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Thread: Plushenko on future...

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    Quote Originally Posted by alina
    it´s no fun to watch skaters falling and´s pain for the eyes to watch a sp like Lysacek did .
    i think the level in mens figure skating is already low...if plush retires, we'll watch the falling men at competitions...after yags retired mens event lost his excitement for me...and if plush retires, too, it'd be more empty...
    also i don't agree that plush is just a jumping machine...for me he's the one who have both jumps and artistry together...


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    On one of the Olympic recap shows (by now, who knows which one?), I saw an interview with Brian Boitano and Johnny Weir. The interviewer (sorry, don't know who she was) told Johnny that Plushenko was quoted as saying that he will be in Vancouver in 2010 because he was "born to win gold medals". She asked Johnny if he intends to stick around, and if he thinks he could ever beat Plushenko. Johnny said that he is at a disadvantage because he started skating so much later than Plushenko, but that if he keeps working, he can beat him.

    I'm inclined to believe him.

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