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Thread: Tonya Harding news

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    I was quite surprise when I've seen her on t.v. the other night doing this interview, I was watching it and at first, I did not recognised that it was her, when I finally realised that it was, I was in shock. She look so much different then before and its been not that long ago... if we think about the 94 olympics, pretty much every skater I think of being in the olympics, I can recognised when I see them on tv, but her, I was shocked how different she looked... But I wish her the best, I just cant wish any bad things to anyone for any reasons, like a lot of people said here, she.'s been through so much when she was young, no one knows how difficult it was, does it excuse what she has done, I believe that the answer is NO. But a person can change and if she loves skating, I think that no one can argue on that, it is noticeable that she does love it and even if she is heavier, she did a very nice scratch spin... If she wants to get in shape again, she could still do nice things, she is in love with skating and maybe this can heal her... All the best to her...

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    Should Tonya be involved with a show called "Anything to Win"? A very unfortunate title when paired with her history.......

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