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Thread: parabolic blades

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    parabolic blades

    hey all i have a question on blades, and i would appreciate anybodys help,
    im just about to buy a pair of new seal... but then i saw something called parabolic gold seal blades...i havent heard much about them, but the little that i have heard say there real good. so if anybody here knows anything about these blades please let me know. thanks -evanfan

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    Hi evanfan and welcome to GS.
    I skate on a pair of parabolic baldes and for me I really don't see a difference in how I skate. That could be because I am a adult skater and are not out there doing triple jumps.

    Type in parabolic blades into your server and you will get all kinds of information on them.

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    I am currently in parabolic Phantoms (6 months now) and I absolutely love them, I can save almost any camel spin entry versus struggling to make sure they were perfect before and I also find brackets, counters, and rockers easier in footwork and MIF.

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