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Thread: Leap of Faith

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    Leap of Faith

    Does anyone else have Underhill and Martini's Leap of Faith?
    I never heard from the person that has the list of tapes.
    I have tried to get it for several years and no luck. Think it was in 1991. Thanks. Grgranny

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    Re: Leap of Faith

    I know this person at the following adress that does have it.

    here is the adress.

    I hope that will help

    Thak you


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    Re: Leap of Faith

    Thanks. Will wait and see if Rgirl has one. Did you see where I won the 200th post on the Michelle Kwan artistry post?

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    Re: Leap of Faith

    Yes I did, but I think it was for a poem, I am not sure, but since this thread is so uge and that rgirl81 is doing some uge posting, I was not reading everything, but I heard about you winning something but what actually I am not sure. Please let me know

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    Re: Leap of Faith

    Grgranny posted the 200th post on the "Michelle's Artistry 200" contest on the "Can Anyone Surpass Michelle's Artistry (in the future)?" thread aka "The Thread That Almost Ate the Edge." GRGR's accomplishment was tremendous. Somebody else was posting the 200th post at the very same time GR was, but GR slipped in there with a quick two-line post and beat the other poster because her post got posted faster than the other guy's.

    I don't blame you for not reading the thread, though I think GR's poems (somewhere just after post 200) are worth reading. As for those Rgirl posts, I know what you mean! Rgirl just goes on and on and on! And it's mostly BS, if you ask me. I wouldn't read 'em.
    :evil: Rgrill, Rgirl's Evil Twin:evil:

    PS I think I found a tape of "Leap of Faith," but I have to wait for the website sponsors to e-mail me back with confirmation. I don't care how, but I want GR to have that tape. She stayed tough, used great strategy, and never lost her cool in order to win the "Michelle's Artistry 200" against some of the sneakiest posters on GS. GR is the Michelle Kwan of Michelle Kwan posting contests!

    PPS I hope you know I am just kidding with you, Skatefan. For Rgirl posts, "huge" is the word! Wish I could make myself become pithy

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