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Thread: Skating Demographics

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    Skating Demographics

    Hi all,

    Assuming a multiude of members are either skaters, skating moms and dads, coaches, etc., I was hoping you could provide some insight on the question below.

    Demographically, where do you feel the most of the young up-and-coming (ages 13-17) skaters train - nationally and internationally?

    It appears there are many rinks in the California and New England area, but that may be due to the size of the state/population. Any input here?

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    Re: Skating Demographics

    I think all the skaters (parents included) are aware of a coach's popularity and will travel to be near a particular coach. I think the Detroit area is also a mecca for skaters.

    I also feel when a skater is unhappy with his present coach, s/he will discuss this matter with another coach before making a change -usually at an international competition when all the coaches are available.

    In a few instances a coach will travel to where the skater is.


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    I agree but...

    I agree but I'm still trying to get a better pinpoint on where the skaters (high school age) are the most prominent in terms of competitive training - both nationally and internationally.

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    Re: I agree but...

    Well, I know here in Southern California we've got a pretty deep field of skaters... and I know a lot of them go up to train at Lake Arrowhead, if that helps any.

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    Re: Skating Demographics

    In Canada, Edmonton is one of the biggest drawing cards to train as well as Calgary and back East - Quebec - we have a lot of talent coming from the East now. Vancouver used to be good - North Vancouver in particular where Karen Magnussen trained - but one does not hear of many skaters from Vancouver - except for Victor Kraatz and Emanuel Sandhu of course - these days.

    Many of the top Canadian coaches have relocated to the States so some of our skaters follow them.


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    Re: Skating Demographics

    If you are strictly talking younger up and coming skaters, here in Canada Burnaby BC is a hotbed of Canadian talent. Novice champ Kevin Reynolds, #2 Matt McEwan, as well as Keegan Murphy (newly Sr., last year #2 Jr.) They also seem to have good representation at Jr. Canadians at the pre-novice level. And Quebec, as always, (Drummondville, Boucherville among other clubs) sent many skaters to Jr. Canadians (Novice and Pre-Novice).

    Other than the excitment in BC and Quebec, Royal Glenora in Edmonton, Mariposa in Barrie, various Toronto clubs (Richmond Hill, Cricket Club) Minto in Ottawa, all have good representation on Skate Canada's development and Junior teams.

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    Re: Skating Demographics

    If "international" includes the UK, most of the top elite skaters train at Nottingham or Coventry.

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    lil icesk8er915

    Re: Skating Demographics

    A lot of places where skaters train have high poplulation, like the New York and Califorinia area. But also a lot of places where skaters train have high elevation, like some places in California and Colorado.

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    Re: Skating Demographics

    Thanks all :-) The more input the better. I noticed that about the "high elevation" - they need it for those competitions in Colorado!

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    Re: Skating Demographics

    In the SoCal area I would say for that age range:

    Ice Palace in Aliso Viejo/Yorba Linda
    Ice Town in Riverside
    Ice Castle

    There are lots of other rinks in this area that have some great up and coming skaters. I hope this helps.


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    Re: Skating Demographics

    [c]<font size=4>[b]<font color="#008080">The Healthsouth Training Center near the airport here in Los Angeles has alot of big name coaches (Frank Carroll, Scott Williams and Irina Rodnina to name a few), so naturally it attracts alot of up-and-commers, who's parents probably get a little bit of a kick seeing their kids practice next to numerous big names.<font size=2>

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    Re: Skating Demographics

    I spent some time at Ice Castle in Lake Arrowhead last year - they have a HUGE draw of younger kids, which I found interesting. The age level there for the freestyle sessions was around 8-9, I'd say (excluding the seniors), and around 17/18 for the dance and Pairs sessions (I had fun watching Stieglers.)
    You really find most of the key area's in the New England Area or California. Something must draw the coaches out that way. Detroit has become a very prominent area to train, but to me it always seemed like it was more of a starting point for skaters more than it is like a career long training place, if that makes any sense.

    <blockquote><strong><em>Quote:</em></strong><hr>parents probably get a little bit of a kick seeing their kids practice next to numerous big names. [/quote]

    True, But I get an even bigger kick then them practicing in next to the big names! :lol:


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    Re: Skating Demographics

    How about the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs? Quite a few youngsters over the years have moved to train there.


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    Aren't there a lot of skaters who train in Connecticut?

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