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Thread: Ladies LP Costumes

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    I am glad I wasn't losing my mind; I knew Sasha had a different costume at Nationals. I liked that one better; it was delicate looking and suited the program more than the scarlet one. I like Irina's ; I was happy she didn't go all unitard (for both programs). I wish Arakawa's costumes had lower necklines; they look constricting to me .

    Did anyone think Sara Meier (Swiss) looked half naked (and not in a good way)? I was just looking at that fake flesh monstrosity with horror when I heard Dick say he liked it. Dick must have a naughty streak. She is a lovely girl --but doesn't need to be half naked and covered in flames!

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    Quote Originally Posted by show 42
    I loved Sasha's dress, really fitted the music. Didn't care for Arakawa's "jester" type, half- and half dress. Please..........this isn't about a dress, but please someone, Kimberly needs a hair-do make-over. Her hair pulled back into a bun is too severe.......42
    I think Sasha's dress was based on the late Elizabethan seventeenth century styles. I think she was trying to emulate the era when Romeo & Juliet were based thus the embroidery panel at the front of the dress. I thought was a gorgeous dress and the more I watch her LP program the more I am loving it.

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    I loved Sasha's dress, it was very fitting to the story of Romeo & Juliet.
    I don't know what Carolina Kostner was wearing. Both her dresses looked like cute little babies dresses with the panties showing.

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    My favorite was Carolina's. Kind of reminded me of one that Jill Trenary wore in the late 80s that I really liked. A close second would be Yan Liu's.

    Worst, IMO, were Ando (yipe!! as Karen on Will & Grace would say, honey, what's going on here? I say pick a style you like and go for one of them as opposed to the 2 or 3 you've got going on at the moment) and Genevanishvili (way too busy).

    Didn't care much for Shizuka's, tho at least it covered her butt. (I'm sorry, I'm never gonna forget that Dortmund faux-pas). I just thought it was a bit MUCH; she was almost going into Surya Bonaly Mardi Gras Float category, tho I did like the color scheme a lot. It just looked HEAVY.

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