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    Igor Shpilband

    Are the allegations true?

    I have heard on some other boards, that he supposedly uses violence if a student doesn't do what he wants. I have heard that he pulled a girl student's long braid because she didn't do what he wanted. It has also been said that he locked a male student in the locker because he didn't obey him either.

    Although this hasn't come from the horse's mouth, he wants Tanith Belbin to keep her hair blonde all year round though she wanted it back to it's natural dark brown color. I also hear he pressures his female students into being super-thin.

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    He looks so easy-going on TV. ..

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    Might be true about Tanith's blond hair, though.

    Caption: Your roots are showing.

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    In an interview a season or so ago, Tanith mentioned that she had died her hair back to it's natural brown over the summer, but that Igor preferred it blonde, as it would contrast better with Ben. I find it odd that a coach would tell a skater what to do with their hair, but she didn't seem to mind. The violence seems to be a stretch. I doubt that his top skaters would put up with it.

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    I would rather see things that are true than rumors here. I guess GGr is in a bad mood or something. Just remember that the things you say reflect on you. So I guess I'm a grunch.

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    Some of it might be due to cultural differences. In America, we're much more sensitive with regards to 'punishing' students. Teachers here are no longer allowed to touch students - when I was a child, it was ok for the principal to use a paddle when someone misbehaved. In other countries, this type of discipline is still ok.

    Don't know if the rumors are true or not, but it's up to the student and his/her parents to determine what is acceptable as long as the student is not put in grave danger.

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