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  1. Programs for 2013-2014 season
  2. Injuries & Other Ills
  3. Possible alternative nationalities in singles skating
  4. State of American Ladies: 2013-14 Season
  5. 2013 - 2014 Russian skaters, rules, and events
  6. Piper Gilles' Citizenship Drive in Time for Sochi
  7. Kerrigan/Harding ESPN documentary premieres Nov 5, 2013
  8. Lysacek's road to Sochi starts to get serious
  9. Figure Skating TV Schedule in the US?
  10. Can Yuzuru Hanyu close the gap on Patrick Chan?
  11. Will Ando make the Olympic Team?
  12. Stupid Questions Thread
  13. Yuna Kim to Compete at Golden Spin of Zagreb, Croatia, Dec 5-8
  14. Olympic moments you will not forget
  15. Asada's 3A: underrotated or not?
  16. Are I/K done after falling again?
  17. Johnny, Tanith and Tara
  18. What happened to Chock & Bates?
  19. Why there are no good Ukranian single skaters? Ladiezzzz
  20. Jason Brown's Future Prospects 2.0
  21. Have outfits simply gone over the top?
  22. Update on Kevin Reynolds?
  23. Gracie changing SP music?
  24. Reworking Ashley Wagner's Olympic Season LP into a great program, podium material
  25. Post Your Favourite Olympic Programs Here
  26. State of the U.S. Men: Post-GP season
  27. Music that should be skated to
  28. Does Mirai need a change of coach ?
  29. Plushenko or Kovtun?
  30. Isabella Tobias receives the Lithuanian citizenship
  31. Obscure figure skaters you remember even if no one else does
  32. Michelle Kwan is on Twitter!
  33. What is the best strategy for amazing Asada to challenge incredible Kim at the Games?
  34. Tuktamysheva's Career
  35. Is Romeo and Juliet working for Ashley?
  36. Yuna's free program to Adios Nonino - Review
  37. Effects of teen growth spurts on skaters
  38. What changes (if any) should Yuna make to her new programs?
  39. The powerhouses of women's skating
  40. Do we overrate skaters of past eras?
  41. Carolina Kostner out of Nationals due to injury
  42. Kostner withdraws from Italian Nationals?
  43. Judges for the Olympics
  44. The biggest progress in several years among the skaters
  45. Can patrick chan close the gap on yuzuru hanyu?
  46. Japan's most searched sport star
  47. Parallels between Mira Leung and Caroline Zhang
  48. Are you excited for the Team event?
  49. Any news on Kawaguti/Smirnov?
  50. Great Elizabeth Manley Article!
  51. Those who have seen YuNa and Patrick live-question
  52. Journalists who cover figure skating
  53. Who is everyone's guess for ladies podium-can Ashley take bronze?
  54. Mao Asada's skating type
  55. Joanne McLeod's coaching
  56. Ice Dance in the 1990's and other Vintage programs
  57. Michelle Kwan's 2001-2002 Season- Can you fill me in?
  58. You're A Mean One, Mr. Cinq!
  59. Javi and Denis' preparation going into the big O
  60. Carolina, Julia, Ashley, Gracie, Akiko, or Adelina - Who will win the bronze medal ?
  61. Nationals Series Prediction Game
  62. latest on Kiira? Caro? Osmond?
  63. The Throw Triple Axel and S/S
  64. NBCSN to show Olympic Figure Skating LIVE on TV
  65. ISU.ORG site redesign
  66. How important is Plushenko for Sochi Olympics?
  67. About jump combos
  68. Who Competes in the Team Event at the Olympics?
  69. New Olympic Champion?
  70. Caroline Zhang at 2014 Nationals
  71. Austrailian skater lose Olympic appeal
  72. 2013 End-Of-Year Eisgala At Oberstdorf
  73. Total speculation...Mary Beth Marley and Matthew Blackmer?
  74. Odds on Ando making Olympic team for Sochi very long
  75. japan's nationals
  76. The Tessa & Scott Show (W Network)
  77. Akiko Suzuki- undermarked, especialy in PCS
  78. US Pairs! Who will be in Sochi?
  79. Let's compare Yu-na and Mao's long programs this season..
  80. 2014 Junior Worlds - Russian team
  81. Miki Ando or Kanako Murakami for the 3rd spot ?
  82. Your olympic podiums based just on artistry?
  83. Odds And Ends – The Simple Topic Thread
  84. Disappointed with Younger Skaters - Disson Shows
  85. Polina Edmunds GPF/JGPF video
  86. UR question for lutz/flip re: Satoko
  87. Is Akiko Suzuki a legitimate OGM contender now alongside Asada and Kim?
  88. US Chances in Sochi
  89. Can Mao Asada close the gap on Akiko Suzuki?
  90. Daisuke instead of Takahiko - Fair decision or not ?
  91. A Female Skater Who Has Everything, Is It Possible?
  92. where is Mira Leung
  93. Ladies Short Program
  94. "Getting emotional over figure skating's Kiss and Cry" (NBC video)
  95. Age and the Female Figure Skater, e.g.: Alissa Czisny
  96. Oda won't compete anymore!
  97. Nobunari Oda Withdraws from 4CC and announces his retirement during MOI
  98. Two articles re the financial impact of Nancy-Tonya on skating in the U.S.
  99. website russian nationals
  100. Favourite figure skaters?
  101. Mao's airplane
  102. Russia’s Plushenko says he will not skate in Sochi men’s event
  103. What are you looking forward to at US Nationals 2014?
  104. Virtue/Moir's Reality TV Show
  105. Who Will Be The Ladies " Underdog" at the Olympics?
  106. Karen Magnussen News
  107. Piper Gilles Welcome to Canada
  108. New Years wishes-what is yours for skating? 2014 and beyond
  109. Are Judge Favoritism / Federation Bias getting too much ?
  110. Can Julia Lipnitskaia close the gap on Adelina Sotnikova?
  111. Good figure skating books?
  112. Can Plushenko close the gap on Kovtun?
  113. Mao must let the triple axel go for shot at gold in Sochi
  114. Your favorite performance of Ladies Olympic contenders
  115. Russian dancers assigned to European's 2014
  116. U.S. figure skating champ Aaron to drop from three to two quads
  117. Why no costume deductions?
  118. Upcoming skating teleconferences
  119. Krylova and Ovsiannikov 1999 FD
  120. Skate Order and IJS Scores
  121. John Curry's Mum Is 100 Today!!!
  122. Shizuka Arakawa got married
  123. Russian Men prospects
  124. What Americans are likely to retire?
  125. Japanese skaters 2014 and beyond?
  126. Greatest Ladies Free Skates of All Time
  127. Greatest Ladies SP of all time
  128. Can Gracie Gold finally win US Nationals ?
  129. How is men's figure skating viewed in Russia?
  130. Documentary of Pakhomova-Gorshkov
  131. Skating New Year's Resolutions
  132. Olympic Medal Design for Sochi?
  133. Great Lifts in Ice Dance
  134. Senior Free Programs at Canadian Nationals -- Split Again !
  135. Ladies and arm positions
  136. Rachael Flatt news
  137. Russian Dominance coming soon
  138. Brian Boitano interview on NPR
  139. Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir Reality TV Show on W
  140. Fan vs Fanatic
  141. Suzuki, Murakami exemplify power, passion that make skating magnetic
  142. Eteri Tutberidze as a coach
  143. Yuna unveils new LP dress for Korean Nationals
  144. What do you get out of watching skating
  145. Boston Nationals Dinner
  146. Yuna Kim's short and long programs
  147. First Junior Lady to Defend Title: Elena Radionova?
  148. What are the real differences between Asada and Kim?
  149. How could David Wilson give Ashley Wagner such a mediocre Olympic season long program?
  150. Brian Joubert Interview
  151. Help ID this skater
  152. Jeremy Abbott on NPR
  153. The Other Ladies on the Korean Olympic Team
  154. 20th anniversary of Nancy-Tonya incident
  155. MUST SEE - Drobiazko / Vanagas - THE most underscored ice dancers in world history. ever.
  156. Asada's Olympic Strategy
  157. Kostner might be out of Europeans as well
  158. How can I watch the US Figure Skating Championships online?
  159. Boston Globe article on the demise of the "American Ice Queen"
  160. More TV news tonight Sochi dangers
  161. Iceberg Palace
  162. Ashley Wagner's chance of an Olympics Medal after Nationals
  163. Ashley regains her balance -- New York Times
  164. Joelle Forte's PCS
  165. Totally random thought (a coaching skater matchup idea?) (possible spoilers here)
  166. Kim looking like a lock for second gold medal in Sochi
  167. Plushenko changes mind, demands Sochi place
  168. Koster has officially changed both programs!
  169. What's next for Agnes Zawadzki, Samantha Cesario, and Courtney Hicks?
  170. Deft Hands Keep Figure Skaters Looking Sharp -- New York Times
  171. Is Christina Gao being scored correctly?
  172. The USFSF is proposing to the next ISU Congress to delete secret judging!
  173. Kaetlyn Osmond, ANY kind of threat?
  174. TV Schedule in the U.S. for Nationals
  175. The ladies USA Olympic team?
  176. Ashley Wagner has earned U.S. spot for Sochi?
  177. Cynicism and the team event
  178. Important Lesson from Nationals around the world in olympic year
  179. The chances of the newcomers pre-Olys
  180. Did Ashley Wagner peak too early?
  181. Did John Nicks' Absence at Ashley's Competitions Hurt Her?
  182. Polina and Mirai have earn their spot for Sochi
  183. Beautiful Screen Caps Of Gracie
  184. And The 2014 Olympic team is... Gracie, Ashley and Polina
  185. Ashley Wagner changing her FS?
  186. Thanks to NBC
  187. Was Mirai Nagasu screwed over by the USFS?
  188. Will Mirai Appeal Decision for Olympic Team?
  189. Adam Rippon
  190. US Worlds and Four Continents Teams?
  191. US Ladies for Jr Worlds
  192. The Up and Coming Seniors
  193. Do you have confidence in Jeremy Abbott?
  194. List of Olympic team?
  195. The credibility of figure skating : Is it a sport or a popularity contest with sponsors ?
  196. Who will be in the last group of ladies FS at Sochi?
  197. Can Gracie win the gold in Sochi?
  198. Who will be in the last group of men FS at Sochi?
  199. Agnes Zawadzki article
  200. New Yorker Article: Figure Skating’s Rough Justice
  201. Rafael Artunian and Ashley/Adam
  202. mao88-are you here?
  203. Love-we love you Mirai
  204. A Coach for Mirai
  205. Ok-naysayers-read this-Alissa Czisny article
  206. Flashback 1996: Michelle Kwan or Chen Lu
  207. Importance of federation's backing
  208. Selection Committee: USA Olympic Team(skating)
  209. Interruptions to programs have now become more costly!
  210. Five Favorites for Olympic Gold in Women's Figure Skating at Sochi 2014
  211. Do you think the petition for Mirai Nagasu, can make a difference or not ?
  212. Who else thinks there should be an off day between SP and FS at Olympics?
  213. Should there be a rule banning the reuse of past programs?
  214. News- Ashley Wagner returning to Samson and Delilah for the Olympics!
  215. The Beautiful Things in the Skating World
  216. Jason Brown-Gold In Sochi?
  217. Good News Everybody-Europeans Are Starting in a Few Hours-15th January 2014
  218. US skaters for Oly team event?
  219. 2014 European Ladies Short Program results
  220. A suggestion for specific USFSA criteria in picking future U.S teams
  221. Yuna Kim Giselle SP 2011
  222. European Championships
  223. A "Karolyi Era" in Figure Skating
  224. Jeremy Abbott Sounds Off On Russia’s Anti-LGBT Laws
  225. 30 for 30: the price of gold
  226. U.S. media continues to get the story wrong
  227. Gracie Gold - The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
  228. Outrage follows decision to leave Nagasu off U.S. team
  229. Has Russia said when they'll announce their decision re: Plushenko or Kovtun 4 Olys?
  230. Is Gracie Gold as good as Yuna Kim or Mao Asada when they were her age?
  231. Gracie vs Julia
  232. The Flutzing Russians
  233. There's a petition to send Mirai to Sochi with 4,308 so far
  234. Yuna and Mao....
  235. Is Patrick a lock for gold still?
  236. Can Lipnitskaya close the gap on Mao & Kim in time for the Olympics?
  237. Is Hanyu the favourite for Sochi?
  238. Will the Chan/Hanyu Olympic battle match the epic scale of the 'Battle of the Brians'?
  239. Caroline Zhang: no coach?
  240. I feel a bit sorry for Ashley Wagner...
  241. Yuka Sato/Jason Dungjen divorced
  242. My Favorite Programs of Sochi Olympians
  243. Carolina Kostner’s chances at the Olympics?
  244. How can we best show our support to the beleaguered Ashley?
  245. 10 Richest Figure Skaters
  246. Mirai's exhibition program
  247. Michael Jackson Medley Mania! Which one do you prefer?
  248. Olympics on Edge: New Terror Threats Emerge
  249. Score ceiling for Julia and Adelina in Sochi
  250. What will happen in Ice Dancing this year?