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Thread: Disastrous Competitive Programs

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    Re: Disastrous Competitive Programs

    Bourne and Kraatz - last Olympics - Salt Lake City. The last 30 seconds - down they went - and the bronze medal slipped from their grasp.

    Barb Underhill and Paul Martini - Sarajevo Olympics - 1984 - Barb had boot problems and took several spills during their long program. This time the Gold medal was practically theirs - not to be!


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    Re: Disastrous Competitive Programs

    Liz Manley's LP in 1987. Liz had had a superb LP in the 1986 worlds and much was expected of her in Cincinnati. And her SP was great. However, she came apart in her LP and finished off the podium.

    Debi Thomas at the 1988 Olympics. Debi was looking great up through the SP but fell apart in the LP. I still find it hard to watch.

    This year's pairs LP at Nationals where nearly all the last 6 pairs ended up bleeding from one or another part of their anatomy.

    Brian Joubert's QR at Worlds 2003. Such a disappointment! He was one of the first to skate and had not slept well the night before.

    Lu Chen's QR the year she failed to qualify, which was in between her 2 Olympic medals.

    Nicole Bobek's LP at the 1998 Olympics. But worse was her LP the year that she was competing with Carlo Fassi as her coach and he died of a heart attack in the middle of the competition. Poor Nicole just couldn't get it together.

    Janet Lynn's celebrateds fall the year they put the SP in just for her and she fell twice in it.

    Sometimes there are whole competitions that you'd rather forget. Canadian men's and ladies in 1988. Worlds men's and ladies in 1992. Olympic ladies in 1992 weren't so wonderful either. And pairs, US nationals 2003.


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    The Worst Moments

    I've always remembered Nancy's meltdown as the most shocking. Not shocking for the fact that it happend, rather the extent of the meltdown. The fact that she had a bad performance wasn't new or surprising really...her freeskate at 92 Worlds was error filled, as was her Olympic free skate from Albertville. Even her best international showing before Prague (her bronze at the 1991 Worlds) wasn't World title caliber. I expected Nancy to make mistakes...instead she completely came unraveled. I believe she completed 2 clean triples and lacked any hint of what could be conceived as emotion. I did expect her to make mistakes but I was used to seeing her at least fight back and not let everything slip away. But, I think that's just what she needed. Perhaps she skated before with the nagging fear that something like Prague could happen, and when it finally did she was able to let go of that fear and find the confidence that led to the best season of her career. I'm so glad she went out with such a memorable set of Olympic performances.

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    Re: The Worst Moments

    Mandy Wotzel & Ingo Steuer's pairs free at the 94 Olympics. It was going ok (apart from a few mistakes) until about half way through, when they went into spirals and Mandy tripped off the front of her blade (with Ingo holding her hands, as he was behind her) and landed with a crash on the ice on her chest and chin. Owee!!! He had to carry her off the ice, and they had to withdraw.

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    Re: The Worst Moments

    I'll add Kurt Browning's 1st performance at World Pro. I think he performed to the Theme from Rocketman. I recall watching and thinking 'Ouch - he doesn't look like last year's World Champ'. I think Paul Wylie won that year with the Untouchables.

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    Others not mentioned...

    Nicole Bobek at 1997 worlds- She was mourning the loss of Carlo Fassi- I don't think she was even able to land one triple jump in her final freekskate.

    Michelle Kwan at a GP event before 2002 Olympics. I don't remember which event it was but she tried several new jump combos and fell. It was the first time she had placed out of the top 2 in a competition since 1996 Centennial On Ice.

    Elvis Stojko and Tara Lipinski's SP's from 1996.

    Lu Chen at 1996 CSF- Landed only 2 triples. First time she was off podium since her rise to the top.

    Maria B at 2002 Olympics- she looked defeated in her LP.

    Plushenko- I forgot which worlds did he drp from 1st to 4th? Was it 2000?

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    Re: Others not mentioned...

    <blockquote><strong><em>Quote:</em></strong><hr>Plushenko- I forgot which worlds did he drp from 1st to 4th? Was it 2000?[/quote]

    That was 2000 Worlds, yep. He was 1st after the short and finished 4th after the free. His performance certainly could have been worse, but he probably let nerves get to him and he did make too many errors (especially on his attempted quads). The medallists weren't that great either! Not a stellar competition.

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    Re: Others not mentioned...

    <blockquote><strong><em>Quote:</em></strong><hr>Michelle Kwan at a GP event before 2002 Olympics. I don't remember which event it was but she tried several new jump combos and fell. It was the first time she had placed out of the top 2 in a competition since 1996 Centennial On Ice.[/quote]

    May be it was SC? She was third behind IS and SH.

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    Re: Others not mentioned...

    Tonia Kwiatkowski: 1997 and 1998 Nationals
    Tim Goebel: 2003 Nationals

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    There was one of Kurt's in his pro career that was pretty bad. He forgot his program, and just kind of flubbed around the ice at the end.

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    Re: n/a

    <blockquote><strong><em>Quote:</em></strong><hr> Michelle Kwan at a GP event before 2002 Olympics. I don't remember which event it was but she tried several new jump combos and fell. It was the first time she had placed out of the top 2 in a competition since 1996 Centennial On Ice.[/quote]

    It was 01' Skate Canada.
    Michelle had two 3/3 planned.
    She fell on the first 3toe and couldn't do the second.
    She then attempted the lutz/loop. She landed the lutz but didn't have enough speed to complete the loop and got it around about 2 1/2 rotations and then fell out. I think she just hesitated on the lutz/loop and I think the concentration on that affected the first one. She had been doing them in practices at SA and SC, it was a good attempt though.

    I think she ended up landing five triples in that performance.

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    Re: n/a

    Bourne and Kraatz - 2002 Olympic Freedance. That fall looked painful, to say the least.

    Johnny Weir - 2003 Nationals. I really thought this was too bad. He had a chance to win, but it all went down hill after the SP.

    Plushenco - 2002 SP at the Olympics where he fell on the quad. Even me, being a Yagudin fan, was feeling bad for the guy :D

    Was it the 2000 Worlds where all the dancers got injured and S&P came in fourth w/ Love Story. That was probably my favorite rendition of Love Story, and I think they deserved Bronze.


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    Re: n/a

    Not sure about the 2000 Worlds dancers but that was the year they had all this security for something or another and I can't remember what it was all for. Someone got threatened or injured or something. Oh gosh, someone refresh my memory!

    And yes, J&D skated Love Story in 2000 Worlds and honestly, that performance wasn't that bad to me. I expected worse the way people talked about that. I don't remember the other pairs from that year to say if they deserved bronze or not though. And I think their 2002 Canadians LP was worse than Worlds 00. That would be my vote for J&Ds worst performance. :( Jamie popped the throw triple salchow, fell on her triple toe, and only did a single axel. It was not a good performance at all and they were both devastated by the whole thing. I felt bad watching them come off the ice and Dave was so upset about it all. It was not good at all.

    Some other ones for me are:

    Michelle's 1997 Nats LP
    Todd's Olys 02 SP and Olys 98 LP
    Tim's 03 Nats LP (And actually, that entire LP competition is just painful!)
    Angela's 02 Nats LP :(
    Bourne & Kraatz Olys 02 FD (darn that fall)

    I can't think of any others right now. I am brain dead tonight! VBS is wearing me out at church this week....LOL

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    Re: Disastrous Competitive Programs

    Here's another disastrous performance -- the 1989 Moscow Skate -- a pro event that featured the likes of Hamilton, Boitano, Orser, Thomas, and Biellman.

    Scott Hamilton skated what was probably the worst long program of his life. He fell on the first three jumps - missing the takeoff on his triple lutz completely, falling on his triple salchow, and falling very hard on a double axel. He told the television commentator, David Sante, that "I couldn't find my center. I missed the first jump and everything became dizzy."
    It was an embarrassment, so much so that Scott joked about hanging up his skates after the competition.

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    Re: Disastrous Competitive Programs

    ^^^I remember reading about that in his book. I haven't seen it but man, the way he described it made it sound really painful!! Poor guy. That would be rough to skate that badly and to fall so painfully too. Ouch!!

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