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    Pairs Free


    Z/Z won the free with enough points to put them in first overall. The Germans won the 2nd. I guess not much excitement there. apart from the top 2 teams. A rather depleted field (or just weak?).


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    S&S had a -1, check out the score if they didn't have that error. They would have won. Nothing against Z&Z. Just noting this.

    We should know now who is going to Tokyo for the GPF in Pairs.


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    re s & s - she had a rather graceless fall on her jump, the kind where you roll a time or two on the ice. But she got back up and the rest of the performance is reflected in the score. D. Zhang popped the axels again. Why do they do that combo when she rarely manages to put together the jumps?
    Biggest surprise was third. For a pair that almost called it quits and can't go to the Olympics, the Canadians made their trip worthwhile. Congrats.

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    Whoa, this must be one of the closest contests ever in the NJS.

    S&S won the short by 0.20 points, and Z&Z won the long by 0.82.

    This gave Z&Z the title by 0.62 points.

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    Less than a point lead is too close for me.Is it me are does the pairs standing change very little if at all from sp to fs. Does that mean they're more consistant than most single skaters?

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