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Thread: "Figure Skating Is Not A Sport...." Or some would say.....

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    I'm not sure that Plushenko or Ito would have won much if judged solely by their looks. ..

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    Quote Originally Posted by EvanLysacekFan
    Sport is just a word...

    but figure skating is definitely not a sport in the mold of baseball, football, hockey, etc.
    Those are team sports. Figure Skating is an individual sport which requires subjective judging. Golf is an individual sport and it is point gathering like CoP but Golf doesnt require judges.

    The Sport is in the mind of the beholder, imo.


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    To me, football(american) hockey, baseball etc. are more "games" than sports. Some of the players aren't even in great physical shape (think of fat out of shape baseball players and football players). I think Figure Skating certainly warrants more athletic ability in regards to physical fitness. Golf too seems more like a game than a sport IMO. But they are all sports. I think the fact that figure skating is mostly admired by women is what causes some people to decide its not worthy of being a sport - pure sexism at its finest. Others like Bryant Gumble think its not a sport if there are mostly white people partaking, so I guess Tennis wasn't a sport until Arthur Ashe and Venus Williams came around and Golf wasn't a sport but now it is because Tiger Woods is around? These are all just ignorant comments by ignorant narrow minded people. To them I say, go out and try skating around the ice for an hour with a skating instructor (actually trying to do some basic moves) and then tell me how many times you fell and more importantly, tell us how sore your muscles are the next day.

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    Oh, God bless you, FreeKatie, I've been saying that about team sports for years. My issue with them is they're strategy games. It's not the team who's most fit or most skilled who wins, it's the team who out-strategizes (or in the case of hockey or rugby, out-thugs) the other team. To me that makes them games.

    And Bryant Gumble is an idiot. No one cares what he thinks. (So Bryant, is speed skating now a sport because Shani Davis won gold? Or does he not count as black because he's doing a white sport? And Jamaican bobsled teams are on line one for you....)

    And that photo of Tara looks like she's had eye work done--or is just wearing really, REALLY bad make-up. I have to say, I never thought she was very pretty, either.

    Finally, if skating isn't a sport, I demand they remove POKER from all sports channels, too. It's a CARD GAME. Mini-golf requires more sports skills. Croquet requires more talent.

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