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Thread: Ryan Jahnke = Boitano clone

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    Am I mistaken but Ryan didn't put the tano lutz in his COC program, right?? I like his skating alot and I think he is very talented. Last year when I went to Skate Canada I saw him in the airport and chatted with him. He was very nice and receptive. He did a wonderful job at that competition and I told him that I came flying out of my seat waving my US flag. I thought he was going to move away from me wondering if he was talking to a nut case but he was so gracious about it and thanked me for cheering him on.


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    Yes, I think he did try a Tano Lutz as his first element, but fell and only got credit for a double. I think it was intended to be the start of a combination (?) -- he did a triple Lutz combo later in the program and got full credit, which might have been improvised after the fall on the first attempt.


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    Although I like Ryan Jahnke's skating, he doesn't come close to Brian Boitano, as far as I'm concerned. Boitano was usually a model of consistency with his jumps, and Jahnke is still trying to gain consistency with his triple axel. Jahnke's programs are well choreographed and very interesting, but there's usually too many technical errors to make him a serious medal contender.

    I would be very pleased to see Jahnke qualify for the US Olympic team, but I just don't see how that can happen, unless there's a lot of poor performances at Nationals.

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