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  1. Stupid Questions Thread
  2. State of US Ladies in skating III: 2014-15 Season
  3. Quadruple toe loop
  4. Ina Bauer move
  5. The Biellmann Spin
  6. The Death Spiral
  7. The quad twist
  8. The Lutz jump
  9. Julia Antipova seriously ill
  10. State of Russian ice dance
  11. State of Japanese Skaters 2014-2015
  12. State of Russian Ladies in skating: 2014-15 Season
  13. Doping ban requested for skater Carolina Kostner
  14. Interesting spin positions
  15. ISU Challenger Series modifications for 2015/16
  16. Pick the music for your favorites
  17. ISU launches “Wait...What!!!” “What’s in my bag?” and “A moment with”
  18. Slow Motion Jump Editing (AKA: Sam's Jump-a-ma-tron)
  19. Gracie Gold's 3A
  20. 2015 EDI Awards from PSA
  21. 2015/16 GPF to be held in Barcelona again!
  22. 2015-2016 Programs by Discipline
  23. Greece and Puerto Rico out of ISU
  24. Cinquanta Was He Good for Skating? Didier Next?
  25. Ice Rink On The Estate (New Torvill & Dean TV Series), ITV 9/4/15 9pm
  26. Retirements Going Into 2015-16 Season
  27. Plushenko intends to restart career
  28. How Do Judges Become Judges?
  29. Cool TV theme songs that would be cool for skating programs
  30. All time & current favorite skaters
  31. Creating the program: series re Castelli/Tran creative process 2015
  32. Paul Wylie
  33. 2015 Summer Fan Fest Fete! Updates!
  34. The State of U.S. Men's Figure Skating 2015-2016
  35. 2015 Skate America in Milwaukee
  36. State of Japanese Skaters 2015-2016
  37. Congratulations to Tanith Belbin & Charlie White!
  38. Anna Pogorilaya Requests Your Help With Next Year's Programs
  39. Crazy Future Predictions
  40. Nagasu taking lessons with Mishin in CO
  41. Translation requests
  42. Samantha Cesario retires
  43. 'Jeremy Abbott aims to be a contender' - Examiner Article
  44. Recalling Falls
  45. Skating Song Parodies?
  46. Vincent Zhou is competing again as of May 2015
  47. Single skaters doing pair/dance EX
  48. "In Partner Search" skaters
  49. Patrick Chan Elite Figure Skating School
  50. Skaters/Results/Performances You've Changed Your Mind About
  51. Videos from 2015 Offseason Shows
  52. Non-Classical Themes That Win
  53. What if Michelle Had Stuck with Frank?
  54. Premier League for skaters?
  55. If you could have a conversation with a coach, who would it be?
  56. If you had one day...
  57. Maria Vigalova & Egor Zakroev split
  58. Raising Skaters: The Involvement of Federations and training
  59. Russian National Team for 2015-16
  60. Favorite Skating Siblings?
  61. The performance that got you hooked
  62. Good Music/Music Cuts
  63. 2014-2015 Program Report, What worked, What didn't, How to improve
  64. Skating to live music
  65. What kind of fancy maneuvering is this?
  66. Irina Slutskaya's best programs
  67. Skaters Share On Ice Success Stories Article
  68. Congratulations to Meagan Duhamel and Bruno Marcotte!
  69. Satoko Miyahara: ‘I Still Have A Long Way To Go’
  70. Warhorses you'd be okay with
  71. Broadmoor Open Webcast?
  72. Are figures completely gone?
  73. Interview with Liza Tuktamysheva's first coach
  74. Synchronized skating denied addition to the Olympics
  75. Score This: Midori Ito's Programs
  76. French Fed is refusing to release Bruno Massot
  77. Michelle Kwan Joins Hillary Clinton Campaign Full Time
  78. Daisuke Takahashi on his post-retirement life in Long Island, N.Y.
  79. USFS overhauls management of video assets
  80. Your favourite Akiko Suzuki programs
  81. Paul/Islam & Hubbell/Donohue join Montreal ranks
  82. If Adelina Sotnikova returns
  83. An idea for "splitting" the ISU: Speed/Figure Skating
  84. Will there be a warhorse epidemic this season?
  85. Hannah Miller valedictorian of graduating class
  86. 2015-16 SOV Tables for Singles and Pairs released
  87. 2015-16 Grand Prix assignments
  88. McNamara and Carpenter: 'Never count yourself out'
  89. 2018 ISU Championships provisional allotments, incl. Worlds in Italy
  90. Will Lipnitskaya pull off a comeback?
  91. New singles and pairs base values
  92. Patrick Chan's new Venture
  93. Meeting skaters: share your experiences!
  94. ISU to tighten rules on minimum TES for 2015-16
  95. Denis Ten and Friends: 2015 show in Almaty
  96. Survey: your take on the 2015-2016 SOV tables
  97. Grand Prix Final 2016 in Marseille France ?
  98. Congrats to Anna Cappellini and Ondřej Hotárek!
  99. Hanyu: ‘Failure is the stepping stone for success’
  100. The performances of Wagner and Gold
  101. Moskvina and Knierim
  102. Copyright issues with skating music?
  103. grand prix assignments ...
  104. Tonya & Nancy: The Rock Opera
  105. Program costume color predictions
  106. Music you bought because skaters you like skate to it
  107. New Dance couple - Stavitskaia / Shibnev
  108. Schindler's List programs
  109. Any advice/tips for a first time World's attendee?
  110. Who are the skaters you respect most and why?
  111. Figure Skaters send message to Get Active
  112. Is Agnes Zawadzki competing or doing cruise ship shows still
  113. Courtney Hicks training 3A
  114. "X Games On Ice" - New Yorker article
  115. Jump technique discussion
  116. Spin Competition: would that work?
  117. Kayne and O’Shea continue to progress
  118. Forget Me Not
  119. What is an ISU Judge's exam like?
  120. Good or Bad? New Scale Base Value changes, -4.0 deduction on Quads?
  121. Eurosport wins rights to show Olympic Games!
  122. Vaitsechovskaya's Interview with Rafael Arutunian
  123. A new interview with Javier Fernandez!
  124. Who are you excited to see on the GP?
  125. If you could pick any of the current ladies to represent your country
  126. Rare photos of skaters in childhood
  127. ISU protocol for on ice medical emergencies in figure skating
  128. Interview and Translation: Adian Pitkeev
  129. New interview with Castelli & Tran
  130. Who will be Canada's #1 Lady 2015-16?
  131. U.S. Figure Skating Announces 2015-16 Team Envelopes
  132. Alexander Petrov: Plushenko Ready to Compete!
  133. Michelle Kwan vs. the 2004 Worlds
  134. Figure skaters coaching hockey players
  135. Canada’s Zhao prepares for senior debut
  136. Sun Valley Summer Ice Shows 2015
  137. Best Ladies' 3Lutz ever?
  138. Historical "firsts" for 2014-15?
  139. Skate Canada updated the National Team
  140. Skaters dancing with fans
  141. New interview with Adian Pitkeev
  142. Artistry on Ice 2015
  143. Flirtatious Programs: what do you think of them?
  144. Tiffany Zahorski is Interviewed
  145. Tonya Harding and the state of Oregon
  146. Best Ladies' Flutzes ever?
  147. Should dresses be required?
  148. Memorable programs by Jeff Buttle?
  149. Sasha Cohen engaged
  150. Nazarova and Nikitin take on new style for 2015-16
  151. Parts of warhorses that should be used more
  152. Music Context
  153. Carol Heiss Jenkins re ticker-tape parade in 1960
  154. Plushenko's Mother Has Passed Away
  155. Olivia Smart And Joseph Buckland Split
  156. TSL's Interview with Tamara Moskvina
  157. Magic Zambonis
  158. Competition level questions
  159. Glacier Falls next stop for Nathan Chen
  160. "Princess" Chasity gets new boots...
  161. Exactly how is ballet helpful for skating jumps
  162. Laura Lepistö has gotten married
  163. 2014/2015 National results - ISU communication 1953
  164. Polina Edmunds - her chances next season? your thoughts?
  165. Gold and Sotnikova
  166. Moore-Towers and Marinaro: ‘No stone unturned’
  167. Park So-Youn: The teen tipped to be South Korea's 'next Kim Yu-Na'
  168. Which ladies could land a 3A?
  169. Passion of Ice and Snow, Beijing, July 31 2015
  170. Stephane Lambiel: 'I prefer investing in my sport and my art'
  171. IceNetwork Query
  172. Edmunds to debut 2015-16 season in Anaheim
  173. Tatiana Navka Getting Married
  174. Hanyu, Oda, and Uno Discuss their futures etc
  175. Ice Dance Teams/Coaches at IceWorks in Aston, PA
  176. Team Challenge Cup (new ISU event in 2016)
  177. TSL´s Interview with Aljona Savchenko
  178. Virtue and Moir Play "Who's Most Likely"
  179. Three 3As in one competition for Ladies
  180. First quad combos
  181. The best at compulsory figures
  182. Most innovative/original choreography
  183. Quad throw in pair skating
  184. Who does great spirals?
  185. New Pair - Narumi Takahashi & Alexandr Zaboev
  186. Parsons and Parsons look to raise the bar
  187. What determines the difficulty of a jump combination?
  188. Where can I buy/read/download this magazine?
  189. Summer Flashback Events! French Championships and Masters 2014-15
  190. Lost Joanna Ng program
  191. Karen Magnussen
  192. Nagasu puts on a show
  193. Kozuka Takahiko is Engaged to Oshima Yukari
  194. Who is/was the stronger skater of the partnership?
  195. Summer Competitions (Thornhill, etc.)
  196. Han Yan aims to make history for China
  197. Ronald Lam retires from competitive skating
  198. THE ICE 2015 - Mao's Ice Show! From Sapporo to Sendai (07/22 - 08/02)
  199. Harvard's An Evening with Champions benefit show, Sep 18 - 19, 2015
  200. Weinstein and Simon thrive in Colorado
  201. Interview with Coach Tsareva-Anna Pogorilaya is healthy again
  202. Underrotations affecting PCS? -A study of Satoko
  203. Spread Eagle
  204. What are good 'skating skills'? Who should get high SS scores?
  205. Elladj Baldé family postscript
  206. Liza Tuktamysheva: 'It is not easy to cope with success'
  207. Medvedeva readies for international senior debut
  208. PCS discussion
  209. Favorite Pairs Programs/Moves from last season 2014-15
  210. Favorite Dance Programs/Moves from last season 2014-15
  211. Favorite Ladies Programs/Moves from last season 2014-15
  212. 2020 Youth Olympics and 2022 Olympics Host Cities Announced
  213. Pioneering figure skater Alena ‘Aja’ Vrzanova dies
  214. Favorite Men Programs/Moves from last season 2014-15
  215. Memorable, interesting, and/or funny fluff videos
  216. Favorite Exhibition and Gala Programs/Moves from last season 2014-15
  217. Zahorski and Guerreiro hope for international debut this season
  218. 2015-16 Russian Test skates
  219. Blog For USFSA Fan Zone Contest
  220. "Moskovskiy Figurist"
  221. 2017 US Nationals
  222. Adam Rippon 'lets go of doubt'
  223. Russian figure skater Nicole Gosviani to represent Italy?
  224. World Standings Query
  225. 2015-16 Junior Predictions
  226. Intersting/Creative/Difficult Entries
  227. First lady to do the 3Lz-3t?
  228. Sotnikova, Tukhtamysheva, Joubert will compete at Japan Open 2015
  229. 30 For 30: The Price Of Gold (i.e. Nancy & Tonya), 11 Aug On BT Sport
  230. How important is costuming?
  231. Séguin and Bilodeau learn 'winning formula'
  232. The Shifting Ways We Define The Standard
  233. Cast the show that won't exist
  234. Canadian Ladies 2015-16
  235. Calculating scores based on scoresheet for "what-ifs"
  236. Music Matchmaking
  237. USA's Courtney Hicks works to up her game
  238. Duhamel/Radford new element: throw quad lutz
  239. A Chinese documentary film: YAN Han's summer(with subtitle)
  240. Up and coming: Young You
  241. U.S. Champs Camp 2015 (what's going down); Aug. 22-26
  242. Collins and Firus hope to bring tech skating to new heights
  243. 2015-16 State of Russian ladies in skating
  244. New ESPN video re Surya Bonaly from Eva Longoria
  245. Gilles and Poirier's FD for 2015-16
  246. Best “Swan Lake” performances
  247. Season 2014-2015 Results and Videos
  248. Dream Competition
  249. Nam Nguyen: 'Everything will be bigger'
  250. Congratulations to Tatiana Volosozhar & Maxim Trankov!