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Thread: Project Runway's Tim Gunn comments on FS Fashions

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    Project Runway's Tim Gunn comments on FS Fashions

    Tim Gunn, the divine 'make it work' advisor from Project Runway, the fashion design show competition on Bravo, comments on the fashions of the compulsory dance. Apparently this is his 2nd installment, though I can't figure out how to find the first. He knows fashion, and he's devastating.

    edited to add: I found the previous episode (there's a little 'archive' link at the above site. it's just an excerpt of the Project Runway episode with Sasha Cohen. If you haven't seen the show, it's cute. They meet Sasha and find out their challenge for the week. Earlier, they'd been given outfits to wear without any explanation- tacky figure skating costumes! Very funny episode.
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    I just loved that!! (PR is about the only show I make sure to see) I don't always agree with Tim, but I am in absolute agreement with his call on the CD outfits.

    Carry on...

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    Love Project Runway and Tim Gunn! :hearts:

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    I agree with Tim. Most os the women looked vulgar & half the men were tacky. I thought we had new rules about dresses since Melissa Gregory flashed all of us in Dallas 2003. Another rule the judges refuse to follow. We need new judges!!

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    Can't wait to see what he says about the free dance costumes.

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    i can never get the nbcolympics video to play, any suggestions?

    tim was on awile ago talking about the pairs lp a few days back. he just commented how bad some of them are. he said he hated/disliked the chinese teams ones. and he thinks some are due to culture differences. he is right a lot of times, although maybe may not like his opinion. he did say clothing are opinionated topic.

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