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  1. 2014-2015 Programs by Discipline
  2. Stupid Questions Thread
  3. Yuna's free program to Adios Nonino - Review
  4. The Powerhouses of Women's Skating
  5. Do we overrate skaters of past eras?
  6. Shizuka Arakawa got married
  7. Great Lifts in Ice Dance
  8. Rachael Flatt news
  9. Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir Reality TV Show on W
  10. A Coach for Mirai Nagasu
  11. Jeff Buttle got married?
  12. The Next Great Ladies Champion from Russia
  13. The art, the flow, the grace is gone
  14. Programs 2014-2015 unofficial preview thread
  15. Music people should be skating to
  16. Stars on Ice - any chance new Russians will be there?
  17. The 1 Loop Jump in a jump combo
  18. Best Exhibitions
  19. "ISU Challenger Series Figure Skating" - per Communication No. 1854
  20. Johnny Weir's court day for biting his husband Voronov
  21. Kavaguti and Smirnov will go for Pyeongchang 2018
  22. Technology to Measure Figure Skating: Imagine
  23. Gala- "We are the Champions"
  24. The Improvement Thread: Your Ideas
  25. ALL THAT Skate Ice show - May 4,5,6
  26. Elena Ilinykh & Nikita Katsalapov Split
  27. 2014-2015 GP predictions
  28. Savchenko and Massot team up
  29. Russian youngsters are impressive!
  30. Skaters Retiring in the US?
  31. Which skaters have correct jumping technique?
  32. Vera Bazarova and Yuri Larionov end partnership
  33. State of the American Ladies III: 2014-15 Season
  34. What's next for Patrick Chan?
  35. The Skating Lesson
  36. What About Nordic Skaters?
  37. Best skaters of the quad from 1995-1998 until 2011-2014
  38. What happens to Gracie Gold if she doesn't win any Grand Prix events next season?
  39. Bazarova / Deputat teams up for New Partnership (to be coached by Vasiliev)
  40. 2014-15 Season Preview
  41. Prediction for your favorite skaters next season
  42. Will More Dance & Pairs Teams Split? Some Sources Say Yes.
  43. Russian Nationals podium
  44. ISU Communication 1860 "Ice Dance Requirements for technical rules with ongoing validity"
  45. Daisuke Takahashi To Take Year Out To Decide Future
  46. Weir and Lipinski will be part of the Kentucky Derby and Oaks coverage
  47. Lillehamer Revisited
  48. Should figure skating be removed from the Olympic games?
  49. Who had more presence in the FS? Cohen vs Kostner
  50. Canadian pairs news: M-T/M and P/M have split
  51. Tatiana Tarasova's choreography
  52. American Top Skating Official reacts to Cinquanta Proposals
  53. Dick Button and Janet Lynn provide 1-2 punch for Delegates to this week's USFS GC
  54. What went wrong with Mao Asada?
  55. Trophee Eric Bompard 2014 - venue is not Paris Bercy again?
  56. Skating Season withdrawal help forum
  57. How many years to make an Olympic level skater? And other questions
  58. Scottish bid to bring World Figure Skating Championships to Glasgow in 2017
  59. Pechalat / Dujardin
  60. Throwback Thursday Kimmie Meissner 2006 Worlds
  61. Splits, retirements, and new teams
  62. Anyone going to SkateCanada Kelowna?
  63. Official agenda of the upcoming ISU Congress
  64. Montenegro trying to pull a Plushenko in the Eurovision next week
  65. Hotarek/Berton close to splitting
  66. Skate America 2014 Tickets
  67. 2014-15 ISU Sanctioned Competitions
  68. Lawrence & Swiegers End Partnership
  69. Best figure skates? Toe pick questions?
  70. Figure Skating-ISU president must quit before sport dies
  71. The COMPLETE Guide to Fixing the Scoring System and Improving Ice Skating
  72. Pick your favorite skaters GP assignment
  73. My Alternative Proposal For The Reform Of Youth Championships In Figure Skating
  74. Marissa Castelli and Simon Shnapir end partnership
  75. Off-season video suggestions: what gives you chills?
  76. Better career: Volchkova or Meier?
  77. IOC awarded to NBC the broadcast rights for the Olympic through to 2032
  78. Crazy future predictions
  79. Sochi Olympics Programs
  80. Coaches Who Treat Skaters as People First?
  81. Grace Gold - too princessy?
  82. Eating disorders among figure skaters and other athletes
  83. Videos from Sochi
  84. Preserving Autographs on Skates
  85. Skaters who have used classical ballet music
  86. Why do Skaters Flutz? And/Or What Makes Edge Jumps so Difficult?
  87. Jason Brown's new agent
  88. Olga Markova
  89. Kim Yu-Na says goodbye to figure skating, acting career next?
  90. Question about Kwan's Carmina Burana footwork
  91. Yuna Kim for Vogue Korea (June cover issue)
  92. Could Godzilla Ice Skate? We will need to do math!
  93. Stars on Ice Vancouver, BC AWESOME!
  94. Patrick Chan not Ruling Out Competing at Next Winter Olympics
  95. Weaver and Poje, Magic
  96. In a class of his own: Orser owned 2013-14 season
  97. Chan, Virtue and Moir Win Ontario Sports Award
  98. Unusual music choices
  99. YUNA KIM All that skate
  100. Mao Asada decides not to compete in 2014-2015
  101. Juniors moving up to to Senior Grand Prix in 2014-15
  102. An In-depth Interview with Yuna Kim
  103. Men of the 60s videos?!
  104. Compare David Wilson and Lori Nicol's Choreography
  105. South Korea will attempt to pass 'host nation' automatic qualification through ISU.
  106. Most overused music of all time...
  107. Team China is preparing for the new season in Canada
  108. Meryl Davis - US Figure Skating's Superstar
  109. Hao Zhang Got Married!
  110. Brian Joubert training in pairs discipline?
  111. Amelie Lacoste Retires
  112. Great Article About Virtue and Moir and Olympics
  113. Skating performances and music you found to be "summery".
  114. Skaters and CTE
  115. ISU World standings as of 5/21/2014
  116. Becky Bereswill cast in Disney on Ice
  117. Opera Pop on Ice - Arena di Verona from 20/09/2014 to 21/09/2014
  118. The diverse beauty of American lady figure skaters
  119. Plushenko is back in training!
  120. Bittersweet: A Moment in Figure Skating.
  121. My lunchtime Figure Skating Game: Try this for a laugh
  122. The diverse beauty of men in figure skating
  123. Looks like confirmation that Meryl/Charlie will go pro (Link Inside)
  124. Should Maks and Meryl start a reality show?
  125. Canadian Nationals Will Be In Kingston
  126. Virtue/Moir - Davis/White
  127. World Junior Medalists Purdy and Marinaro end skating partnership
  128. Anyone have news about Caydee Denney ?
  129. Denis Ten and Friends Ice Show 2014 - yay!
  130. FS and Sports Causing Passions Nationwide
  131. Highest-scoring ladies elements under the IJS
  132. Mao makes right choice in deciding to take year off
  133. Bidders for 2022 Winter Games Are Melting Away
  134. New pair: DeeDee Leng/Simon Shnapir!
  135. Chan's plans for the next quadrennial- your best guess
  136. Peizerat & Candeloro for Joint President of the French Federation of Ice Sports?
  137. GOE academy
  138. CoP kills the sport - No freedom for the skater
  139. Why is Skating the Only Sport Where the Athletes Await their Scores with their Coaches ?
  140. Beautiful Ice Dance Couples over the years
  141. Hersh: ISU boss has driven skating toward a ditch
  142. Charlie White's New Haircut.
  143. Young talented skaters (suggestions)
  144. The NEW highest score you can attain in Ice Dance is.....
  145. Zijun Li vs. Kaetlyn Osmond: The Unsung Rivalry
  146. New Pairs Team: Kirsten Moore-Towers and Michael Marinaro
  147. Cinq to hold a press conference after ISU Congress
  148. Top Knot Bun: Not Only Practical But Big Fashion Impact Too
  149. How Much Does Choreography Cost?
  150. Skaters who wear eyeglasses
  151. 13 Signs You Are Obsessed With Figure Skating
  152. Skaters and Their Signature Moves, Elements & Programs
  153. Figure Skating and Ice Hockey, Closer-Knit Than We Thought.
  154. Tessa and Scott Take Over Twitter
  155. Davis and White to sit out 2014-15 season
  156. Should the IJS use median scores instead of the trimmed mean?
  157. Biryukova switches to pairs.
  158. Team Russia for 2014/2015 Season
  159. Worth the money?
  160. Tanith and Charlie are Engaged!
  161. Marissa Castelli and Mervin Tran pair up.
  162. Hyperspecialization Is Ruining Youth Sports—And The Kids Who Play Them --
  163. Skaters changing citizenship and Feds
  164. 55th ISU Congress: Who voted "For" and "Against" anonymous judging
  165. Kiira Korpi ready for comeback!
  166. Medal Contenders (Favorites) For 2018 PyeonChang Olympics
  167. Sun Valley Shows Lineups Are Announced
  168. Helsinki will host 2017 Worlds
  169. 2016/2017 ISU Championships provisional allotments
  170. "Women" and "Girls" for season 2014-15
  171. Partial Step Sequence?
  172. True Actresses/Actors on the Ice
  173. Where, Or By Whom, Was This Music Skated To?
  174. Agnes Zawadzki to Sit Out 2014-15 Season
  175. Should Skaters Chose Music For Themselves or For the Judges?
  176. Kostner to sit out 2014-15 season
  177. Alissa Czisny retires from competition
  178. American Ice Theatre (Chicago - 5/31/2014) - Let's Dance Highlight Reel!
  179. Ashley Wagner's popularity
  180. John Kerr Has Gotten Married
  181. Proposal for Ongoing Fan Protest of Anonymous Judging
  182. Didier Gailhaguet elected again
  183. Keeping/bringing back old programs
  184. Hersh: In figure skating, same old, same old
  185. Denney and Coughlin out for 2014-2015 season
  186. 55th ISU Congress: changes accepted for singles/pairs and for ice dance
  187. Minimum TES for 2015 Euros/Four Continents/Worlds/Junior Worlds
  188. Rank the winning Ladies performances at Worlds and Olympics for the last four years
  189. Women Skating Stars
  190. U.S. Figure Skating Announces 2014-15 Team Envelopes
  191. 2014-15 Grand Prix assignments
  192. If our beloved skaters played football
  193. Vote for Meryl and Charlie
  194. World Renowned Figure Skaters
  195. Playing the game of COP: A case study.
  196. Canada’s Grenier and Deschamps hope for another magical season
  197. Yanovskaya and Mozgov target top of Junior World podium
  198. Aaron and Settlage make the jump to Seniors
  199. New pair team Savchenko and Massot aim high
  200. Radionova ready to take on senior skating world
  201. Tuktamisheva aims to return to previous form
  202. The best strategy for your favorite skater
  203. Bobrova & Soloviev- the wild cards of ice dancing this season
  204. New Pair team Marchei and Hotarek
  205. Music suggestion for Gracie Gold
  206. New Programs with Vocal Music..So Far.
  207. Aldridge/Eaton coaching change
  208. ISU World Standings as of 7/2/2014
  209. Best coach for Russian ladies?
  210. Skaters with highest chances for podium/Lucky draws for Grand Prix
  211. Russia’s Maxim Kovtun moves forward
  212. SP/LP: Combined number of quads
  213. Why no Solo Dance?
  214. Canada’s Osmond seeks redemptive season
  215. Who will push the technical edge in Ladies FS?
  216. Skate Canada Announces 2014-2015 National Team
  217. Isabella Tobias & Ilia Tkachenko Team Up For Israel
  218. U.S. Coaches- what do you think?
  219. Sotnikova to headline field at NHK Trophy
  220. ISU experiment: dividing tasks among judges??
  221. Is Gold solid as numero uno with USFS?
  222. Who will rise to podium in pairs and ice dance?
  223. Zhang and Bartholomay Withdraw from GP; split
  224. Any Senior Skating Competitions In August?
  225. Who has the best quad toe?
  226. PCS academy
  227. No more “cute factor” for Canada’s Nam Nguyen
  228. Brian Joubert to compete in Pairs with Katrina Gerboldt for Russia
  229. Can skaters use music like hip-hop?
  230. Asia, Europe, or North America - who will dominate the next 4 years?
  231. Fantasy Pair Game
  232. Nice Tessa and Scott Article
  233. Carolina Kostner: "I had to go back to my roots to find peace in my skating"
  234. USA’s Tyler Pierce makes senior debut in California
  235. Baiul loses lawsuit against NBC
  236. Mishin: Plushenko may participate in Olympics 2022 as ice dancer
  237. Keegan Messing to skate for Canada
  238. Plushenko asked to skate for another country
  239. Aldridge and Eaton make switch to Zoueva
  240. Radionova hairstyle has inspired other skaters ?
  241. Daria Popova Teams Up With Andrey Novoselov For France
  242. So Youn Park -- The next queen of figure skating?
  243. Gracie Gold Video
  244. Meet Chasity Brinn
  245. France will not release Massot
  246. Malaysia Flight MH17: Connie Stuiver, Dutch Silver Medalist was on the plane
  247. The Ice 2014 - Japan
  248. Canada’s Bennet Toman thrives after move to Toronto
  249. Ina Bauer move
  250. Lyrics.. yea or nay?