of 3A ladies
  200. Why skating in the U.S. is strugglng
  201. Duhamel and Radford share their joy
  202. Fan-Suggested Music Selection
  203. 2015/16 GPF to be held in Barcelona again!
  204. The best jumps of the season
  205. PCS inflation in the last group
  206. Seasonal Superlatives
  207. Who exactly are the British Eurosport guys?
  208. New Favorites/Discoveries from 2014-15 Season
  209. What are your 5 favorites programs this season?
  210. Who should consider changing coaches and/or choreographers?
  211. What are we excited to see in the 2015-2016 season
  212. 4 "Unexpected"/"Atypical" World Champions
  213. Zhiganshina & Gazsi withdraw
  214. What do Weaver and Poje need to do to come back?
  215. 2015 WC Men's Small Medal Ceremony
  216. 2016 Worlds Multiple Spots
  217. Best pairs of the season
  218. Let's hear it for bromance, skating bonds and friendship
  219. Davis and White not competing next year
  220. Takahashi/Kihara split
  221. Can Chan be on the top again?
  222. Natalia Popova for pairs?
  223. Grand Prix Speculation 2015-2016
  224. Yuzuru Hanyu interview with Canon after FS in Shanghai
  225. Boyang Jin Doing Beautiful 4Lz+3T in Practice
  226. Skating in Latin America. History, present and future.
  227. Majorov April Fools joke about changing to pair skating
  228. Meagan Duhamel and Eric Radford respond to critics on the ice
  229. Orford/ Williams split
  230. What will Duhamel & Radford Bring on Next?
  231. Will Mao Asada announce retirement?
  232. Liubov Efimenko for Poland
  233. Which Female single skaters could switch to pairs or ice dance?
  234. Dream Podiums
  235. Next in line: Shoma Uno
  236. Carmen Be Gone and Other Music Don'ts
  237. For skating fans who write
  238. Favorite Costumes of All Time
  239. 2015-2016 Programs by Discipline
  240. Favorite Choreographers - Discuss
  241. Should skaters compete through illness or injury?
  242. Proposed Russian Law to Limit an Athlete to 2 Olympics
  243. What makes a skater artistic?
  244. Greece and Puerto Rico out of ISU
  245. Cinquanta Was He Good for Skating? Didier Next?
  246. Viktoria Helgesson ends her competitive career
  247. ISU world standings question
  248. A look back on (most of) last season: Favorite Moments
  249. Ice Rink On The Estate (New Torvill & Dean TV Series), ITV 9/4/15 9pm
  250. Coaching Changes Going Into 2015-16 Season