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Thread: TV Alert: Kurt Browning's Gotta Skate V

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    TV Alert: Kurt Browning's Gotta Skate V

    It's on CBC tonight at 8 PM Eastern!

    Gotta love Kurt!

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    Oh no, it's on opposite "24."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mathman
    Oh no, it's on opposite "24."
    but is it opposite 24 in Canada? lol

    I love his show... someday... maybe... I'll make the trek down there and see the show live... *sigh*

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    I watched it last night. It was marvelous. Now that is skating at it's best. If that writer Sonia Bianchetti (topic about Olympics) wants to see passion at it's best on the ice, she should watch Kurt's show.

    Shae-Lynn Bourne was absolutely incredible! That program she did dancing with the chair as her prop was wonderful. Talk about a Fred Astaire moment! Shae-Lynn can even make dancing with a chair look effortless.

    I also enjoyed Sale and Pelletier as always. Talk about skating with passion!!!

    It was a great show. I wish I could have seen the whole program. One hour does not quite cover the whole program. Oh well, better than nothing. It was especially refreshing to watch after suffering through Skating with Celebreties!

    Thanks CBC for airing this great program.

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