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    Skating Owchie

    I've been off the ice since about New Year's due to rink logistical problems. Finally got back to the ice on Sunday. I'd been having problems with my knee before I stopped skating, and they went away while I was off the ice. However, after just once ice session, my knee problem is back! Anyone else have a weird, skating-only owchie?

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    Re: Skating Owchie

    I also used to have a knee problem that only showed up when I'd skate. It's my jump landing knee .... got so bad at one point that toe-assisted jumps had to be avoided :( .... then I decided to start skating w/ a knee-brace ... one of those Ace things with a patella opening. Since I started wearing that during my skating sessions .... my knee is as good as new!!!! No problems anymore unless I have a twisty landing .... which doesn't happen much anymore

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    Re: Skating Owchie

    EarlGreyHot, I can tell you're as much into SciFi as I am. Love STTNG and Farscape!

    I now skate with one of the Ace bandage knee braces on, and it really helps. I still sometimes have some pain on ice, but not as much. In addition, tonight I'm going to see my skate pro and have him check my blade settings. It may be that my left one is off a bit, and fixing it will eliminate weird twisty knee things.

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    Re: Skating Owchie

    Good Luck Roaring Skates !!!!

    Glad to see anothe SciFi fan .... if you like to chat about those shows stop by the ORBS .... we'd be happy to see a new "face"

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    Re: Skating Owchie

    2 years ago when I was learning my double flip I kept landing too far back on the heel of my blade. Then after about the 3rd time i did it i landed really hard and was exactly 1 milimeter away from breaking my tail bone(atleast that's what the doctor said) so i was off the ice for 2 weeks (i couldn't walk for the 1st week)

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    Re: Skating Owchie

    Broken wrist :( Did it (the embarassment) falling over on a back 3!

    Apart from that (and damaged knee ligaments after falling down the stairs in March) I sometime get a pain on the ball of my landing foot! It comes and goes and I've never figured out what it was!

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