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Thread: Rohene Ward

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    You are welcome!

    Unfortunately, I can only up to a senator - got to be a US citizen by birth to be a president! I was very excited when I saw you there. I wouldn't be shocked if there were more of you, but I will have to get the CD to review it. There were very few that I studied that closely before I flew back home.

    IIRC, you looked just fine. It is a very cool photo


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    Tonichelle, it might be somewhat difficult to get the full impact of Rohene's skating without seeing a clean program... and alas, we didn't see one in St. Louis. He can be breathtaking.

    And Sylvia is right... even after the FS disaster he greeted fans, signed autographs and posed for photos in between the Mens and Ladies competition... and did it graciously. I wish I had known about the "rowarmers"-------- I'd have bought one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sylvia
    FYI, I sold one "RoWarmer" fundraising scarf in St. Louis and I know his coach has a plentiful supply left. You can email me at for more info or just click on this link to see a photo of the purple scarf:
    You can also leave a message of support in Rohene's Guestbook.

    Edited to add: Even after his FS meltdown on Saturday, Rohene was approached by many fans in the concourse where he willingly signed autographs and posed for photos.
    Thanks Sylvia Yeah.. I wish he did better but nice to see he took time for his fans. Just speaks of class

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