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Thread: Michelle Kwan: A Bitter End

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    Quote Originally Posted by mzheng
    I'm glad someone written this article. But on other side, imo, she is not as described like don't know what to do after the competetion. She was planning this as her last season until Olympics. Just this season not going as well as her had planned. She sure has a lot wonderful things waiting ahead of her. She is truely a happy soul on ice, (at those darkest days, the only time she was seeing smile and happy was when she was on ice skating, as long as the pain not bothering her)....As long as she can skate, even just a few laps, she will be fine.
    Thanks, mzheng, I am glad to hear her perspective on skating/life may be better than the quote from the article suggested.

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    Quote Originally Posted by graceness
    Joe, I rarely post here, but read avidly and wonder if you would explain how this article differs from all the rest of the speculation running rampant on boards and in the media.

    There are errors here, on small things, which make me question the veracity of the larger points of the article.

    <stuff deleted>

    I'm glad that so many of you find so many wonderful things to read in this article, but so much of it is nothing but pure speculation, at least to me. There are no attributions for a number of things presented as facts in this article. So, who IS this Russian reporter and other than her reference to TT, who are her sources? Since she missed it on some smaller assertions, why are y'all inclined to believe the rest of it?

    So, Joe, please tell me why you think this is a refreshing change from speculations. To me, it's nothing BUT speculation.

    Mzheng? Others?

    Bingo, we have a winner! I've read this writer's previous works (Elena, not the translator, Nadya) and I've found plenty of discrepencies as well. Lots of unsubstantiated "claims".

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    Quote Originally Posted by pelladon
    Bingo, we have a winner! I've read this writer's previous works (Elena, not the translator, Nadya) and I've found plenty of discrepencies as well. Lots of unsubstantiated "claims".
    I only read the translation. It was in the spirit of the writer to define Michelle as a great skater who came upon hard times. That opinion was totally different from others who emphasized the hard times or praised the skater without realizing the hard times, which in my opinion began long before this Olympics.

    Any discrepancies were of no importance to me. It was the conclusion the writer made which caught my eye.


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    Thanks for the wonderful article! Michelle will remain as one of the greatest skaters to ever lace up skates, and it was truly a shame that she was not able to fully recover from her injury to compete at Torino.

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    Wow TThat is so beautiful. The Tarosova quotes but tears in my eyes. So much for her being lazy. Interesting about the pain appearing up to two years ago. Maybe it explains the Bolero mess and sitting out the Grand Prix.l

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    with Kwan, things are always worse than they seem. Kwan is one to keep her issues to herself.

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