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Thread: Bode Miller proves for all he is best ever!

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    Bode Miller proves for all he is best ever!

    Once again Bode Miller delivers under pressure. I think we can now safely say he is the greatest male skiier of all time. He had two very strong finishes at these Olympics, a 5th in an incredably deep mens downhill field, and then a 6th in an extremely tough giant slalom field showing his unmatched versatility, his 3 DNFs were all races he was likely to medal in as well, so 3 probable medals, a 5th, and a 6th. This to go along with 4 World Championship gold and 1 World Championship silver, and two other Olympic silvers, a World Cup overall title, a World Cup overall runner up for the season, a World Cup season giant slalom title, missing another World Cup giant slalom title by 1 point last season, and a World Cup season slalom runner up, a World Cup Super G title, and a World Cup season downhill runner up from last year.
    Hard to know how many World Cups he has won, you would lose count. I think he started last year winning 6 of the first 7 though. Just amazing, and his Olympic performance is another example of him being the best alpine skiier of all time.

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    "The best bull-crapper ever" perhaps!

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    Bode who?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mathman
    Latest Bode quote: "It's been an awesome two weeks. I got to party and socialize at an Olympic level."
    Quote Originally Posted by kittycat26
    Once again Bode Miller delivers under pressure.

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    :chorus: :chorus: :chorus: :chorus: :chorus:

    I am proud (yet humble!) to have provided half of the funniest Olympic joke on the board!

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