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Thread: Please help..need men's long 2/16/06 Turin

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    Please help..need men's long 2/16/06 Turin

    I was wondering if somebody has a DVD (preferred format) of last night's (2/16/06) NBC broadcast. I recorded it but the sound was really off - lots of buzzing. Furthermore, I set it to 3.5 hours and as such, the medal ceremony was not recorded. As soon as I relaized my mistake, I took care of the sound issue, programed DVR to record the repeat, but we had a power outage and the cable reset itsself to Headline News. Arr!!!! And of course, the sound is perfect!

    I watched most of the coverage (I think I only partially missed Dinev and Lysachek) but I would love to have the whole thing, and with proper sound!!!!

    Anybody recorded it in DVD format and would be able to burn me a copy (it has to be USA region)? Please PM me. Obviously, I will pay the shipping and handling and a fee for the recordiing service. (Haven't done this before, so I have no idea what is a normal fee). Alternatively, I could trade for the 2006 Nationals Marshalls DVD giveaway, which included selected "Skating through time" performances from the USA Nationals.

    Thank you so much! Yana

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    I am in the same boat!!! I recorded the men's long and can't believe, I got Sandhu and Sawyer and the rest of the field - all but Buttle!!!!! The skate I wanted the most! I was trying to edit the tape as I went and somehow had video meltdown. Unreal. As usual I am looking for a Buttle tape. I was hoping to find it on-line, like I did his last years Canadian and Worlds program. Anyone know where I can view Jeff's long program on line?

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    Ladskater, please PM me!
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    I found Buttle on russian fan site for downloading. The address is Unfortunately commentary is in russian.
    I am looking for Totmianina and Marinin long skate to see on internet or download.

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    06 OLYMPICS on edited DVDs

    I have the whole of the skating competitions from the 2006 OLYMPICS on edited DVDs
    If anyone missed it and wants to get DVDs, Please Email me for info at

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