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Thread: What I have and What I am looking for...

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    What I have and What I am looking for...

    you can e-mail me at:

    I'm looking for GOOD copies of the following:
    '84 & '88 Olympics -- PUULEEEEZZZ, somebody has to have these!!!
    '91 Nationals -- anything but the ladies final (got that)
    '92 Worlds
    '92 Nationals
    '93 Nationals
    '93 World Pro -- especially men's SP & LP
    '94 Olympics - men's SP & LP
    '97 Nationals - Michelle Kwan's SP
    '96 Nationals - Pairs SP
    '96 Worlds - Ilia Kulik's SP; Pair's SP
    '97 Worlds - Men's SP; Pairs SP
    '98 Worlds - Men's SP; Pair's SP; Ladies SP for the top group
    (I have the lower women's SP, just not the ones that got in the top group :( )
    '00 Four Continents

    Here is what I have that I can make copies of for trade, etc. Most everything is original that I taped off the TV, unless noted by <copy>. Many are catalogued and I can tell you who is on them, the last ones without notes next to the event are the ones still waiting to be catalogued (so many tapes, so little time!)

    ‘89 Nationals <copy> (Pairs top 2 LP <Yamaguchi & Galindo>;
    Ladies LP; Free Dance; Men’s LP)
    '91 National Women's Freeskate – last group (Tonya Harding
    hit the 3 axle)
    '91 Disney Christmas On Ice
    ‘92 Olympics (Pairs LP; Men’s SP & LP; Ladies SP & LP &
    Podium; Exhibitions)
    ‘92 World Challenge of Champions — Men only
    '92 Worlds (copied from someone else — Men’s LP, Ladies SP
    & LP, Pairs LP)
    '92 World Pro Championships (Men’s SP & LP, Ladies SP & LP,
    Pairs SP & LP)
    '93 US Olympic Festival (Ladies SP & LP; Pairs SP & LP; Men’s
    '93 Skate America (not sure how much of this I have other
    than Michelle & the ladies and pairs)
    '93 Worlds (Men’s LP, Pair’s LP, Ladies SP & LP)
    ‘93 Skates of Gold <copy> (38 Gold Medalists ranging in age
    from 22-88 — fantastic show!)
    ‘93 World Pro Championships (Yamaguchi & Ito‘s SP & LP‘s,
    Underhill & Martini‘s SP & LP, Bechke & Petrov‘s LP)
    ‘94 Junior Worlds <copy – good> (Ladies SP & LP, Podium;
    Men’s LP; Pairs LP; Freedance)
    '94 Nationals (Men’s LP, Kerrigan attack news, Ladies SP & LP,
    Pairs LP, some exhibitions)
    ‘94 Nancy Kerrigan & Friends – done after her attack & just
    before the ‘94 Olympics
    ‘94 Olympics (Pairs SP, LP & Podium; partial Men’s SP & LP;
    Ladies SP, LP & Podium)
    ‘94 Worlds (Men’s LP, Pairs LP, Ladies SP & LP)
    '94 World Pro Championships
    '94 Artistry on Ice
    '94 World Team Challenge Championships
    '95 Nats (Men‘s SP & LP, Pairs SP & LP, Ladies SP & LP)
    ‘95 Worlds (Men’s SP & LP, Pairs SP & LP, Dance Original &
    Free, Bobek’s qualifying, Ladies SP & LP)
    '95 Campbell Soups Tour of Champions
    '95 World Team Challenge (USA #1 & 2; Canada, Europe,
    Ukraine — Boitano & Kerrigan; Wylie & Kadavy; Browning
    & Manley; Barna & Witt; Petrenko & Baiul)
    '95 Olympic Festival (Ladies & Pairs LP)
    '95 Legends of Figure Skating Championships (Men’s round
    1,2,3; Pairs round 1,2)
    ‘95 World Pro Championships
    '96 Rock & Roll Championships (Ladies 1 & 2 round; Men’s 1 &
    2 round; Pairs 2 round)
    '96 Ice Wars - USA vs. World (Trenary, Kadavy, Sumners,
    Witt, Sato, Manley; Hamilton, Boitano, Wylie, Petrenko,
    Browning, Sabovcick)
    '96 Nationals (Ladies SP & LP; Men’s SP & LP; Pairs LP)
    ‘96 Worlds (Men’s SP & LP podium, Pairs LP, Ladies SP & LP
    podium, exhibitions)
    '96 Skate America (Men’s SP & LP, Ladies SP & LP)
    '96 Grand Prix Final (Ladies SP & LP; Dance – Original; Pairs
    SP; Men’s SP & LP
    '96 COI
    Sergi Grinkov Celebration
    '96 European Champs (Men’s LP, Dance overview, Pair
    overview, Ladies LP
    '96 Ultimate Four
    '96 The Gold Championships
    ‘96 U.S. Pro Championships <inaugural> (Men, Pairs, Ladies LP
    <include. Babalonia & Gardner>)
    '96 Discover Card Stars on Ice
    '96 Olympic Winterfest Pro Championships
    ‘97 European
    '97 Skate America (Men’s LP, Ladies SP & LP, Pairs LP, M
    Kwan exhibition)
    '97 Skate Germany (overview of men’s SP, Elvis SP; Pairs
    overview; Men’s LP);
    EXTRA — rivalry between Kwan & Lipinski heading
    toward ‘98 Oly’s
    '97 Scott Hamilton Back on the Ice
    Scott Hamilton Upside Down
    '97 Nationals (Pairs SP & LP; Ladies SP & LP; Men’s SP & LP;
    Freedance of Punsalan & Swallow; Exhibitions)
    Story of Peggy Flemming by Wide World of Sports
    '97 Grand Prix Finals (Ladies SP & LP; Pairs SP & LP; Men’s SP
    & LP; Freedance)
    '97 Discover Cards Stars On Ice
    ‘97 The Professional Skating Championships (Pairs LP; Men’s
    LP; Ladies SP & LP)
    ‘97 Junior Worlds review (clips of Hartsells; Vogel; Goebel who
    all win)
    ‘97 Worlds (ladies SP & LP, Men’s LP, pair’s LP; exhib’s of
    Eldredge & Kwan)
    Story of Janet Lynn during Ladies SP of ’97 Worlds
    ‘97 Three Masters on Ice <copy> (Wylie; Hamilton; Boitano;
    w/ Sato, Sumners, Kadavy, Roca/Sur; Underhill/Martini
    '97 Too Hot To Skate
    '98 Nationals
    ‘98 Europeans,
    ‘98 Worlds (Original & Free Dances; Pairs, Men’s LP, Ladies
    some SP & all LP ; exhibitions; <ladies podium during
    '98 Olympics
    '98 Grand Slam of Skating
    '98 Keri Lotion Classic (look at MK SP; Men’s LP; Women’s LP)
    '98 Ice Wars - US vs. World (Galindo, Boitano, Kerrigan,
    Lipinski vs. Petrenko, Candelero, Bonaly, Baiul)
    '99 Nationals
    ‘99 Worlds (Men’s SP & LP; Ladies SP & LP <incl. MK
    qualifying>; Pairs SP & LP (limited on pairs)
    '99 Piruetten
    '99 Hershey Kisses Challenge (Galindo vs. Stojko; Hughes vs.
    Witt; Yamaguchi vs. Sato; Petrenko vs. Eldredge; Yagudin
    vs. Weiss; Butyrskaya vs. Kwan)
    '99 Keri Lotion – USA vs. Russia (ladies only – Cohen, Hughes,
    Kwan vs. Soldotava, Slutskaya, Butyrskaya)
    '99 Skate America
    ‘99 Skate Canada (not sure how much)
    '99 World Pro Championships (MK’s magical EOE performance)
    Ice Princess
    2000 Nats, Europeans, Worlds
    '00 Grand Prix Final
    '00 Skate America -- all
    '00 Skate Canada -- all but ice dancing
    '00 Nations cup -- women
    '00 Cup of Russia (men & women)
    '00 Trophie Lalique (women)
    '00 NHK (women & pairs)
    '00 Japan Open
    '00 COI
    '00 Grand Slam Pro Challenge
    '01 Nationals
    ‘01 Grand Prix Final,
    ‘01 Worlds
    '01 World Juniors
    '01 COI
    ‘01 Great American Figure Skating Challenge
    ‘01 Goodwill Games — (all SP & LP from 4 disciplines &
    ‘01 A Skating Tribute (remembering the ‘61 team & 9-11-01)
    Michelle Kwan Competes — 1993-2001 (a 6 hour competitive compilation) (contents available on request)

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    Re: What I have and What I am looking for...

    I'm very interested in the following, springerluv:

    ‘92 World Challenge of Champions — Men only'92 World Pro Championships (Men’s SP & LP, Ladies SP & LP,
    Pairs SP & LP)
    ‘93 Skates of Gold <copy> (38 Gold Medalists ranging in age
    from 22-88 — fantastic show!)
    ‘93 World Pro Championships (Yamaguchi & Ito‘s SP & LP‘s,
    Underhill & Martini‘s SP & LP, Bechke & Petrov‘s LP)
    '94 World Team Challenge Championships
    '96 Olympic Winterfest Pro Championships
    '00 Grand Slam Pro Challenge
    ‘01 Great American Figure Skating Challenge

    Be in touch if you can :-)

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    Hi -- do you want to trade or just purchase copies? I'm happy to do them for you.

    E-mail me at:

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    Re: Intensity19....

    Looks like I am going to want some of the recent Skate America if you have it. They didn't show the ABC one's here.
    Today I got all but the beginning of the men's and don't think any of the other ABC one's. I could probably find some of what you are looking for. Hopefully they are good quality. It will take a while to check them out. Most will probably be edited and may not be able to get a good copy if they are already edited after I copied them. Some may not have the judging. When I started, I didn't think it would matter. Didn't take long to figure that was wrong. LOL
    Otherwise, how much do you charge?

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    Re: Intensity19....

    I also would like the Underhill & Martini special they had when they retired. Someone may have it.

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    sk8ing lady2001

    Re: Intensity19....

    I would like the U&M special also. You're not alone.

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    Here's My Tape Inventory

    61 Nationals (yes, not a typo-it was copied from a reel tape and although it's slightly grainy, the picture is good)
    93 Skate America
    94 Olympics
    95 COI
    Figure Skating R/R (I'm not sure what year, likely 96, the first year Kurt did "Brick House")
    98 Improv on Ice
    99 SOI
    01 Nationals
    01 Worlds
    01 COI
    01 Masters
    Magic Memories on Ice
    Magic Memories on Ice II
    Brian Boitano & Friends

    I also have some compilation tapes I got from a fellow figure skating fan of:

    Michelle Kwan
    Nicole Bobeck
    Oksana Bauil

    Feel free to email me at

    I'll look forward to hearing from anyone who would like to trade/purchase.

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