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Thread: Western - Pre Novice Men Short

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    Western - Pre Novice Men Short

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    CAN Barry Tran Start No: 1
    Notes: black with silver design down one side of top / flycam has nice extension with bit of layover - bit slow / 2l turnout / beatiful xfoot great speed / spread eagle 2s fell / O ftwrk has good flow / spread eagle 1a / cam sit A back sitopen leg xfoot - pretty good spin / 14.39 currently 1st /

    CAN Liam Firus Start No: 2
    Notes: dark blue shirt black pants / take 5 / great xfoot good speed & centered / ftwrk 2z step out hand down / very goo dspeed & flow / 1a / O ftwrk is with the music - turns go both ways / cam is a bit loopy sit ch sit inside edge xfoot - pretty good spin / 3 turns into 2s / flycam good fly & spin pos got a little slow / not a bad skate at all / 17.3 currently 1st /

    CAN Ronald Lam Start No: 3
    Notes: shades of green & blue shirt with purple tie / big band / bit of chor / nice 2a / big stop with music almost slipped / moving fast / 3l rotated but fell / cam sit back sit with inside edge to xfoot - good spin / ftwrk into 2s / flycam prety good fly & pos changes to bent leg / O ftwrk is quite complex & moves fast / back xfoot is great / his edges speed & flow is very good / 23.99 currently 1st /

    CAN Lee Chandler Start No: 4
    Notes: black with bronze horizontal band across chest / trouble on cam of his combo spin then again on back combo - sit & xfoot were ok / 2f2l just hung on & pulled it off / 1a / O ftwrk is ok / bent leg spread eagle into back xfoot that gets the revs with decent speed / shoot duck into 2s / flycam has ok fly - spin pos is a bit weak / into closing pos / he & his family sitting in front of me are happy with that skate / 14.91 currently 3rd /
    CAN Matthew Stibbard Start No: 5
    Notes: red velvet blousey top / 2z2t fell on t after he had it / 1a / flycam isnt' bad at all / spiral into turns 2s / back xfoot travelled a bit but good speed / O ftwrk flows with music / cam sit upright backsit scratch - ok / I feel like I missed something but am not sure what / 16.35 currently 3rd /
    CAN David Shoults Start No: 6
    Notes: black tshirt & pants silver & black belt / bit of chor then round the end & back for 2a2t bit forward on toe / fly cam very slow & loopy / nice 2a / xfoot might have just made the revs / O ftwrk moves fast & with music pretty well / 2s / back cam sit ch sit xfoot - not bad / 20.91 currently 2nd /
    CAN Stuart Ure Start No: 7
    Notes: dark blue shirt over black pants / big band / xfoot / 2?2t missed takeoff of 1st jump / cam is ok with a bit of layover pos / 1a / cam sit 1/2 sit back sit 1/2 sit upright - pretty good / 2s / O ftwrk is ok / 20.54 currently 3rd /
    CAN Kevin Caron Start No: 8
    Notes: black with diag bright blue lines on chest / bit of chor / 2s / 2z2l hung on to the loop with determination / back cam sit ch cam sit xfoot - pretty good spin / O ftwrk fit music / back xfoot kept up the speed right to end / 2a almost had it - hand down - rotated / flycam is ok - not sure if it got the 5 revs / 19.82 currently 4th /

    CAN Ian Beharry Start No: 9
    Notes: black with one purple sleeve sideways v inset on top / 2a bit unsteady on landing but clean / flycam good fly & speed pos is ok / 2a 2t fell on toe / xfoot / O ftwrk has a variety of steps - well done / 2s / cam sit 1/2 sit back sit open leg scratch - nice spin / 23.19 currently 2nd /

    CAN William Pollock Start No: 10
    Notes: black 7 grey top with black band around armhole / 2z2t / flycam not much fly spin has good speed - pretty good pos / 1a / back xfoot excellent speed & pos / spread eagle both ways into 2s thought he had landed it but next thing I see him in the ice / O ftwrk / cam sit back cam with a hop sit / he's got a nice 'ease of movement ' on the ice / 17.4 currently 6th /

    CAN Grant Haggerty Start No: 11
    Notes: tall / blue vneck tshirt / 2z2t?? Not sure - didn't really see it / 1a / flycam is ok - free leg a bit limp / 2s / combo spin is kind of loopy in all pos / O fwrk / xfoot was fast but don't think 2nd foot was on the ice / he seems to me that he's at the 'just grew a bunch and is awkward with the new size stage' / 15.18 currently 9th? - couldn't quite hear with the zamboni starting up /

    CAN Kurtis Gaskell Start No: 12
    Notes: purple & black metallic shirt purple pants / 2a 2t / part of four seasons / 2a fell think fully rotated / back xfoot think he just made the revs / O ftwrk is fairly musical / he's making a very good attempt at skating to the music / combo spin got very slow on back / 2s into closing pos / 14.94 currently 10th /
    CAN Michael Marinaro Start No: 13
    Notes: white shirt with black suspenders black pants checkered tie / big band / 1a or was it a 2a - not sure - brain is starting to freeze with the cold / 2z2t revs completely but very low & spinny / combo spin is nice / slipped & fell just skating backwards / O ftwrk was in there / 2s / xfoot is good / flycam spin is quite nice could use more fly / 17.75 currently 6th /

    CAN Benjamin Guthrie Start No: 14
    Notes: black blousey shirt & pants / spanish guitar / camsit mushroom bac cam sit - not bad / 1a / 2z2l / xfoot kind of got stuck / 2s / O ftwrk moves well / flycam is quite good - my only nitpick is the toe pointed down / 19.21 currently 6th /

    CAN Tyler Leduc Start No: 15
    Notes: black tshirt & pants with logo on shirt / 3t turnout foot down 2t / 2a hand down / xfoot is good / man in iron mask? / 2s / flycam is ok spin pos a bit weak / O ftwrk is well done - good expressionn / combo spin with nice sit ch sit pos with inside edge / 19.22 currently ? Didn't hear /

    CAN Aleksandr Eng Start No: 16
    Notes: black with hanging gauze bits from arms / xfoot is pretty good - not as good as one in warmup / he moves very fast & has a nice way about him / nice 2a then fell turning forward / trouble on flycam and he did a great one with beautiful extension in warmup / O ftwrk is good / 2f2t / combo spin is excellent with nice pos variations / 2s / 20.17 currently 5th /

    CAN Gregory Vallance Start No: 17
    Notes: shirt top with blue & green & yellow panels / bit of chor to unusual music / back sit ch sit upright / 1a / flycam bit slow but nice pos & extension / 2f2t bit of pre-rot on both jumps / 2s / O ftwrk works with the music / xfoot started with bent lengs and straightened for final rev or two / 13.93 currently 17th /

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    oooh...thanks, Rosaleen!!

    Alexsander Eng is a member of my daughter's club, and is just an awesome skater. We're all hoping his dreams come true!

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