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Thread: Shizza has changed her SP...

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    Shizza has changed her SP...

    ... to Chopin's Fantasy, really in the last minute. Read the news just now and thought I'd share.

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    What the hell??? First she ditched her "Fantasie Impromptu" LP, now she's using a cut of it for her LP? I personally though her SP was already well choreographed, well balanced, with the jumps, footwork, and spirals well placed throughout. Her origiral Rach SP worked well for her internationally and nationally (at the JPN championships), and her only mistep with her "Rach" SP is doubling her 3 flip at TEB. She seems to be undergoing through a crisis of confidence and last minute quick-fix, same as Sasha late last yr with her changes to the initial cut of her R&J LP, hiring David Wilson to CoP-fy it, and then most recently hiring a female choreographer (whose name I cannot remember at the moment, but starts with F) to improve her MITF.

    I don't know...these Games are shaping up to be very colorful (or NOT, if you factor in Tot/Max's colorless but OGM programs), what with Michelle's not so unexpected withdrawal, the Chinese otherwise dominating the pairs top 5, the femal Zhang's fall and afterwards typical complaint from Tot/Max's COMMIE coach, Johnny's deference to and Brian's defiance of Plushenko's OGM chances, and don't be surprised if there's controversy looming in either/both ladies' and ice dancing (esp. the latter).

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