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Thread: Evan Lysacek obviously a much better spinners than Stephane Lambiel, judges say so!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kasey
    Heaven forbid someone actually look at the protocols, as to WHY Lysacek got higher spin scores than Lambiel:
    It's refreshing to see someone base their point in evidence. Thanks, I hadn't actually looked at the protocols yet.

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    Thank God for Stephane Lambiel and Matt Savoie! shine's Avatar
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    The skater who had the BEST spins with speed, centering and position, was MATT SAVOIE.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gipson
    Am I one of the few who doesn't find Lambiel to be that great of a spinner? Yes, he is usually fast but he doesn't have the best positions and travels more often than one would expect from someone who is noted for spinning.
    I think he's a decent spinner, but he doesn't blow me away... though he is incredibly fast when he doesn't travel...

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    Thank you Kasey (& others) for explaining the protocols. I'm too old & lazy to try & understand them but I do feel it is more important for people such as yourself to post those explanations & help educate everyone as to the "why" skaters received these marks rather than read a poster who simply rants because they enjoy stirring things up.

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    Lambs spins

    Quote Originally Posted by Antilles
    I've seen the coverage on French CBC. They didn't show Lysacek, but I can say that Buttle's and Lambiel's spins were not up to their usual par, particularly Lambiel. Lambiel's last spin was decent, but all of the others were slower than nromal, and he did a bit of travelling. Buttle was also much slower than he can be. It is possible than Lysacek had better spins tonight. I'd suggest waiting for the coverage before crying foul.
    I thought Lambs spins were off as well. I wondered why he wasn't doing more spins than he did since they are usually level 4s. I thought for sure there were more & better spins in the grand prix programs.

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    if you add up the base values for the spins you get:

    Plushenko: 11.6
    Buttle: 10.8
    Lysacek: 12.0
    Lambiel: 10.4

    The base values of Lysacek's spins were 1.2 points higher than Buttle, and 1.6 points higher than Lambiel, which explains why Lysacek got more points on his spins!

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    Lambiel was dealing with a knee problem.


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