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Thread: Skaters?

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    Are there no skaters here?

    Where are you from?
    How often do you skate?
    What are you working on?
    Do you test/compete?

    I'm from Scotland.
    I skate 3 to 5 days a week (6-10 hours a week)
    I'm working on single axel, backspin, parallel spin.
    I have just passed my 1st test (NISA UK). I don't want to compete!
    Also just passed Novice Free, Prelim Elements and Prelim Field Moves (NISA UK).

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    Re: Skaters?

    I'm a skater!!
    I'm about the same level as you, perfecting axels, double toes, and double sals. I'm working on getting more rotation on my camel spin, and better edging. I can land all the doubles off ice.

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    i skate too!

    hey! i'm working on my single axel, double salchow, and double toes. as for spins, i'm working on my layback and flying camel. however, because of school, i've limited my skating to twice a week, so i'm really trying to maintain my edge now (thus, i'm really not working on new moves at this point). good luck to all the skaters out there~

    <3 vanessa (aKa nessie)

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    Re: i skate too!

    I'm not doing axels on ice yet. I'm still working on the flip. Well, this is only my second year I've just started freeskating and I've already competed once and won a bronze in pre-prelim. I'm working on getting my prelim freeskate so I can test and compete at the prelim level. I want to make it all the way to reg. Canadian seniors hopefully before I'm a senior. I'm 39 and skate 3 to 4 times a week, 4 to 8 hours a week. Last summer was insane as I was working 8 hours a day and then skating 6 days a week 1 and 1/2 hours to 2 hours a session. Can you spell tendonitis? Yup, I've got it.

    What I have.

    toe loop
    almost a flip
    half flip
    bunny hop (awe, how cute!)
    side jump

    I'm hoping for a flip/toe combo.

    sit, not happening at the moment can't bend down and stay on foot long enough.
    camel has too many lumps. :lol:
    Layback (3 revs)
    back spin needs a right foot that can stand standing.
    two foot
    two foot mostly on right outside edge

    back and forward crosscuts
    lOf, roF and rIf 3s
    LiB and rob 3's
    I've got trouble with CW threes
    right inside open mohawk
    closed mohawks
    other thingies, right inside edge to right inside edge in new circle.
    rIF skid 3
    Pivits (all, heel and toe)

    all spirals (forward backward either foot inside or outside including catch and bielmann pose)

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    Re: i skate too!

    Where are you from? Chester, Nova Scotia, Canada
    How often do you skate? 1-2 times a week
    What are you working on? Programs
    Do you test/compete? Yes, compete

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    Re: i skate too!

    I'm from AZ.
    I sk8 3 times a week(5 times during summer)
    I am pre-pre. i have all single jumps but still working on axel. working on 2salchow and almost have 2flip(it is much easier than a 2sal-which is weird) spins: sit-change-sit, camel-back camel-illusion, and layback spin. also working on program a little
    I compete-it is the best part of sk8ing! so fun-especially when you go with friends!!

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    I am from British Columbia, Canada - Vancouver area. I used to be a skater, but had to "hang up my skates" due to my back problems. I miss skating very much - it was always a great part of my life growing up and brought me hours of pleasure and joy.

    I hate getting old.


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    Re: Skaters?


    Have you tried ice dancing?
    I studied skating when I was young (in the 70's) Went back to it for fun and had to stop when I moved to a place that has no ice rink. It's been 5 years and my skates are gathering dust!

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    Re: Skaters?

    hi i am a skater
    I live currently in South Carolina and train in Pineville, NC but I am planning to move to california in July.
    I have only tested through preliminary so far but I hope to test through intermedite by the time I move.
    I have never competed though I would like to enter eligible competition this fall.
    I can currently land all of my doubles on the ice and I'm working on the triple salchow, triple loop, and triple flip.

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    Re: Skaters?

    Welcome jamieonline!

    Where are you from? Oregon
    How often do you skate? 2-3 days
    What are you working on? Axel, double sal, camel
    Do you test/compete? Yep! I compete at ISI level Freestyle 4 right now..hopefully FS 5 soon!

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    I'm a skater, just not a very good one. I'm working on a salchow, a toe jump, forward and back spins. I have a fabu bunny hop and a so-so waltz jump.

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    Re: Skating

    Hello Everyone!
    Im a skater 2! I skate 4 times a week: 2 times for singles and 2 times for synchro. Im workin on my axel, and doubles, and so far, they aren't goin too great <img src= ALT=":\">
    Im form Ontario, Canada. I hope I read a response form all you other skaters soon!!:D And maybe we can talk more about this great sport!!! :rollin:

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    Re: Skaters?

    Where are you from? new jersey

    How often do you skate? usually 2 days a week, but it depends on my schedule

    What are you working on? loop and backspin. also sal-toe. can do waltz-toe and toe-toe considitently.

    Do you test/compete? not yet...i'm testing pre pre moves really soon but i wont do free until i have a flip and a lutz. prelim moves are next but they wont be for another two months or so. i might be competing a little but i'm not sure yet.

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    Re: Skaters?

    Welcome to the board!

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    Re: Skaters?

    I'm from oregon too!!! :D What part of oregon do you live in? north, east, south, west?? I live in portland..

    Well, here I go:
    I am currently pre-juvilile, and I'm moving up to Juvinile after next weeks competition. :D
    I'm not really working on any new jumps right now, I've landed all my doubles, (except for the double axel, of course) and I'm sorta hoping to start the axel soon, but not yet... <img src= ALT=":\"> Well, I guess I'm working on combos, but no new ones really.... :D

    Spins: the beilman (sp?)
    Victory spin, It's a really fun spin, I can only do about 3 rotations in the position though, and I've worked on it for a really long time too! :( It is getting slightly faster though.

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