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  1. Stupid Questions Thread
  2. Meet Chasity Brinn
  3. Doping ban requested for skater Carolina Kostner
  4. Interesting spin positions
  5. Pick the music for your favorites
  6. Slow Motion Jump Editing (AKA: Sam's Jump-a-ma-tron)
  7. 2015-2016 Programs by Discipline
  8. Retirements Going Into 2015-16 Season
  9. Creating the program: series re Castelli/Tran creative process 2015
  10. 2015 Summer Fan Fest Fete! Updates!
  11. 2015-16 State of U.S. Men's Figure Skating
  12. 2015 Skate America in Milwaukee
  13. Congratulations to Tanith Belbin & Charlie White!
  14. Recalling Falls
  15. Vincent Zhou is competing again as of May 2015
  16. Latvia’s Deniss Vasiljevs draws attention
  17. Skating to live music
  18. Skaters Share On Ice Success Stories Article
  19. 2015-16 Grand Prix assignments
  20. McNamara and Carpenter: 'Never count yourself out'
  21. Program costume color predictions
  22. New Dance couple - Stavitskaia / Shibnev
  23. Any advice/tips for a first time World's attendee?
  24. Is Agnes Zawadzki competing or doing cruise ship shows still
  25. Best Ladies' Flutzes ever?
  26. Parts of warhorses that should be used more
  27. Magic Zambonis
  28. Which ladies could land a 3A?
  29. Passion of Ice and Snow, Beijing, July 31 2015
  30. IceNetwork Query
  31. Edmunds to debut 2015-16 season in Anaheim
  32. Tatiana Navka Getting Married
  33. Team Challenge Cup (new ISU event in 2016)
  34. Parsons and Parsons look to raise the bar
  35. Karen Magnussen
  36. Who is/was the stronger skater of the partnership?
  37. THE ICE 2015 - Mao's Ice Show! From Sapporo to Sendai (07/22 - 08/02)
  38. Harvard's An Evening with Champions benefit show, Sep 18 - 19, 2015
  39. Underrotations affecting PCS: A study of Satoko
  40. What are good 'skating skills'? Who should get high SS scores?
  41. Medvedeva readies for international senior debut
  42. PCS discussion
  43. Favorite Pairs Programs/Moves from last season 2014-15
  44. Favorite Dance Programs/Moves from last season 2014-15
  45. Favorite Ladies Programs/Moves from last season 2014-15
  46. 2020 Youth Olympics and 2022 Olympics Host Cities Announced
  47. Favorite Men Programs/Moves from last season 2014-15
  48. Memorable, interesting, and/or funny fluff videos
  49. Favorite Exhibition and Gala Programs/Moves from last season 2014-15
  50. Zahorski and Guerreiro hope for international debut this season
  51. 2015-16 Russian Test skates
  52. Blog For USFSA Fan Zone Contest
  53. "Moskovskiy Figurist"
  54. 2017 US Nationals
  55. Adam Rippon 'lets go of doubt'
  56. Russian figure skater Nicole Gosviani to represent Italy?
  57. World Standings Query
  58. 2015-16 Junior Predictions
  59. Intersting/Creative/Difficult Entries
  60. First lady to do the 3Lz-3t?
  61. Sotnikova, Tukhtamysheva, Joubert will compete at Japan Open 2015
  62. 30 For 30:The Price Of Gold(i.e.Nancy&Tonya
  63. How important is costuming?
  64. Séguin and Bilodeau learn 'winning formula'
  65. The Shifting Ways We Define The Standard
  66. Cast the show that won't exist
  67. Canadian Ladies 2015-16
  68. Calculating scores based on scoresheet for "what-ifs"
  69. Music Matchmaking
  70. USA's Courtney Hicks works to up her game
  71. Duhamel/Radford new element: throw quad lutz
  72. A Chinese documentary film: YAN Han's summer(with subtitle)
  73. Up and coming: Young You
  74. U.S. Champs Camp 2015 (what's going down); Aug. 22-26
  75. Collins and Firus hope to bring tech skating to new heights
  76. 2015-16 State of Russian Ladies skating
  77. New ESPN video re Surya Bonaly from Eva Longoria
  78. Gilles and Poirier's FD for 2015-16
  79. Best “Swan Lake” performances
  80. Season 2014-2015 Results and Videos
  81. Dream Competition
  82. Nam Nguyen: 'Everything will be bigger'
  83. Congratulations to Tatiana Volosozhar & Maxim Trankov!
  84. Junior Grand Prix throwback!
  85. PCS: Interpretation vs Performance/Execution
  86. Liza Tuktamysheva nominated for Sportswoman of the Year Award
  87. An Off-Season Judging Game We Could Play
  88. Aaron and Settlage find their rhythm
  89. Short by Anno and Miyazaki (Ghibli) with figure skating subject
  90. Frank Carroll profile by Investor's Business Daily re Leaders&Success
  91. Chartrand eyes Grand Prix podiums for 2015-16
  92. 10(00) programs you ought to see before you die
  93. Catch up on Season 2015-2016 ISU Events
  94. Any of you root for skaters due to nationality/religious connections?
  95. Artistry under CoP
  96. Internet links for viewing skating
  97. Head Injuries and Figure Skating
  98. JGP discipline question
  99. Season 2015-2016 Grand Prix Predictions Game
  100. Hawayek and Baker ready to push boundaries
  101. Savchenko/Massot + Intro
  102. Jump Analysis: Slo-mo vids
  103. TSL on the Road: Scimeca and Knierim
  104. Ernie Utah Stevens and Caitlin Fields?
  105. Sota Yamamoto sets sights on Junior World title
  106. Commentaries that enhanced your enjoyment
  107. Quick questions about 2005 U.S. Adult Figure Skating Championships
  108. Dance of the Knights + Wildflower
  109. Advertisement Music in Skating
  110. ISU Officials Assessment Commission: Update
  111. Germany’s Vartmann and Blommaert hope for strong start
  112. USFS Fan Zone Bloggers Announced!
  113. The biggest transformation within one year
  114. Abbott to sit out 2015-16 season
  115. USA’s Wang staying healthy for 2015-16
  116. Revisiting Videos and Results from Lots of National Championships
  117. Early History of Figure Skating
  118. Randomization of Judge's Scores (the elephant in the room?)
  119. Paradis and Ouellette aim for precision
  120. Feeling Fortunate: Skating Events in Central Virginia
  121. Chan v. Hanyu: 2015-16
  122. How Popular Is Skating Outside The US?
  123. Asada v. Tuktamysheva: 2015-16
  124. Sui Han +3 throw quad
  125. What policy should ISU have for countries releasing skaters?
  126. Canada’s Nadeau ready for senior challenge
  127. Injuries & Other Ills for 2015-16
  128. TV for 2015-16 season?
  129. 2015-16 State of U.S. Ladies skating
  130. Fields and Stevens: 'This is a learning year'
  131. Dmitri Aliev
  132. Catching Up With Meryl and Charlie
  133. Use of technology in figure skating tech calls
  134. Who Do You Think Will Have Breakout Season Among Youngsters?
  135. Upcoming US Regional Championships
  136. Toller Cranston Estate Sale
  137. Spinal injury causes Plushenko to sit out season
  138. Volosozhar/Trankov vs. Duhamel/Radford 2015-16
  139. Robin Szolkowy is now a dad
  140. Disney movie songs cool for skating?
  141. Canada’s Véronik Mallet shoots for strong start
  142. Bond, James Bond
  143. Aromaticchicken's first blog post for USFSA fan zone!!
  144. Golden Skate's Reference Forum
  145. Chen Lu update
  146. Who has the best spins in the current field?
  147. The role and influence of gender traits in Figure Skating
  148. Yanovskaya and Mozgov prepare for international season debut
  149. ISU JGP series: New calculations for standings per nation
  150. State of U.S. Dance 2015-2016
  151. Boyang Jin lands Quad lutz + Triple Toe National competition
  152. 2015-2016 Ladies Power Rankings
  153. 2015-2016 Men's Power Rankings
  154. 2015-2016 Pairs Power Rankings
  155. 2015-2016 Ice Dance Power Rankings
  156. U. S. Nationals 2016 tickets
  157. When Countries Fall Apart, who do Skaters Skate For
  158. Skate blade injuries
  159. Katarina Gerboldt officially retired
  160. Favorite Short Dance Patterns?
  161. Martinez remains optimistic despite injury
  162. What's Your Coaches Favorite Saying??
  163. Aliona Savchenko & Bruno Massot
  164. No timetable for Farris' return from concussion
  165. Ilyushechkina and Moscovitch set ‘bigger’ goals
  166. ISU Shanghai Trophy - Combining Short Track and Synchro
  167. Tursynbaeva ready to impress after confident senior debut
  168. Scott Hamilton's Message on Overcoming Challenges
  169. What's going on with Compulsory Dances?
  170. Alexandra Najarro
  171. Adam Rippon reveals he is gay in SKATING Magazine article
  172. Miyu Honda: Actress and Skater
  173. Changing "planned content" on the fly
  174. Beyond the Ice : Funny Behind the Scene Stories
  175. Your fav among lesser known programs of champs
  176. Michael Jackson programs!!
  177. Your favorite Madame Butterfly?
  178. EU Antitrust Regulators to examine ISU's eligibility rules
  179. Aldridge and Blackmer ‘cutting edges’
  180. Julia Antipova & Nodari Maisuradze: Part II
  181. The Japan Open
  182. GP's on Eurosport?
  183. Missing planned jumps in the SP
  184. 2015-16 State of Japanese Ladies skating
  185. 20015-16 State of Japanese Men's skating
  186. Veteran skater Menshov still in the game
  187. Why Do Some Skaters Prefer Lutz to Toe Loop?
  188. Chasity: 'More rules mean more fun!'
  189. Vartmann & Blommaert get COC for GP
  190. When a Waltz Is Not a Waltz: Penalties/Changes
  191. Technical Specialist vs Technical Controller and Assistant Tech Spec
  192. Reputation judging or threshold judging?
  193. Scimeca and Knierim look to medal in Milwaukee
  194. Sara Hurtado & Adrià Díaz split
  195. Cha vs. Gumennik vs. Shimada: Junior debut season of future stars
  196. Didier's Campaign Website for ISU President
  197. Challenger scores and ISU Personal/Seasonal Bests
  198. Never Been Done Music in Figure Skating
  199. Peng/Zhang lands throw quad sal!
  200. Fall into the Fan Fest (OP updates!)
  201. ‘Total package’ coming together for Daleman
  202. Tanja Kolbe is now a mom
  203. Jason Brown`s future
  204. What's Next for Alaine Chartrand?
  205. Hola selling bandwith?
  206. Kansas city Star, that's what I are....
  207. Bruno Massot released from French Federation
  208. Tobias and Tkachenko seize second chance
  209. 0pinion on Russian pair skaters
  210. Anyone else desperately miss Kostner?
  211. ISU Council Decisions Oct 16-18, 2015
  212. The 2015-2016 Year in Review
  213. How to Develop an Audience for the Sport
  214. What is happening with Debi Thomas?
  215. 4STh for James/Ciprès
  216. Does anyone miss the "old" judging system?
  217. US Nats Volunteer Experience
  218. Garabedian to represent Armenia in 2018 Oly
  219. Max Aaron: 'I'm still learning'
  220. Muting Youtube Skating Videos for Copyright
  221. Adam Rippon - Purple Hair?
  222. Figure skating & sexism (Kori Ade tweet)
  223. OSTs you hear in FS to movies and back
  224. Fantasy competition
  225. This and That: 2015 Skate Canada Recap
  226. Akiko Suzuki Speaks Up About Body Issues
  227. TSL's conversation with Adam Rippon
  228. Duhamel & Radford: Not just about the quad
  229. Brasseur and feature on heart disease
  230. TSL's Interview with Tim Dolensky
  231. Where can I find...?
  232. World Champion Tuktamysheva gains momentum
  233. Competitive Skating as Show Biz
  234. 2015-16 State of Russian Ice Dance
  235. This and That: Cup of China Recap
  236. Thoughts about "Madame Butterfly"
  237. Multiple quads: Progression/ jump contest?
  238. Breakout Stars of the 2015-16 Season
  239. Mishin's opinion on components based on Jin
  240. Young Korean girls on the rise
  241. Carly Gold: The Road to Nationals
  242. Ice Dance post-Davis/White & Virtue/Moir
  243. Skating siblings of famous skaters
  244. Savchenko/Massot added to Tallinn
  245. Chock and Bates prepare for Barcelona
  246. Peng/Zhang bad fall in practice @ TEB
  247. The Blade Boys interview with Alexei Mishin
  248. The Blade Boys interview James & Ciprès
  249. Paris Shootings and Explosions
  250. A fair way to pick GPF finalists?