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Thread: Programs by Dean

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    My only problem with this whole Dean/Kwan/Bolero talk, is that ... do any of us know for sure what he choreographed and how much, if anything, she removed from the program? We're all just speculating and really have no idea what "his" choreogrpahy was or was not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CzarinaAnya
    Ok, another apology. But didn't they have, Graeme Murphy at one point?
    Yeah - they worked with him in their first two professional years (summer 1984 till 1986).

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    Quote Originally Posted by tdnuva
    The one which was just a Kurt solo was "Ain't no sunshine". And it was performed during a whole CSOI tour. Wonderful work imho.
    I didn't realize Chris choreographed that program! It's one of my favorites... wish he'd skated it more... but now I can see why

    Chris also was behind the programs Kurt skated with Tara in SOI... as well as the program Tara had with Ilia... all of which are awesome IMHO

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