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Thread: Dorothy Hamill, America's "Sweetheart"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grgranny
    Yes, that's right. I don't remember why they separated but I know she still had deep feelings for him. I've always thought it was really too bad she didn't find that special one that would treat her well. I'd like another one too.
    It's too bad that Dorothy's second marriage, to Ken Forsythe, also ended in divorce. Except in this case, the cause was his infidelity.

    I'd love to see Dorothy skate off into the sunset with the right man - maybe three will be the charm for her some day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wvgal57
    I think Dorothy Hamill is the best to ever put on skates. Her effortless flow and glide across the ice is unmatched. She appears as one with the ice as no one else can, a true artist who touches the audience with her true spirit. No attempts at character or pouts, she has the package that requires absolutely nothing at all. I could watch her skate all day.
    I agree with you 100 percent! Dorothy will hold a special place in the hearts of figure skating fans for years to come. She's one of a kind. She has the kind of magic that you can't teach - it comes from the heart.

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