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Thread: Canadians give cudos to NBC

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    Well I know one thing...I am DREADING when CTV/TSN gets the Olympics in 2010 because Rod Black irritates the life out of me!

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    I'm with you there!!!!! But the plus will be thta we will have Tracy Wilson and Debbie Wilkes. Maybe they'll be smart and *runs finger across throat* Roddie genius baby Black :P

    I can't stand him either. The dude doesn't know what he's talking about! I know he's picked up a lot since he started, but man, his comments are inane at best.

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    Tracy Wilson is leaving NBC to join CTV in 2010??!!!!

    Mark me down as a Canadian who loved NBC coverage. Only downside was the lateness of the coverage. I think CBC, knowing they don't have the Olympics in 2010, kind of was a bit "off". I really did like hearing Lori Nichol do a post mortem after the FS events on CBC, and I would watch the programs earlier on CBC to find out the result, then watch NBC to see their production, which I preferred.

    I think a lot of the CBC commentators will now be scrambling to get hired by CTV for Vancouver. Not only was CBC not smart enough to hire Sale and Pelletier, they didn't even interview them in Torino (although to be fair, maybe S/P were too busy, or, not allowed to) Talk about NBC seeing the potential of these two. We missed a real treat here in Canada by not getting Olympic Ice.

    Even in the closing ceremonies, which I had seen twice (bits of) before I watched the NBC coverage, there was no comment as the white (styrofoam)blocks were being assembled during the little 'intro to Vancouver' show, but during the NBC coverage, right away the commentator said "Looks like they're building the official 2010 symbol out of ice blocks". Right away it was like "lightbulb on".... oh, cool!! But during the CBC coverage I was like "hmm, wonder what that's all about" (yes, I did get it eventually!)

    It was a whole bunch of little things like that, that I liked. And NBC covered other countries and athletes superbly too.

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    Tracy Wilson normally works for CTV, so she will probably commentate for them in 2010, if she's still under contract. Barb Underhill has already changed skating networks once. I doubt it will happen again. Besides, CBC will still have Grand Prix and Worlds coverage in 2010. (I think the contract goes at least until then).

    I think CBC was hit and miss with coverage for skating. For the pairs and women's LPs, they were great. For most everyhting else, they showed too little. I was actually thrilled when the men's hockey team lost. I wanted to hear about other sports, instead of seeing the same games televised three times.
    still can't believe Brian Williams wasn't even in Torino. I am looking forward to CTV's coverage for a change.

    NBC did show a lot of skaters, but I am surprised at how late they showed them. I know they wanted to end their programs with the higlights of the night, but it meant their biggest coverage happened after prime time had ended. That probably hurt their ratings.

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