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Thread: It was interesting to see ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shanti
    TTMM were unemotional after the victory??? Tatiana was crying on the podium and Maxim had tears in his eyes too.
    And for me, seeing Maxim kneeling down before Tatiana was one of the most emotional moments of the Games so far.

    What is it with people wanting to see tears! Johnny was even criticized for covering his face so the cameras wouldn't film him crying after he got injured at the GP event. And yes, it is largely a culture thing. One of my father's favorite books is "Knight in the Tiger's skin" by a medieval Georgian writer Shota Rustaveli. One thing, though, that my father could never understand was why did all those men there always cry!

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    Englishmen never cry. Their emotions are on the upper lip. But you knew that, didn't you?


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    One thing I hate more than anything... when I am walking down the street and a complete stranger (usually a man) says "smile! I can't be that bad..." I want to tell them to mind their own business and stop bothering people!!
    how do they know how bad it is or isn't

    I thought plushy looked proud and happy, it was a great ceremony. Poor Stephan! Buttle looked like a kid in a candy store

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