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    Pairs Short

    SWE Pylkina / Hogner Start No: 1
    Notes: her in coral him in darker matching top / Piano concerto in G by David Foster / chor & music grabs your attention right off the bat / 2tw is high almost lateral with her arms overhead throughout / thr 3l think she had a hand down & stepped out quickly / sbs spins are close together & match pos well in spite of height difference - good sync / sbs 2 tano z pretty good sync he was a bit scratchy on landing / hip lift to star to pos change that I didn't catch to describe / travelling entrance to fids with hand change / I liked this team last year at Jr Worlds and still like them / O ftwrk was interesting as is their pair spin / nice skate to start the competition / currently 1st (of course) /
    CAN Maheu / Cote Start No: 2
    Notes: her in white with bronze painted band across chest himin matching t-shirt / Water World soundtrack / 2tw is low but clean with her arms overhead on catch / sbs 2z out of sync but both clean / sbs flycam sit edge upright chg good sync until change of foot not sure after if they were out a bit / hip lift to star to platter / thr 2l / O ftwrk moved quite well - maybe a bit simple and far apart at times / full forward shoot duck into fids - was well done / pair spin travelled a bit but kept up speed & good pos / currently 2nd /
    UKR Goreeva / Talan Start No: 3
    Notes: her in white with shades of blue bits handing him in matching all blue / Story about Actor / nice speed & flow to start / 2tw is ok with armsoverhead on catch / thr 3l on lean but she saved it / hip lift to star - he rotated very fast / sbs 2z she had problems with single and I think he messed up too / sbs spins she had trouble on 1st pos got it back I think for the end of the spin / O ftwrk is rougher than I expected after watching warmup / I'm getting behind. . . Fids had change of hand but they seemed to have to work at it to keep it going / pair spin was ok I think - too busy writing to really see it well / currently 3rd /
    CAN Ribeiro / Chutter Start No: 4
    Notes: her in dark blue him in white shirt & dark pants / music is Dark Eyes / nice bit of setting mood with opening chor / 2tw is low but nice catch on hips & her arms overhead / thr 2l is clean / hip lift to one hand star / sbs 2z out of sync but think both clean / sbs flycam he almost lost the spin and they never got the sync back / a bit of playing with the music into pair spin with a couple of unique pos / there's some nice chor in this / sbs strt ftwrk is close together & in sync / fids from her olding foot in front in sort of shoot duck - he seemed to be really working to keep it going / currently 3rd /
    RUS Vasilieva / Smirnov Start No: 5
    Notes: her in mint green with dark green sequins him in matching top & dark pants / Umbrellas of Cherbourg / 2tw is good with nice catch & her arms overhead / sbs 2z - good sync / thr3l / hip lift to one hand star with unique exit / sbs strt ftwrk is lyrical & fits music well / sbs cam sit back cam catchfoot open leg - sync was quite good - not perfect pos matched well / fids went on forever - nice pos / pair spin was well done - some nice pos / currently 1st /
    USA Vlassov / Meekins Start No: 6
    Notes: both in black with hot pink & silver zigzag design down front & back / Picante by Vanessa mae / thr 3l / hip lift to star with change of direction of revs / fids - good speed & nice pos / music picks up and so do they - nice variation into 2tw / sbs 2z both clean little out of sync / sbs steps pretty good / sbs fly spins - got a bit out of sync after change of foot but on the whole good / pair spin had some nice pos - got a little on the slow side / currently 3rd /
    POL Michalek / Paluchowski Start No: 7
    Notes: hot dark coral with deep V in black on her / Age of Swing / a bit of fun chor to start / hip lift to star - he rotates very fast & kept up good speed during the lift / thr 2l / sbs back cam sit ch sit out of sync until the front sit / 2tw is clean / a bit of comedy to start their strt steps and the crowd is clapping - steps are well done and right with music - brough a smile to my face / he seems to be the real actor of the 2 of them / sbs 2z pretty good sync / fids - nice pos by her - think he might have lost the pivot at the end / pair spin carries good speed throughout / I enjoyed that skate - they looked like they were having a blast out there / currently 7th /
    CHN An / Wu Start No: 8
    Notes: her in pink shading to purple at hem of skirt him matching but mostly purple / Bohemia Rhapsody / a bit of chor to start / sbs 2z good sync - she fell / thr 2l / sbs fly cam to catch knee chg sit Y out of sync on front ok sync on back but very slow & far apart / pair spin was a bit awkward / hip lift one hand lift by him / 2tw is ok her arms overhead on catch / O ftwrk in good sync and some nice detail / fids to end that I didn't really see / even though their sync is good at times, they don't skate like a pair / she seemed very nervous to me and didn't skate as well as they had in practise / currently 6th /
    USA Namiotka / Coughlin Start No: 9
    Notes: both in black / Time to Say Goodbye / pair spin right off the top nicely done good pos & speed / one hand hip lift to star / thr 3l fell / sbs 2z / they have a pairness to them / sbs spins are close together and almost perfect sync - tiny bit out in opening camel / 2tw is nicely done with arms overhead on catch / sbs steps good sync and musical / fids is well done multiple revs and he did something different going into pivot but I didn't quite catch it / currently 4th /
    RUS Krasilnokova / Bezmaternikh Start No: 10
    Notes: her in white with gold leaf idag design him in black with crystals on yoke of shirt / The Circus Princess / sbs 2z very good sync / thr 3l nicely done good height / 2tw is high with her arms overhead throughout / sbs cam sitback sit upright quite close together & matching pos got out of sync on upright / hip lift with multiple pos changes and he tripped and she went down but not near as hard a fall as it initially looked like it was going to be - you could see the fall was going to happen before it actually did and everyone around me was cringing & gasping waiting for it to happen - he managed to somehow partially save it / I didn't see the fids or pair spin that came after the fall / currently 4th /

    USA Moyle / Seitz Start No: 11
    Notes: dark bright royal blue & lime green accents / Rhapsody on a theme of Paganini / 2tw is good with arms overhead on catch / thr3l nicely done / they're playing this as a fun & light program / hip lift to star with very nice rotation by him / sbs 2z good sync / nice touch with a low stag lift / fids is good / sbs fly cam sit upright ch sit - very nice sync until just before exit / O ftwrk is very light & right with music - good sync / pair spin into closing pose is good / new pb / currently 1st /
    CAN Demers Boutin / Joncas Start No: 12
    Notes: both in black & white her with white polka dot skirt / The big twist, the wild ones / nice playful chor to start / 2tw - almost lateral good height arms overhead on catch / sbs 2z she fell out / thr 2l / sbs flycam bit far apart sit upright ch sit and they are closer together but get out of sync on last pos / hip lift to star - think it came down a bit early / sstr ftwrk is with the music / fids is quite good - his pivot could be lower / pair spin is quite good maintains speed & nice pos / currently 7th /
    SVK Kabatova / Hanulak Start No: 13
    Notes: her in red with black trim him in black with red vest / La Cumparsita / 2tw is ok / thr 2l her free foot went down a bit quick / sbs 2z she fell out / sbs cam sit back sit upright - front half had quite good sync / hip lift to one hand star / fids from him in spread eagle / strt steps in 'tago mode' - but not quite enough attitude to really sell it / pair spin is kind of awkward / new pb / currently in 13th /
    CHN Zhao / An Start No: 14
    Notes: her in black with silver design him in white shirt & black pants / Fire the Life by jack / thr 3l fell / sbs spins are quite good - pos match & sync is ok / hip lift to star / 2tw is nice & floaty / piar spin is a bit slow & ragged in spots / sbs 2z she had both hands down / diag steps fids is well done / currently in 13th /
    RUS Kazantseva / Enbert Start No: 15
    Notes: her in cream lace him in matching shirt & darker pants / My Fair Lady / 2tw with nice split and bit of a different catch - she landed on his outstretched arms? / thr 2l / sbs 2z not sure if both were clean / combo spin - nice pos - out of sync at times / hip lift to one hand star to rev star on hand set down / sbs ftwrk is well done - they relate to each other and the music / fids is about 3revs - good pos / pair spin is good if a bit slow esp at end / currently 9th /

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    Thanks, Rosaleen!

    Sweden in the top three? How unusual & nice! Happy for USA & Russia, of course, but to see a 'new' country in podium shot is extra-special.

    Pairs - Short Program

    Result Details

    1 Kendra MOYLE / Andy SEITZ USA 48.47 27.56 20.91 5.39 5.04 5.21 5.18 5.32 0.00 #11
    2 Ekaterina VASILIEVA / Alexander SMIRNOV RUS 48.11 27.40 20.71 5.39 5.04 5.18 5.18 5.11 0.00 #5
    3 Angelika PYLKINA / Niklas HOGNER SWE 46.28 26.45 19.83 5.21 4.75 5.07 4.86 4.89 0.00 #1
    4 Julia VLASSOV / Drew MEEKINS USA 45.44 25.36 20.08 5.18 4.96 5.00 4.93 5.04 0.00 #6
    5 Ksenia KRASILNOKOVA / Konstantin BEZMATERNIKH RUS 45.23 25.84 20.39 5.43 4.93 4.96 5.14 5.04 1.00 #10
    6 Bridget NAMIOTKA / John COUGHLIN USA 43.51 25.28 19.23 5.00 4.68 4.75 4.79 4.82 1.00 #9
    7 Emilie DEMERS BOUTIN / Pierre-Philippe JONCAS CAN 40.64 22.91 17.73 4.64 4.25 4.43 4.46 4.39 0.00 #12
    8 Valene MAHEU / Simon-Pierre COTE CAN 40.26 24.20 16.06 4.21 3.79 4.04 4.11 3.93 0.00 #2
    9 Victoria KAZANTSEVA / Alexander ENBERT RUS 39.56 21.97 17.59 4.68 4.21 4.39 4.39 4.32 0.00 #15
    10 Amanda RIBEIRO / Stuart CHUTTER CAN 38.04 22.42 15.62 4.21 3.75 3.71 3.96 3.89 0.00 #4
    11 Ni AN / Yiming WU CHN 37.07 22.70 15.37 4.14 3.68 3.82 3.86 3.71 1.00 #8
    12 Julia GOREEVA / Roman TALAN UKR 35.81 20.25 15.56 4.14 3.93 3.71 3.93 3.75 0.00 #3
    13 Aneta MICHALEK / Bartosz PALUCHOWSKI POL 34.34 19.40 14.94 3.68 3.54 3.64 3.82 4.00 0.00 #7
    14 Rui ZHAO / Yang AN CHN 34.33 20.87 15.46 4.18 3.71 3.82 3.86 3.75 2.00 #14
    15 Kristina KABATOVA / Martin HANULAK SVK 30.31 18.57 11.74 3.14 2.79 2.89 3.07 2.79 0.00 #13

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frau Muller
    Thanks, Rosaleen!
    Sweden in the top three? How unusual & nice!
    Frau, here is a quote from an article I translated last season from Russian about the German Junior GP:
    Among the scantly represented child pairography, I was most impressed by a Swedish pair Angelika PYLKINA/ Niklas HOGNER, especially its girly half. Beautiful and passionate "Swedish match" did triple jumps as easily as some of the single skaters did butterflies on the ice. Since the honorable Scandinavian country hasn't been noted for such almost since Ulrich Salchow, I decided to do some heredetary digging into Angelica's family. Since the pair's coach shares the last name, I went to her. Turns out the simple Swedish last name Pylkina hides an international sports master, a student of Ludmila and Nikolai Velikovs Nelly Chervotkina, who in pair with Victor Tesley was quite a bright star on the Soviet skating sky of the 80's. Accordingly, she raised her daughter by the Soviet system. As one movie character said, albeit on a different subject, "Mastery cannot be drunk away".

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    All three Canadian and Russian teams in the top 10. WEEEE!

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    Thanks for your notes, Rosaleen.

    Good to see that Namiotka/Coughlin went for the throw 3loop even though she fell. Throw 3loops were landed by Seitz/Moyle, Vasilieva/Smirnov, Vlassov/Meekins and KrasBez; Pylkina/Hogner's had an error on the landing. Pylkina/Hogner are the top returning pair from last year (5th at 2005 Junior Worlds), and I expect any of the top 6 can medal on Wednesday. Moyle/Seitz and Namiotka/Coughlin are new teams this season, and both of the American female partners have never competed in junior internationals before this year. Russia's Vasilieva/Smirnov is a new team, too.
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    Go Seitz and Moyle! I was very impressed with them at Nats.

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