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  1. Ladies and the quad
  2. Skating World fluff
  3. Figure Skating Anime
  4. 2016-2017 Programs by Discipline
  5. Dream Programs
  6. Crazy Future Predictions
  7. 2016-17 Splits & Partner Changes
  8. 2016-17 Retirements
  9. State of U.S. Ladies' skating 2016-17
  10. 2016-17 State of Russian Ladies skating
  11. 2016-17 State of Japanese Ladies Skating
  12. 2016-17 State of Japanese Men's Skating
  13. 2016-17 State of Russian Ice Dance
  14. 2016-2017 State of U.S. Men Figure Skating
  15. ISU calendar of 2016/17 international comps
  16. Seriously, how awesome is Tamara Moskvina?
  17. Figure Skating Friendships
  18. 2016-2017 Team China Update
  19. ISU votes to abolish anonymous judging
  20. 2016-2017 State of U.S. Ice Dance
  21. 2016-2017 Grand Prix selections
  22. To London! "Carmen" by Averbukh
  23. 2016-17 Ills and Injuries
  24. 2016-17 State of Canadian Ladies Skating
  25. Penny Coomes: Journey to Recovery
  26. Ideal Coverage/Commentary for Skating
  27. 2016 Grand Prix Predictions Games Launch
  28. 2016-17 Coaching Changes
  29. Score Calculation MS Excel Sheet for Single
  30. 2018 U.S. Nationals in San Jose, Calif.
  31. Status of Russian pairs 2016-2017
  32. Nathan Chen's 4Lz, 4F-3T attempt
  33. What we like about You!
  34. Do costumes augment or detract?
  35. Ted Barton and the JGP webcasts
  36. Rika Kihira just joins the 3A club!
  37. 2016-2017 State of U.S. Pairs
  38. Scimeca and Knierim withdraw from GP events
  39. Ice Age 2016 (Sotnikova, Trankov...)
  40. Grand Prix Analysis, Winners/Losers
  41. Evaluating Ice Dance in 2016-17
  42. Who do you like so far this season?
  43. Takeaways from the weekend's events
  44. What is a step-out?
  45. Senior skaters recycling choreography
  46. 2016-2017 State of Canadian Figure Skating
  47. Ladies Olympic Predictions
  48. Grand Prix Analysis (Men), Winners/Losers
  49. Intimissi on Ice 7/8 October
  50. ISU Launches Online Shop
  51. Interesting/challenging names in skating
  52. Lark Ascending II: The Nestling
  53. Happy Feet : Skating Skills Discussion
  54. Tatsuki Machida: 2 years of retirement
  55. 2016-17 State of Russian Men's skating
  56. Ice Dance - SD comparison: "Midnight Blues"
  57. Three Impossible Wishes
  58. Bring Back The SPIRALS!!!
  59. Why do they call it a "Rippon Lutz"?
  60. How to Qualify for Olympic Team Event?
  61. Where is the music?
  62. TSL/This and That 2016-17
  63. Patrick Chan Opening FS Training Centre
  64. Is this allowed?
  65. Duhamel, Radford share deep connection
  66. IceNetwork "Discount" Removed
  67. Deepest edges ever?
  68. Why ISU doesn't punish these jump cases
  69. Has any skater/pairs won all 6 GP events?
  70. Grand Prix Analysis (Pairs), Winners/Losers
  71. 2016-17 Broadcast Skating Schedule for US
  72. ISU Figure Skating Media Guide 2016-17
  73. Savchenko/Massot confident...
  74. Quad Axel
  75. Can You Answer This Before Skate Am. Does?
  76. Gorgeous Programs Now and Later
  77. Papadakis/Cizeron built for a threepeat?
  78. The best technician in the world
  79. Javier Fernández: Third world title?
  80. Why ISU doesn't allow ties?
  81. What is the consensus on Virtue/Moir now?
  82. I wonder who is the best guesser here?
  83. How did we get to this point regarding PCS?
  84. 3rd World title for Duhamel and Radford?
  85. Skate America 2017 in Lake Placid, N.Y.
  86. Grand Prix Final 2018-19 in Vancouver, B.C.
  87. Which senior pair will seize opportunity?
  88. Teeny-tiny skaters?
  89. What could make Ashley world champion?
  90. Kaori Sakamoto: “I need to work harder”
  91. Greatest Elements in Figure Skating
  92. Judging placards in the 80s
  93. Gracie Gold debated skipping Grand Prix
  94. Séguin/Bilodeau -training with ice dancers
  95. Lipnitskaia is asked to move to pairs
  96. Who has the highest BV of Men's SP and LP?
  97. Figure Skating Teams like Gymnastics Teams
  98. Scott Hamilton diagnosed with brain tumor
  99. Who are the fastest figure skaters?
  100. Wagner: “It was sticky but I got it done"
  101. Canadians claim crown in Chicago
  102. 4-minute program of...by whom?
  103. Interview with Robin Szolkowy
  104. Routines with a bird influence
  105. Your thoughts on Skate America
  106. Most Successful Skate America EVER for USA?
  107. Showman Uno wins first grand prix title
  108. Shibutanis shine at Skate America
  109. Discussion on Grand Prix Selection Process
  110. Decisions of ISU Council 24 Oct 2016
  111. Motivations of skaters ranked 5-10 in US?
  112. Gracie Gold addresses issues of weight
  113. Mao Asada's New Exhibition program
  114. Video transcripts and translations
  115. 2017-18 competitions
  116. Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir dancing Hip-Hop
  117. Interview with B. Fusar-Poli (Pt 3 added)
  118. This and That: Skate America
  119. The Scott Hamilton Show on Icenetwork
  120. Layback spins
  121. Article on Kaetlyn Osmond ( Dimanno)
  122. Terrible Eurosport UK coverage of skating!
  123. FS Loses Three Legends
  124. Medvedeva: "I will work harder"
  125. Duhamel and Radford: "Comes with the game"
  126. Patrick Chan: "I’m happy"
  127. Virtue/Moir “thrilled to be among the mix"
  128. The Underrotated Jumps of Evgenia Medvedeva
  129. Your opinion on Skate Canada
  130. Ode to the Soft Knee
  131. Wondering about why Nagasu continues?
  132. Ranking past Jr. Worlds podiums
  133. How do federations influence the results?
  134. No Synchro at the GPF
  135. What skater do you want to hang out with?
  136. Mirai Nagasu and Gracie Gold Cheer Thread !
  137. Kings on Ice
  138. Can we no longer enjoy skating?
  139. US skaters up for Team USA monthly awards
  140. Article - An 80-Year-Old Figure Skater -WSJ
  141. Ice Talk: IceNetwork's Podcast
  142. The " where are they now thread"
  143. Shibutanis limited by sibling relationship
  144. Has Gracie Gold regressed?
  145. Best coaches in the biz
  146. 2016 Synchro Fall Classic, Nov 6, Anaheim
  147. Stojko on quads; Chan's coaching change
  148. Chock/Bates on elements, programs, and more
  149. Have the scores in general inflated?
  150. New Virtue/Moir Interview on TSL
  151. Bobrova: "Dima really wanted to win"
  152. Fernandez: "I was pretty positive"
  153. Savchenko/Massot golden in Grand Prix debut
  154. Pogorilaya: Need to get ready for the next
  155. Female skaters capable of 3-3-3's
  156. Missed Program Opportunities?
  157. Rika Kihira's Triple Axel!
  158. Favorite skater from each Grand Prix Nation
  159. Non-"Big 6" Grand Prix
  160. Ladies with a true Lutz?
  161. Is Guillaume Cizeron the best in the world?
  162. Favourite ice dance programs of all time
  163. 3Lo combo without calls?
  164. Tonia Kwiatkowski Interview
  165. Thoughts on CBC commentators
  166. Best Scheherazade costume
  167. Korea has 12-year-old trying quad
  168. Temporary Coachless Skaters?
  169. Age of the up-and-coming US ladies
  170. Why Trophee Eric Bompard is no longer
  171. Edmunds Withdraws from 2016 NHK Trophy
  172. Zimmerman on coaching James & Cipres
  173. Carolina Kostner to compete again in Zagreb
  174. Practice videos!
  175. Tuktamysheva Dealing with Illness, Programs
  176. Brian Orser on coaching Fernández & Hanyu
  177. As a skater, better to be short or tall?
  178. Gracie Gold and the SP Flip- WHY?
  179. The Season in Review - Up Until Now...
  180. The Season in Review - Up Until Now...
  181. Delayed jumps
  182. How Mariah Bell pulled off biggest upset
  183. 2018 Olympics Programs in the Morning
  184. Shcherbakova: 3-3-3, 11 triples in 2nd half
  185. Skaters who dominated a full season?
  186. Skaters who had a late start in the sport
  187. Edge Calls Being Ignored
  188. Full video of 'The Planets' ice ballet
  189. Aliona Savchenko injured
  190. Gilles and Poirier interview (video)
  191. Skate Canada and selection criteria
  192. Potential new figure skating movie
  193. Rafael Arutyunyan Interview
  194. Javi channels Patrick?
  195. Eteri Tutberidze interview (video)
  196. Michelle Kwan's lost program
  197. Evgenia Medevdeva has "effortless" jumps
  198. Shibs: "We love our material this year"
  199. Radionova happy but not flawless at COC
  200. Chan back in business
  201. China’s one-two in pairs at COC
  202. Takahiko Kozuka Soon to be Dad!
  203. Asada Mao and the color lilac
  204. Some more thoughts about judging
  205. Men's figure skating judging 16-17 review
  206. GOE's on 3-3 combination
  207. Japan Open Photos
  208. US retired skaters most philanthropic?
  209. What programs are you watching repeatedly?
  210. Coaching as a second language
  211. How PCS reflects a good/bad performance?
  212. Why do Skaters love to skate in pairs?
  213. Happy Thanksgiving
  214. Q: Which skaters had trouble with the quad?
  215. Interview (video) with coach Bruno Marcotte
  216. Pairs at 2016 NHK Trophy
  217. Under appreciated programs 2016
  218. Russia’s Pogorilaya shines in Sapporo
  219. Hanyu delivers in front of home crowd
  220. press conference for judges and tech panel?
  221. From Flutz to Lip or Lip to Flutz
  222. Hanyu's skating edges
  223. Virtue & Moir back on top with new records
  224. Favorite Skaters of All Time
  225. Ladies fight for silver; Men fight for gold
  226. No 3 spots for Olympics??
  227. Future of Korean figure skating bright
  228. Holocaust: Controversial ice dance routine
  229. Different "skating" styles in men
  230. NBC broadcast removing tech score box
  231. Best "Actors" on ice
  232. 2018 Winter Olympics Tickets
  233. Other multi-rotational jumps
  234. 2016-2017 State of Ice Dance
  235. Most improved skaters?
  236. GPF 2016 Men - Transitions in SP
  237. The most surprising progress among skaters?
  238. How much longer for Hanyu/Fernandez/Chan?
  239. Olympic Champions battle
  240. Did Icenetwork stop providing commentary?
  241. Naomi Nari Nam and Ann Patrice McDonough
  242. What will happen to US ladies after 2018?
  243. Should SP medals be awarded in ISU comps?
  244. Ladies and quad jumps?
  245. Why can't the women jump like this?
  246. Best seats to get?
  247. Boots / Blades
  248. Why are certain skaters more consistent?
  249. To all people NOT watching juniors...
  250. Mirai Nagasu to try triple Axel @ nationals